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Registration for parking and dining plans
Use your student i.d. #
... and much more.
“850” for username
and 6-digit birthdate
for password (MM/DD/YY)
Course information
Account information (financial)
Contact information
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Your e-mail account
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every 90 days.
TAC=Technical Assistance Center
Call TAC
910-962-HELP (4357)
[email protected]
1st floor library (very back)
Free virus protection
Block Registration
 Spring semester classes
 Summer sessions – thesis hours
 3 credit hours each summer session
 Fall semester – 6 credit hours thesis
Student Account Transactions
 Payment due February 13th!
 Classes dropped for non-payment
UNCW Business Week is March 19-20
 Classes not canceled, but find sessions
to attend!
 Schedule of Events posted on Cameron
website soon
 IMBA Speaker series
 Books on reserve in Library
 To access IMBA textbooks go to the Library
homepage and Course Reserves
 Library/resources workshop will be
held Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 1:30 p.m.
in Randall Library Room 1039.
Profile book is for faculty, staff,
students, employers
Complete profile form now!
Draft profile information to review
Profile book ready in about 3 weeks
[email protected]
The listserv is used for students, faculty, and
staff to communicate information that is
important to the entire group. For off-line or
social discussions, consider establishing a
separate group in Outlook.
E-mail addresses
◦ Fixed Income
◦ Equity
◦ Foreign Exchange
 Hours- Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Edward Jones Room – CIS 1002
UNCW One Cards are your campus id and will
allow you access to student services:
 Library
 Recreation Center
 One Card flex account
Need transcripts from fall semester
 Will complete UNCW graduation application
later in the spring
 If all classes successfully completed (including
thesis), UNCW graduation date is December
 Transcripts to partner University
 Ceremony
Access to Cameron Hall, CIS Building is
24/7 with I.D. Card
Access to study rooms “sandboxes” in
 3 rooms
 Reservations required
 Key access (1020)
Handbook (website)
UNCW Graduate Catalog (www.uncw.edu/grad)
Social Security Number
Students should only apply for an SSN after having been in the US for 10
days. Applying for an SSN before 10 days have passed may result in
delays. The Social Security Office is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 4
Take all immigration documents (passport, visa, DS-2019, I-94) along
with the completed J-1 SSN memo from the Office of International
Programs at UNCW to the Social Security Office at 1528 South 16th
Turn LEFT onto S COLLEGE RD / US-117 S / NC-132 S. for 1.2 miles.
Turn RIGHT onto OLEANDER DR / US-76 W. for 2.4 miles
Turn LEFT onto DAWSON ST / US-76 W. for .1 mile
Turn LEFT onto US-17 S / US-74 W / S 16TH ST. Continue to follow S 16TH ST. for
.5 mile
End at 1528 S 16th St
If you wish to drive in the United States, you will need to
get a North Carolina driver’s license. But you will need
your home country’s license in the beginning. Information
about obtaining an NC driver’s license is available on the
NCDOT Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) web site:
Be sure to carry your driver’s license from your home
country. Law enforcement authorities in North Carolina do
not honor the International Driver License:
To get a North Carolina license, you will need to get the
Driver’s Handbook from the DMV or download it:
Study the handbook and then go into a DMV driver license
office to take a test to get a North Carolina driver’s license.
If you wish to buy a car, you will need to pay fees related to
official registration and obtaining the title (ownership
document) for your car. Information is available on the DMV
You will have the responsibility to sell the car at the end of
your stay and alert the government agencies that you have
transferred the title (ownership) and wish to end the
To open a bank account you will need your passport,
the funds you wish to deposit, and as many other
forms of identification as you have: your home country
driver’s license, your visa, your UNCW ID card.
ATMs on campus are located in the Fisher University
Enjoy your benefits:
Library/Research Seminars
The Writing Center
Off-Campus Housing—Seahawk Perch
IMBA students can use the Student Health Center only if
they have paid the extra fee offered last week. Your
regular health insurance and tuition fees do not include
this service.
IMBA students who are not U.S. citizens are required to
purchase the UNC system insurance or prove that they
have adequate coverage. Work with Amy Mabery in the
UNCW Office of International Programs.
U.S. students must make sure they have their own
insurance coverage. Your IMBA tuition and student fees
do not cover any insurance.
HTH Worldwide insurance currently has a $100 deductible per
illness. That means you will have to pay $100 at the time of the
visit to a doctor or urgent care center that takes this insurance.
You pay that $100 and then the insurance pays the portion it
If you go to the same doctor for a different illness, you will have
to pay $100 again before the insurance will pay any of the bills.
There are limits on the amount of coverage provided by your
insurance. Before you visit a health care provider, educate
yourself about the insurance coverage and the maximum
benefits the insurance will pay for treatment of an illness or
If you have not opted for the paid coverage to use the
Student Health Center, plan for health care needs in advance.
In case you need medical care, there are a few urgent care
centers near the university. We cannot recommend any of
these, but these are simply the ones we know about near
Be careful about fees and ask in advance what you will be
Nearby Urgent Care Center:
 NextCare Urgent Care Centre
4815 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC, 888-381-4858
Before you go to the hospital, make sure your condition requires
immediate treatment and that you understand the costs you will be
charged. Hospital treatment might cost you personally thousands of
dollars in addition to what the insurance pays.
Cape Fear Hospital
5301 Wrightsville Ave.
Wilmington, NC
New Hanover Regional Medical Center
2131 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC
Parking stickers are required to park on campus—for one
semester, they cost $140 to $185, depending on the parking
area you request. Information available on web:
Free shuttle service and free WAVE Transit Service with UNCW
Campus Loop Shuttle every 5-7 minutes at stops on campus
Seahawk Shuttles operate in 1 mile radius
Point to Point buses evenings until midnight
• Information on the UNCW web site under Current
Students, then Parking and Transportation.
The Wave
• Public bus service around the Wilmington area.
• For all area residents, not just students.
• Free to students with your UNCW One Card.
Seahawk Shuttle
• Free bus service within a 1-mile radius of campus.
• Stops are marked by UNCW Seahawk Shuttle signs and
WTA bus stops.
• Operates on a 20-minute round trip along the fixed
route. Runs Mondays to Thursdays, 7 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.,
while undergraduate classes are in session; Fridays 7 a.m.
– 6:30 p.m.
Campus Loop Shuttle
• Runs continuous routes around campus.
• Mondays to Fridays, 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Point-to-Point After-Hours Shuttle
• Safe transportation to campus after hours within a 1-mile
radius during fall and spring semesters
• Operates Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to midnight
• Last round leaves Randall Drive at 11:55 p.m.
• Call 910-367-6972 or 910-488-0679 and request point-topoint transportation. Give your name, pickup location,
destination, and call-back number. The wait for the shuttle to
pick you up.
• If you wish to bike to campus, register your
bicycle with University Police (free).
• Form available on the Web at

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