Will G ICT Principles Dec 14

Brief update from Childnet
ICT Coalition meeting, Brussels, 2/12/14
Introduction to Childnet
Educating young people,
parents and carers and
the children’s workforce
Coordinating Safer
Internet Day in the UK
Creating innovative
educational resources
Influencing policy and
empowering youth voice
Inspiring digital creativity
Encouraging youth
Young people’s experiences of
inappropriate content
10 year old girl:
“Some of the pictures, on
images, are very haunting, scary
or rude pictures in wrong
12 year old girl:
“Seeing things that are
inappropriate or scary
by mistake, such as
watching a mislabelled
YouTube video.”
14 year old girl:
“when your on a movie site and porn pops up AWKWARD”
Role of parents and carers
“When I was 5 I had a friends’ older brother show me and my friend porn. That’s
how I learned about sex, as my mum had to talk to me about it at age 5 and be
like, “what you saw was this”... I don’t think it was a scarring experience at all but
I think it was how she talked to me about it after that made it okay.”
“If you don’t provide the answers at home, children will search to find the
answers elsewhere. Children are curious and it’s important for them to learn.
And frankly, porn is a widely available resource for them to see some sex if you
don’t know anything about it.”
“I think one thing you can start off at the beginning is to start pointing out the
things you would point out in porn but in everyday life, as this whole world is
kind of pornographic in a lot of ways. You see in advertisements all the time,
women in lingerie, that you can easily talk about like – “You know, women don’t
really look like that”
- Young ambassadors from Brook
A quarter of parents say they have
spoken to their child about pornography
•23% among parents of 5-11 year olds
•43% among parents of 11-15 year olds
The STAR Toolkit
Safe Keep your personal information safe
Trust Not everything online is true
Action Tell someone if something upsets you online
Respect Be kind online
Parents and Carers
Safety tools on social networks
• Safety advice
• Safety tools
• Terms and conditions
• Age requirement
Thank you
[email protected]
PS Don’t forget Safer Internet Day, 10th Feb 2015

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