Mallory Running

Colorful Carnations
Mallory Running
The problem is that white flowers change colors in
colored water.
The project overview was that my hypotheses was
There are several different colors of carnations
Live in different climates
Live on average for seven days out of soil
Need LOTS of sunlight
Drink about 2 oz. of water a day
• Independent variable: the color of the water
• Dependent variable: the color of the flower petals
• Constant variables: amount of water, amount of
sunlight, type of flower, amount of food coloring,
temp. of water, temp. of air
• Control group: the group with no food coloring in
the water
• If you put blue food coloring in white
flower’s water, then the flowers will turn
blue because the plant with deliver the
colored water the petals of the plant.
Six glass cups
One bottle of neon blue food dye
Six white carnations
Six cups of water
1. Cut six with
carnations to
7 in long each
2. Put one cup of
water into each
3. Put on flower in each cup
4.Put four drops of dye in three of the
5.Observ e data and take picture over the
course of three days
3:10 PM
7:18 AM
What I learned from this experiment is that plants
adjust to their surroundings rather quickly. The
data supports me hypothesis to be correct.
• One of the possible experimental errors is that the water
that I put into the cups was not exactly the same
temperature. This may have affected my data by causing
a chemical reaction with the dye, causing it to work
better on the flower or not work as well on the flowers.
• For future experiments, I would recommend not only
starting the whole project earlier, but to put more drops
of dye into the water.
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