1000 Books Before Kindergarten Presentation (1)

Presented by:
Loretta Lisowski, Youth Services Librarian
Gloucester County Library/Mullica Hill Branch
Heather Marquette, Youth Services Coordinator
Gloucester County Library/Logan Branch
Carol Dera, Children Services
Gloucester County Library/Glassboro Branch
 Self-directed (passive, DIY) program for caregivers/
parents and their kids
 Adults log the books that they've read to their child or
stories heard in storytimes
 repeats of the same book can be logged!
 1 book a night = 365 books/year
or 730 books/two years
or 1,095 books/three years.
 Model is extremely flexible
 Began several years ago at the Bremen Public Library
in Indiana
 Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to
Our Children Will Change Their Lives
Forever by Mem Fox
 American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy
statement on 6/23/14 promoting reading aloud to
children daily starting in infancy
 Instill life-long reading
 Promote early literacy
 Foster a positive connection between families and
 Encourage parent/child bonding
 Website http://1000booksbeforekindergarten.org/
 Blog post
 Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/wcfls/1000books-before-kindergarten/
 Free App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/1000books-before-kindergarten/id779280401?mt=8
 Other libraries (Find a Program)
• Target Audience
• Initiating the
• How we keep it
• Incentives
• Staff involvement
 Glassboro Branch is located in a diverse community
that is also home to Rowan University.
We service 3 very different communities : Clayton,
Glassboro, and Elk Township.
During a regular story time program 5 languages are
being spoken.
Our community average income is below the state and
national average.
Our crime rate is above the state and national average.
 Make it visual
 Market it often
 Offer frequent incentives
 Make it simple
 Questions, comments, suggestions
 How does 1,000 Books work at your library?
 What worked? What didn’t?
 Contact us:
Loretta Lisowski: [email protected]
Heather Marquette: [email protected]
Carol Dera: [email protected]

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