An Overview of the Bizbots Competition 8-13-14ver

8-13-14 PSD
2014 BizBots Competition Model (9-10AM fiallos)
Introduction to Solid Works (10-12PM Brockman)
BizBots Business Plan Component (1-2PM Kozdras)
Introduction to VEX BEST Returnable Kit (2-230PM Hart)
The Engineering Note Book and Rubric (230-3 fiallos)
The BizBots Project
An Open Source Robotics Competition
Developed by the
Florida Robotics Alliance @HCC
Alliance Members:
Florida Center for Advanced Technological Education
Hillsborough Community College, Dept. of Engineering Technology
Hillsborough County Public Schools, Department of Secondary Science
Hillsborough County Public Schools, STEM Office
IEEE Florida West Coast Section, Robotics and Automation Society Chapter
McLane Academy of Robotics and Engineering
Robofest St. Petersburg
USF Center for Nano Computing
USF Gus Stavros Center for Economic Education
Bizbots Project is a Student Driven Competition
that Benefits Science Students by:
1. Learn about establishing and running a product
manufacturing Business
2. Preparing a Business Plan with measurable business
forecasting metrics
3. Exposing Students to Entrepreneurial STEM Possibilities
Event Schedule
Competition Kick Off Sept. 27th HCC Brandon
BizBot Jamboree Nov. 15th HCC PC
BizBot Competition Dec 13th McLane
(HCC Manufacturing Lab Access 5-8pm , M-F , 10/6/14 to 12/5/14 by Appt)
Basic Competition Model Scenario
Students are given a $250 Business Capitalization Stipend
A Robotics Kit to start a Business
The Mission of the Student Business is to build a Custom DIY Robot to
fulfill Yogurt Supply Contracts that will earn the
Student Company a Return.
Main Street Yogurt Cooperative is a collection of local companies that
formed to negotiate the purchase of commons yogurt processing equipment
and shipping facilities
2014 BizBots Competition Model
3 Part Competition:
Robotic Business Plan Component
Engineering Note Book Component
Robotic Game Component
How the Companies compete
in (3) the Categories of the
BizBots Competition
•Robotic Business Game
•Business Plan
•Engineering Notebook
Component Activity and Judging
“The Game”
1. Each Team gets 4ea 3-minute rounds in the
Morning and
2. 4 more rounds in the afternoon if they are in the
top (8) morning finishers
3. Needed: 9 Judges, 2 Scorekeepers (2) Tech
Component Activity and Judging
“The Business Plan”
1. BP Presentations of 5-12 minutes each
Science Fair Style
2. 30 Sec BP Elevator Pitches
3. Due 12/8/14 0:01AM via Email
Judges Needed: 4-8
Component Activity and Judging
“The Engineering Notebook”
1. E. Notebook: Q and A/Presentations of 5-12
minutes each to a seated panel
2. (4-8) Judges
3. Due 12/8/14 0:01AM via Email
1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Awards in each of the (3)
Components. ( Award Eligibility All Companies)
2. 1st , 2nd and 3rd Place Awards for
“Outstanding Main Street Robotic Yogurt
Cooperative Producer of the Year”
( Award Eligibility Only the Afternoon Companies)
The Game
The Engineering Note Book
Business Plan

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