Novel Project

Novel Project
Language Arts
Ms. Watson
Write a one page essay explaining your opinion of the novel.
The essay must include:
 Your opinion of the author’s style of writing.
 Positive aspects of the plot.
 Negative aspects of the plot.
 If you would recommend it to another student.
Character Development
Graphic Novel
Your graphic novel will include:
 At least eight panels
 Illustrate the journey (changes, challenges, triumphs) of the
main character from the start of the book to the end.
 Demonstrate understanding of the plot.
Graphic Novel
Your graphic novel should include:
 At least eight panels
 Illustrate the sequence of events you determine will make up
a logical sequel to the novel.
 Demonstrate an understanding of the novel.
8th Grade Extra Credit
What clever tricks does Jonas use to hide himself and Gabriel from the planes’ heat seeking devices?
Write a brief summary on the topic using relevant facts found relating to one or more of the following:
#1: How do heat-seeking devices actually work? What are some examples of heat-seeking devices
used today?
How Things Work: Modern Technology Permits Heat-Seeking Missiles’ Sharp Versatility
How to Avoid a Heat-seeking Missile
#2: What is the average body temperature of a human being? What happens to a person’s physiology
when this temperature gets warmer or colder?
A Kid’s Guide to Fever
What Happens When the Body Temperature Gets Too Low?
#3: What are drones? How could this technology affect our everyday lives?
What Are Drones?
DIY Drones
Amazon Unveils Futuristic Plan: Delivery By Drone
6th Grade
Extra Credit
Create a poster or Power Point slide illustrating
the author’s use of figurative language in Bud, Not
Buddy. Your presentation must include at least one
example of each of the following:
 Personification
 Simile
 Metaphor
 Idiom
 Hyperbole

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