Enterprise Zone Study

Student Project
with Boosting Furness Group
Lancaster University Management School
MSc in Management /Project Management Pathway
Presented by Lu Liu and Shuting Xia
6th Aug, 2013
Introduction to UK Enterprise Zone
Compare Cumbria bid with Successful bids
Barrow SWOT analysis
Organisations, Economic Development
Strategies and Roles for Furness
• Opportunities for Furness
• Recommendations for Future Development
• Feedback Questions
Enterprise Zone Facts
• Controversies of 1980s
wave of Enterprise Zones
• The New Generation of
Enterprise Zones
• Benefits of being a
designated Enterprise Zone
•Government Assessment
Present Enterprise Zones August 2013
Cumbria vs. Great Yarmouth Lowestoft
and Area
Business and
Job Creation
Comparison Points
Cumbria vs. Great Yarmouth Lowestoft
Location and Area 82 Hec
121.7 Hec
Sector Focus
Civil nuclear, low carbon &
offshore renewable
Offshore renewable & civil
Cumbria LEP
New Anglia LEP for Norfolk and
Business and Job
2015: 114 business & 2000 jobs 2015: 80 business & 1380 jobs
Long term: 800 indirect jobs
Long term: 4500 indirect jobs
1.1 per cent
0.14 per cent
No total number in the long
Over £50billion for 10 years
Energy Portfolio
Oil, gas and nuclear
Oil, gas and nuclear
Barrow SWOT Analysis (focusing on EZ)
• Industrial development
• Infrastructure improvement
•transportation improvement
• Clarify roles of agencies
•build a common vision
• Largest wind farm
• Planning consent
• Hovercraft link
•Advanced Engineering capacity
• Geographic location
• Brain drain of young generation
• Gap of wealth
• Not in Energy Coast
• Lack of funding and investment
• Other competitors
• Government agenda
• Cooperation among parties
• Business moving out
Organisations, Strategies, Roles
• John Woodcock:
Build advanced manufacturing
and strengthen connection
• Stuart Klosinski:
Diversify economy
and create job for
less skilled workforce
• Phil Huck:
Target big contractor to
build localised supply
• Derek Armstrong:
Provide network through Growth Hub
• Jonathan Lee:
Industrial development as key driver
Opportunities for Barrow and Furness
Localised Supply Chain
Promote Visitor Economy by Quality
Services and Attraction
Marina Village (long term)
Education Upgrade
1. Map out a responsibility matrix including all the
organisations that can help Barrow’s overall development
The matrix can be divided into different level of organisations from
central government, county level organisations and local level
organisation that will influence Barrow. The map can be displayed in
the local council official website to help people identify the right
source of help that they can seek from.
2. Build an economic vision for Barrow and Furness
John Woodcock MP economic vision for Furness – “A cradle for
advanced manufacturing” is a live document with all the partners
working together with the Cumbria LEP. Meetings need to be
regular to ensure actions are completed and the priorities align
with the policies of the Government, Cumbria LEP, CCC, and BBC.
3.Identify infrastructure improvements to ensure they are
detailed in the relevant capital plans
Electrification of the railways is a good example of this, should
include innovative forms of transport like the Hovercraft link and
major capital projects like an improved road link or bridge across to
Millom connecting to the Energy coast from Barrow, These will all
reduce the isolation of Barrow.
4.Build a more proactive network involving particularly
local small and medium sized companies
Referring to the idea of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce Business
Growth Hub, we can build a network locally to involve small and
medium sized companies. By offering them a network opportunity,
knowing their business demands and resources needed, there is a
potential to develop a diversified economy for Barrow and reduce
the risks in relying too much on government orders on submarine
5.Have a transparent Government public process and
disclosure of essential information
We suggest government should disclose essential information.
From the standpoint of local businesses, it is important to know
about the support and resources they can get from government or
other organisations (such as Furness Enterprise).
6.Broadcast nationally the incentives for Companies to
relocate or expand in Furness
Land prices are relatively affordable with a lower cost of living,
committed labor force with high-speed broadband planned in the
near future. There are start up incentives where Furness Enterprise
are funded to offer advise through the Coastal communities fund.
7.Develop a National and Global Brand for Barrow and
Promote a global strategy for Barrow and Furness as a good
location for business in the global economy. There are a number of
international companies already based in Furness.
8. Have a Strategic Planning Fund for Furness.
Barrow Borough Council needs to identify where financial
support for strategic planning is required and how partners like Furness
Enterprise can support funding applications with data and resources.
The LEP board needs to be aware and supportive of the needs for a
strategic planning fund so that Barrow is able to make successful
funding applications and detail the strategic needs of Furness to the
9. Barrow as a Hub for R&D and Innovation
Barrow has for innovation from Ships, airship, submarines
and the energy sector as a Centre for R &D and innovation.
Favorable tax environment for R&D and innovation. Tax
advantages for R&D include capital, revenue and personnel
costs, supply chain companies are working already with the
major companies and universities to research and develop
innovative solutions.
E.g. The present innovation hub between the Morecambe
Bay Hospital Trust (MBHT), the Chamber of Commerce,
Boosting Furness group and Furness Enterprise with local
10. DIY Enterprise Zone
There are opportunities for Barrow to be a DIY Enterprise Zone since Barrow
has great potential and some incentives such as cheap land.
But Barrow still needs to resolve the funding problem in order to offer
companies more.
Further information on DIY Enterprise Zones can be obtained from Stuart
Meiklejohn - 0303 444 3108 - Ref F0007014 - Department of communities
and local government.
Discussion on Recommendations
1.Map out a responsibility matrix including organisations for Barrow’s development
2. Build an economic vision for Barrow and Furness
3.Identify infrastructure improvements and detail them in relevant capital plans
4.Build a more proactive network involving particularly local SMEs
5.Have a transparent Government public process and disclosure of essential
6.Broadcast nationally the incentives for Companies to relocate or expand in Furness
7.Develop a National and Global Brand for Barrow and Furness.
8. Have a Strategic Planning Fund for Furness.
9. Barrow as a Hub for R&D and Innovation
10. DIY Enterprise Zone
Share your views with us.
Thank you!

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