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Fall 2013
Doug Thilman
Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources
Licensure and Reporting
David Howell
Teacher’s Master’s Pay
July 2014
• Legislation States:
“no teachers or instructional support personnel,
except for certified school nurses and
instructional support personnel in positions for
which a master’s degree is required for licensure,
shall be paid on the ‘M’ (graduate) salary
schedule…for the 2014-2015 school year unless
they were paid on that salary schedule…prior to
the 2014-2015 school year.
2013-2014 Graduates
• December Graduates
– Will receive master’s pay in 2013-2014
– Must work with their universities and HR licensure admin
to meet 2013-2014 processing deadlines
• May Graduates
– The governor, the legislature, DPI and universities are
interested in getting May graduates paid on the master’s
– More information to follow
New Hires 2014-2015
•Will Receive Master’s Pay
Worked in NC previously AND were paid on the
master’s pay scale
•Will Not Receive Master’s Pay
First public school service in NC
Returning to NC, but were not paid on the master’s
scale during previous NC service
Coming to WCPSS from a Charter School where their
master’s degree was recognized
•How do we communicate this to applicants?
•How do we recruit when other states pay a master’s
degree supplement?
Gwinnett Co, GA master’s, ten years: $48.5K
Wake County, bachelor’s, ten years: $41.1K
Employees Exempt from the
Master’s Cutoff Date
Guidance Counselors
Media Specialists
Speech Language Pathologists
School Psychologists
School Nurses (nationally certified)
Assistant Principals and Principals
Health Care Benefits
• All Benefits Moving to Calendar Year
• Open Enrollment for Medical Insurance closes
Oct 31 (midnight)
• Open Enrollment for Flex Benefits closes Nov
15 (5PM)
Health Insurance Open
• Three plans in place of two
– 70/30 plan is unchanged from 2013
• Employees with WCPSS health insurance in 2013 will be
placed on the 70/30 plan if they do not complete open
– Enhanced 80/20 Plan
– Consumer Directed Health Plan
• Involves a Health Reimbursement Account
• A new approach to health insurance
Enhanced 80/20 and Consumer
Directed Health Plan
• Employees Can Reduce Their Premiums
– Identifying a personal care provider
• $15/mo savings for 80/20 plan
• $10/mo savings for CDHP
– Completing a health assessment
• $15/mo savings for 80/20 plan
• $10/mo savings for CDHP
– Not smoking or beginning a smoking cessation program
• $20/month savings for 80/20 or CDHP
• Brochure Mailed to Employees’ Homes
• Employee Instructions Sent by Comp Services
• Internet Resources
– (video)
• Hands on Help from the State Health Plan
– Oct 16, 2-6PM: Crossroads II
– Oct 16, 9AM – 12PM: Wake Tech Main Campus
Legislative Leave
• Identical to 2012-2013
– Earned 5 days if employed in a qualifying position on July 1
• Pro rated for less than 100% employed
– Applied to the first days of annual leave
• Leave forms do not have a legislative leave option
– Unused days expire on June 30, 2014
– 2013-2014 Retirees will work with payroll and HR if they
prefer to use annual leave
– Excluded employees should send issues to [email protected]
• Special Education Exception Process
– Applicant has one special education license area and
another is required for assignment
• 14 new hires have been approved
• See weekly HR memo for details
• Tutor Pay
– $35/hour with a valid or expired NC license
– $25/hour if not certified
More Misc
• Teachers Need 8 CEUs to Renew
– More info to follow after PANC
• New Licensure System Coming
– Parents can look up teacher licenses
– Educators will be able to print licenses
– Educators will submit many requests and payments
through the system
• Less dependence on WCPSS HR
• Principal Salary Letters Coming in October
– A few salary increases based on school size increases
Staffing and Operations
Fall 2013
Wilma Jenkins-Flythe
Contracts and Tenure Chgs
• New laws changing
tenure and contracts
• No new tenure will be
granted to anyone
starting with the 201314 school year
• Teachers who currently
have tenure will keep it
until 2018 unless…
• They are offered a 4
year contract for 201415 (the 25%)
• Current contract types
• A) One Year Contract
New this year
• B) Terminating
• C) Temporary (with no
• D) Nonpaid Leave
• E) Retiree #1A and #1B
(50% and/or more than
6 months or 100% less
than 6 months
• Busy approving hires for this year
• New hires & Rehires so far up to the 9/17
• 1921 Professional
• New hires & Rehires Support -same dates:
• 1342 Support (Cler, TAs, CNS, Bus Drivers,
• Total 3263
• Still working on finishing the reconciliation
for Traditional Schools
Personnel Action Forms
• Pls give the Applications and File Room 24
notice via email when you need to review more
than 3-4 files
• Applications and files are to be reviewed
before turning in the PAF
• Importance of completely and accurately filling
out the PAFs, with up-dated name, address,
phone # and correct oracle #s
• Once school year starts, HR will determine
start dates (unless for a leave or agreed upon
date with transferring principal)
• HR is the only one to assign orientation and
hand out Health Forms
Lateral Entry Teachers
• 10 Day Lateral Institute-38 teachers
have gone thru or will go thru by Oct.
• Fall Lateral Entry Workshop will be
Tues, Nov. 19. Teachers and principals
rec’d email invitations the week of 9/23.
Pls encourage your lateral teachers to
attend. Subs will be paid for thru HR.
• Our 3rd year of providing this wkshp with
excellent feedback from participants
Staffing Admin Goals
• Going out to schools to participate in the
evaluation process again this year
• Helping to develop and train for
evaluations and school based review of
applications (more to come)
• Attending 1 staff meeting per year at each
school (selected schools for Leigh Mobley)
• Continuing to work with administrators,
secretaries, teachers and other staff with
HR issues and concerns
Evaluations and
Performance Issues
• Let your Staffing Admin know immediately
of any new performance issues- earlier the
better to help with interventions and support
• ER and Staffing are working together on
tracking performance concerns-Staffing
Admins will to follow up
Evaluations and Performance
• Refer to evaluation
• Check AskVal emails for
• Pre-Not Proficient (PNP)
letters need to go out in
Nov, Dec, & Jan (template
• Make sure to let your
Staffing Admin and ER
Extra Duty
• Spreadsheets for
coaches are due for MS
and HS by 9/30
• Make sure all volunteer
and returning volunteer
coaches register online
before Oct. 31
Who to Contact
Name & Title
Contact Info
Wilma Jenkins-Flythe
Sr Director
•All HR Staffing
•Sub Office
•Application and Employee File
•Extra Duty
•Hiring Procedures and Postings
[email protected]
Alice Card Briggs
•All Traditional & Modified Middle
Schools and some Year Rd MS
[email protected]
Staffing Administrators:
All school staffing, custodians,
CNS, bus drivers, CO teacher
positions and instructional
See Employee Handbook
All leaves and employee letters
See Employee Handbook
Blackmon, Hodges, Milton,
Mobley, Reynolds, Smith,
White, Wiggins-Price
Staffing Processors
Sub Office
Applications Room
Employee File Room
See Employee Handbook
Employee Relations
Dr. Bryan Martin
Addressing Employee Absences
In the Evaluation Process
Board Policy 2281/3801/4801
• Any leave taken beyond the amount to which
the employee is entitled under state and
federal laws and regulations will be
considered in assessing the employee‘s
performance. Absences in excess of the
entitled legal leave may result in dismissal
from service.
Sick Leave
• Valid uses
– Personal sickness, disability, childbirth
– Adopting a child (up to 30 days)
– Personal medical appointments
– Illness or medical appointments for immediate
– Death in immediate family
Sick Leave
• Is a Benefit of Employment
• Should Not Be Denied In Valid Cases
• Use Cannot Be Noted As a Performance
Concern If Used For Valid Reasons and While
Following Appropriate Processes
Cases Where Attendance Can Be
Addressed As a Performance Concern
• Absences beyond those covered by earned and
approved leave—i.e. absences after exhausting leave
• Failure to provide a physician’s note when directed in
advance to do so
• Failure to follow appropriate processes for reporting or
requesting leave
– Not notifying in a timely manner
– Taking leave without prior approval (except for sickness or
– Not turning in leave forms
– Dishonest use of leave
Guidelines for Requesting
Doctors’ Notes
• Be Consistent
– Can be requested in advance if supervisor has a
reasonable suspicion of deception
– Hold everyone to the same standard
• Contact HR on the 4th Consecutive Day of
• Notify Individuals In Writing When They Reach
the Requirement
• Do Not Engage In Conversations Regarding Health
Personal/Annual Leave
• Annual Leave Must Be Approved In Advance
By the Supervisor (Supervisor can waive this)
• Personal Leave Requires Approval By
Supervisor If Requested Less Than Five Days in
• Personal Leave Cannot Be Denied Or Require a
Reason if Requested More Than Five Days In
Advance, And If A Sub Is Available
Personal/Annual Leave
• Personal Leave Shall Not Be Granted on the first
day the teacher is required to report for the
school year, on a required teacher workday, on
days scheduled for State testing, or on the day
before or after a holiday or scheduled vacation
day, unless the request is approved by the
• If Properly Requested And Approved, Such Leave
Should Not Be Noted As A Performance
Concern— “Just Say No”
Job Abandonment
• If an employee is absent for seven (7)
consecutive days without notification
to the supervisor, the employee shall
be deemed to have abandoned
his/her job and shall immediately be
subject to dismissal.
Who To Contact For Assistance
• Dr. J. Bryan Martin
– Senior Director for
Employee Relations
– 919.854.1685
– [email protected]
• Jeff Koweek
– Director for Employee
– 919.854.1755
– [email protected]
NC Teacher Walkout
Planned for Monday, November 4
Encourage Staff To
• Attend Work As Expected
• Act In A Professional Manner, Consistent With
the Code of Ethics
• Express Their Beliefs In A Way That Minimizes
Impact On Student Learning
Reminders For Staff
• Only Track 3 Teachers Are Not Expected To
Report To Work on November 4
• 10-month Teachers are Not Permitted To Use
Annual Leave On Days Students Are In
• 11/12 Month Teachers Can Use Annual Leave
On Days Students Are In Attendance Only
With Prior Approval Of The Principal
Reminders For Staff
• Personal Leave Has a $50/day Deduction
– Automatically granted if requested at least five
days in advance, subject to availability of subs
• Sick Leave Can Be Used Only for Sick Leave
Purposes Listed Earlier
– Can require doctors’ notes if there is a reasonable
suspicion that a sick day is being used dishonestly
Recruitment and Retention
Teresa Cunningham-Brown
• Oriented 195 new BT hires -- Improving
Teacher Quality Session in August
• Offered 3 summer mentor trainings and
implemented 2 ongoing classes of Hybrid
Mentor Trainings
• Introduced BTSP Newsletter to feature BT,
school, mentor and mentor coordinator
BTSP Upcoming
• 2nd Improving Teacher Quality session planned for
October 30th – 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. @ Crossroads II
• BTSP Intranet site – October 2013
• SPED Online Chat Dates – October 10th & 24th
• Google Doc Monthly Checklist – October 3rd &
November 3rd
• First Quarter Paperwork Due – November 8
• Overall program impact within WCPSS:
Total teachers of record: 63
SPED – 41
Elementary Education – 19
Language Arts – 1
Science – 1
Spanish – 1
• TTT TEACH-UP Grant Program ended effectively
September 30, 2013
• Successful initiative to transition
paraprofessionals into teaching within high needs
• Spring 2013 leads have been
• Limited Fall recruitment to attract
top December 2013 graduates to
• Online resume posting sites
• LinkedIn
• Oracle applicant reports
• Student Teacher referrals,
information sessions, and
screening interviews
• NCSU Career Center interviews
• NC Teaching Fellows information
sessions and interviews
Early Contracts
2013-2014 Early Contract Plan
Early Contracts were written by a Recruitment team administrator at the principal’s request
Early Contracts were intended to:
- Minimize the number of exemplary recruits we lose to other districts as a
result of the district’s hiring freeze
- Retain highly effective teachers who are on terminating contracts, despite the hiring freeze
- Recruit and hire outstanding male and minority teachers, despite the hiring freeze
Early Contracts were primarily used to support the district’s lowest performing schools at each level,
the 4 Renaissance Schools, Walnut Creek Elementary , the district’s special initiatives schools, new
magnet programs, and one new school
40 “At Large” Early Contracts were approved for the critical needs teaching areas
Spring 2011
Early Contracts available
Early Contracts used
60 (62%)
“At Large” Early Contracts available
“At Large” Early Contracts used
Spring 2012
53 (40%)
Spring 2013
53 (49%)
34 (85%)
Student Teaching
• Principals can request email accounts for their full-time
student teachers by contacting the helpdesk
- Student Teacher’s Name: ex. John Doe
- Start Date: ex. 01-07-13
- End Date: ex. 06-30-13
- Request must come from principal
• Full-time student teachers may contact Ed Stansberry in HR
to schedule appointments for ID Badges
• Pre-service student observers are not eligible for WCPSS
email accounts or ID badges
Student Teaching
• Student Teaching Focus Group Meetings
– Development of cooperating teacher selection rubric for
– Creation of administrative student teaching contact by
• RR will contact cooperating teachers to
request student teacher referrals
– Student Teacher Information Sessions
– Screening interviews
Student Teaching
Student Teaching
Student Teaching
Student Teaching
Hire Data – Spring 2013
Student Teaching
Hire Data – Spring 2013
The mission of the WCPSS Future STARS (Strengthening Talent And
Realizing Success) Program is to recruit, train, and retain a diverse
cohort of education students to become highly effective teachers in
our district.
The Future STARS Program will provide participants with the tools
they need to be successful WCPSS teachers. Participants will receive
training on key WCPSS instructional initiatives and how to
effectively navigate the WCPSS job search process.
College seniors can sign-up for the program through our partner
colleges, universities, organizations, and community affiliations
WCPSS Future STARS 2014 - Program Calendar
**Marketing Strategy Timeframe: 09/23/13 – 01/17/14
Marketing materials completed by 08/30/13
Market to participating schools by:
School recommendations
School/Classroom presentations
Marketing materials disseminated on recruiting visits to local universities
Presentations at various civic organizational meetings
Social Media outreach
**Registration timeframe: 09/23/13 – 01/17/14
This year, along with the recommended candidates we will be soliciting registrants
from various institutions via Google Registration.
Registration review period of candidates 1/17/14 – 2/17/14
Maximum of 32 candidates
February 26, 2014 - Future STARS Launch Date & Welcome Session:
Goals, Expectations & Desired Outcomes of Future STARS
Note: ** Each weekly session will last approximately 2-2.5 hours.
3/05/14 – Common Core Standards
3/12/14 – Teaching Diverse Learners
3/19/14 – Manage “YOUR” Classroom
3/26/14 – Differentiated Instruction
4/02/14 – Your Career: Transition from Student to Professional
4/09/14 – Financial Strategies
4/16/14 – GREAT Résumé =?? & the Art of the Interview
4/23/14 – Maneuvering at the Job Fair & Networking Strategies
4/30/14 – Reception, Panel Discussion & Ceremony w/Principals, HR & AP’s
??/??/?? – 2014 Teacher Employment Networking Event
June 01-August 30 (2013-2014)
Job Classification
Direct/Indirect Service to
Central Office , Principals, APs, Teachers
Bus Drivers , Transportation
Child Nutrition Services , Custodians, other
Support Staff
Teacher Assistants
School Counselors, Speech Pathologist, Social
Workers, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist
June 01-August 30 (2013-2014)
Intranet and HR Newsletter
HR Newsletter
has now moved to a
monthly email version
Intranet Focus:
Adding content and
updating the “Evaluation
Forms and Guidelines”
Intranet page in rolling out
the NCEES/TNL Evaluation
tool; updating directories,
Employee Discounts and
announcing important
events, dates & deadlines.
Who to Contact
Name and Title
Contact Information
Teresa Cunningham-Brown,
Senior Director
Title II Initiatives
NC Educator Evaluation System
Diversity Outreach Programs
Transfer Fair, Job Fairs and
(919) 854-1696
[email protected]
Shelia Bennett
Senior Administrator
Beginning Teacher Support Program
DSSF Mentor Program
Diane Kent-Parker First Year Teacher
of the Year Awards
ITQ Coaches
(919) 854-1698
[email protected]
Jason Kennedy,
Senior Administrator
Diversity Recruitment
VIF Recruitment
(919) 854-1702
[email protected]
Sherri Morris,
Senior Administrator
Student Teachers
919) 854-1704
[email protected]
Maurice Boswell
Pre-Employment Orientation
Praxis Reimbursement
Tuition Assistance Program
HR Newsletter
(919) 854-1709
[email protected]

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