HAMUN FORTY Country Selection Meeting

Conference Information
Tentative Dates for Conference: January 29th and 30th or February 5th and 6th, 2015
Tentative Venues: University of Houston or the George R. Brown Convention Center
DRW’s: November 6th at Westchester Academy
Registration Open from October 1st to January 16th
Policy Papers due on January 23rd
What is Crisis?
Delegates have to think on their feet
Committees are very specialized
Often based in historical events, but take can take place in the present and future, as well
Delegates take on the role of unique characters
◦ Representing individuals with personal goals
What is Crisis?
Debate flows very similar to standard committees
◦ Moderated and Unmoderated Caucuses are vital
◦ Speakers Lists generally do not exist
Crises are introduced to the committees in order to alter the flow of debate and change the
situation being discussed
◦ Force delegates to adapt
Why Does Crisis Matter?
Crisis is best suited to more experienced delegates
Allows delegates to hone their speaking skills in situations that can change in an instant
In historically based crisis committees, delegates get to delve into and re-enact important past
Staff Duties
USG of Crisis
◦ Oversees all committees and staff members in order to make sure everything runs smoothly
Crisis Directors
◦ Take personal charge over a single committee and plan out crises
Crisis Staffers
◦ assist in planning and crisis logistics
◦ introduce crises to committees
Crisis Director
of Triple Joint
Crisis Director
of Elizabeth’s
Privy Council
Crisis Director
of The Court
Crisis Staff
Crisis Staff
Crisis Staff
Crisis Structure
USG of Crisis
Triple Joint Crisis:
IndiaN-PakistanI War: 2011
India vs. Pakistan vs. Security
Delegates will work as members of
the political cabinets of India and
Pakistan during this hypothetical
war to ensure victory while the
Security Council attempts to keep
the peace
◦ Show the mechanisms of the UNSC
in a war situation
◦ Beat your opponent, but face the
threat of shaming from the
International Community
Crisis: The Privy Council of Queen Elizabeth I:
Delegates play the role of Queen
Elizabeth’s main advisors during
the tumultuous time of the
Anglo-Spanish War
Espionage, Privateering,
Alliance-Forging with War on the
◦ The Dutch Revolt
◦ The Spanish Armada
Crisis: The Court: 2016
Court-style Committee
Delegates will serve as members of
the tribunal in a trial of war criminal
Replacing ICJ this year with a new,
exciting twist on the legal side of
International Relations
◦ Crisis Staff will serve as witnesses
◦ Crisis Director will serve as prosecutor
◦ Several crises and roadblocks will
occur to make the committee eventful
and unpredictable
Exciting, Fast-Paced
A hard-working Crisis Staff
◦ Preparation on these committees has already begun and the USG of Crisis is extremely excited to bring
these experiences to HAMUN delegates
We can’t wait to run these next year, and we hope you are equally thrilled for your delegates to
participate in them!
The HAMUN Times
What is the HAMUN Times?
A newspaper written during the conference by delegates and
overseen by staffers
A chance for students who love both Model UN and
journalism to contribute to a project with a tangible end
A new way of looking at and describing the conference
Delegate Participation
About 15 delegates will have positions as HAMUN Times Press Corps
What types of positions are
◦ Write articles based on
observation of the 17
different committees
◦ Chronicle the conference and
collaborate with journalists
for the types and quantities
of pictures desired
How it works
Journalists will write articles during the conference on different committee sessions
They will submit their articles to their assigned editor (a staffer) for minor edits
The articles will then be formatted and looked over once again by the Editor-in-Chief and will be
published online by the end of the day
delegates will…
Observe committees
Interview delegates, speakers,
dais members
Gather information as
conference progresses
Write articles as information is
Delegate Training
Before Conference
◦ Journalists will receive emails
assigning them to a
committee and introducing
them to a dais
◦ Research into article writing
and composition
During Conference
◦ Attend a mandatory 1.5 hr
training session (article do’s
and don’ts, professional
writing, structure)
◦ Report to editors for any
questions and/or comments
How to sign up?
• Email Delegate Name, School, and contact information to [email protected]
• In order to be selected as a HAMUN Times Press Corp, a delegate must submit samples that
demonstrate the following:
A. good writing ability (if applying to be a journalist)
Submit a 500 word essay describing a MUN related topic
B. some skill in the art of photography (if applying to be a photographer)
Submit 3 photographs taken of large group settings
Registration Periods and Pricing
Regular registration opens October 1, 2014 and will run until January 16, 2015.
◦ $35 per delegate
Delegate fees of other conferences:
◦ MUNSA $60
◦ CTMUN $75
◦ GCI $90
Pertinent Registration Info
Invoices will roll out as registration occurs and will be updated.
In order for a student to attend conference, they must submit one policy paper by the deadline.
If they are to be considered for an award, they must submit two policy papers (one per topic)
excluding one-topic committees. Deadline January 23, 2015.
There will be no registration at conference, as policy papers are required and must be
submitted by the 23rd.
No refunds will be given for any reason.
Country Selection
It’s what you all really came for.

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