Grassroots Mobilisation and Organising

Grassroots Mobilisation and
The Power of the People
By Malcolm Damon
Executive of the Economic Justice
Network of FOCCISA
Economic Justice
Network (EJN)
Influencing Public Policy at the
CoP 17 in Durban
Organizing and Mobilization
• What’s our
understanding of
Organizing and How
do we see
• Institute for Dev Studies and Action Aid
“Organizing entails deliberate actions to bring
people together to develop leadership strategies
and collective capacity necessary to confront a
common issue or push an alternative justice
• “ Refers to engaging
people as political
activist through
actions that build
and use the strength
of organised
numbers to make
their demands
known and influence
those in power.
De Gruchy – Agency, Assets and
• Agency and Benificiaries
• Doctor, patient or clients.
• Are we doing things for people or are people
doing it for themselves
• Poor people are engage in struggles, strategies
and mobilisation on a daily basis.
• Agency of the poor.
 Freire
 David Korten
“If transformation is to
come as a consequence
of voluntary action, an
act of human commitent
to collective survival… .
We must look at people’s
movements as the key to
transformational change
in the current era.
• How do we see the community
• People in need that need assistance – create
dependency and a welfare approach
• You cannot build a community on what people
don’t have.
• Community organisations need to build on the
capacities, skills and assets of the community.
• Three categories of assets
Assets of the Community
• People and individuals or groups
• Associations or community based org
• Institutions – schools, libraries, community
hall, police and others.
1. Needs and Interest of the Community
- Cancellation of Debt
- Treatment Action Campaign
- Mozambique – Land Issue
2. Awareness Raising and Mobilization
Sustained engagement with members of
communities to gauge issue comprehension and
provide deeper and broader perspectives.
Awareness Raising and Mobilisation
Apartheid Debt
Apartheid Caused Debt
Alternative Mining
3. Community Training and Capacity Building
Workshops to make people aware of Govt Debt
and why there is this Debt.
Build capacity of communities to understand the
4. Plans and Campaigns of the Community
What the message of the community
What are the demands
What do they want to achieve.
Cycle Continue
• Evaluation and Cycle
Thank You
Rev. Malcolm Damon
Executive Director
Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA
Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern
[email protected]
Climate Justice Rally
• multi-faith ‘Climate Justice
Rally’ at King’s Park Stadium on
27 November 2011
• was the magnum opus of the
inter-faith activities
• Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu,
Christiana Figueres and
Mashabane attended the event
• 200,000 signed petitions
handed over

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