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Kreating Klassroom Kodu
Jessica Pettyjohn
Dr. J. Butler, UTB, 6340
Applications of Advanced Technology
What is Kodu?
Students from the Kodu Club at Explorer Elementary are interviewed.
Go to:
What is Kodu?
• Meet Kody!
• Explore the
world of Kodu
• Link to free
Kodu Kontinued…
• "This teaches you the basics of software," Quibell
said. "This project is research-focused to teach kids
and expose them to computer science in a fun way.“
– Scott Quibell, Programmer and Explorer Elementary
• Free game creating software by Microsoft FUSE Labs.
• Provides creative environment for designing, building,
and playing your own new games
• Programming user interface - language is simple and
entirely icon-based.
• Language is designed specifically for game
• Programs are expressed in physical terms, concepts
like vision, hearing, and time control character
• Kodu can express advanced game design concepts in a
simple, direct, and intuitive manner.
Educational Uses
• Download FREE Classroom Kit
• A set of lesson plans and activities for
teachers, after school program instructors
and administrators to run a variety of types
of classes using Kodu.
• Examples:
– Victoria Department of Education
– Explorer Elementary Kodu Club
Available Lesson Plans
• Getting Started with Kodu:
Keyboard and Mouse
• Getting started with Kodu: Xbox
• Single Session Introduction
Curriculum for PC and Xbox
• Kodu Curriculum: Keyboard and
• Kodu Curriculum: Xbox Controller
• Kodu Math Module Curriculum
What Can Kodu Teach?
• Just a Few Examples:
Logic and problem solving of programming
Math skills
Conditions and sequences
Cooperation and Collaboration
Logic and Creativity
Narrative creation and storytelling
Programming as a creative medium
• “Kodu builds real world, 21st century skills by challenging users
to analyze a problem deeply and structure their solution – an
approach applicable to all academic subjects, business and
personal relationships.” – Kodu Microsoft FUSE Website
Xbox Controllers (not required)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7;
Windows Vista; Windows XP
• A graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c and
Shader Model 2.0 or higher is required.
• .NET Framework 3.5 or higher is required (Free
Download from MS)
• XNA Framework 3.1 Redistributable is required.
(Free Download from MS)
Interview with Derek Braman,
Explorer Elementary Kodu Club
What are the positive reactions from the students?
“Just about everything they had to say about the program was positive.
They loved how they were able to take their ideas and turn it into their
own games and were then able to have other students play their games
and get feedback. They were also excited about looking at other people’s
games and how they could “borrow” ideas from them to add to their
story and game.”
What are the negative reactions from the students?
“About the only negative aspect we heard was that they wanted to take
their game with them when they were done (something that seems to be
an option now after feedback to Microsoft). Some also wanted more
time and didn’t want to be done so “quickly” after seven weeks.”
How can Kodu be integrated into classroom curriculum?
“We have used it in the realm of language arts and writing to ‘publish’ our
stories in a different way, but the program also has potential for use in
areas of math, specifically sequencing, in science, by using the scientific
method to try to achieve certain elements of the games or stories.”
Derek Braman
Pilot Program Results
Victoria, Australia
Department of Education
Pilot Program Results
Victoria, Australia
Department of Education
Pilot Program Results
Victoria, Australia
Department of Education
Personal Experience
• Multitude of Websites
• Budget Issues
• Ideas for Classroom Usage:
– Classroom Environment,
Kody is the Man!
– Problem Based Learning
– Anchored Instruction
– Collaborative
– Authentic / Real World
– Metacognition
• My Kodu Kreation
Kodu Konclusion
• Picture of Kody:
• Kodu Game Lab:
• Kody Classroom Kit and Lesson Plans:
• Victoria Department of Education Pilot Program:
• Explorer Elementary Kody Club:
• Kodu Picture:
• Kodu Game Wheel Image:
• Scott Quibell quote and Student Action Pictures from:
• Game pictures from FUSE Gallery:
• Kodu Video Introduction with Explorer Elementary Students:

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