Truthfulness vs. deception
Earning future trust by accurately
reporting past facts.
Truthfulness is a revealing of facts, before we
are put under pressure to do so.
Truthfulness is something that is given, not
something that is stolen.
Being truthful is a character quality that is
rare. Most people are only truthful when they
have to be, not when they need to be.
Parents are embarrassed when their children
tell lies, but they may be more embarrassed
when their children tell the truth. Why?
Because people don’t lead a life of
truthfulness. They lead a hidden life, a heart
and a mind that is unknown to others.
Children are good at exposing the truth about
their parents.
When in doubt, tell the truth.
*Tell the truth about your past on your
*Tell the truth about your marriage to ones
that can help you.
*Tell the truth about your own faults and
*Tell the truth about your feelings… “I’m
doing fine” is not always enough.
A friend is someone that will give you the
truth, and not flatter you with lies. It is one
thing to show a man his error, but it’s another
thing to put a man in possession of the truth.
Justice must be established by truthfulness.
Without truth, there can be no justice. If
someone is able to give you the truth, then
there is chance for real justice and healing.
But most are afraid of telling the truth
because people don’t want to hear it.
Don’t be afraid to tell people that you don’t
know. If you don’t know about something,
simply say so. Otherwise, this is deceptive and
without total truth.
Deception is a lie, and a liar is not believed
even when he does tell the truth.
Truth hurts, but the lies are what leaves the
scars and pain.
A lie is the deliberate withholding of any part
of the truth from someone who has the right
to know.
Who has the right to know your
Your family:
Does your family know the truth about you?
Are you being deceptive to your spouse,
children or siblings?
We must know that the truth will get out.
When it does, are you ready to admit to it and
deal with it?
The Bible tells us that the truth shall set us
free. John 8:32 – “And ye shall know the
truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
Free from what?
The pain of deception, the depression of
knowing that you are not who you think you
are, the rejection issues that you face that are
the reason for the deception. This is true
freedom, being who God made you to be.
People will believe the deception faster and
longer than they will believe the truth. Lies
run while the truth crawls, but the lies never
cross the finish line, while the truth crosses all
on his own in his own time.
Truth builds integrity that will stand on its
own. Deception builds dishonor that needs to
rely on someone else’s integrity to stand at all.
At work:
Politicians are usually tactful, but they are
not truthful.
A good employer and employee will be tactful
and truthful. They will tell the truth with tact.
If we allow truth to be exposed, then and only
then can we see what needs to be done and
how to do it. If we hide the truth, then the
remedy is also hidden.
The average person will see more in tolerance
than he will in truth. But if we are tolerant of
lies, then we only breed more lies, and more
If your job is in the court room, how many cases
are tried on the truth versus a lie? The courts are
what they are today because almost everyone lies.
Thus, there can be no justice without the truth.
Prosecutors feel like they must pad the case
because they know that the defendant will lie. What
would happen if everyone told the truth?
You can’t stretch the truth without making
the story pretty thin.
Always be honest and never deceive anyone
on the job. It will only come back to you as
the one that deceived and lied. It may take a
lifetime to get back what you lost in one
A student of truth will be a student of the
open Bible, an open dictionary, and an open
Those that think they have all the truth have
no room to still search.
We must know a truth when we see one, or
else, we will be deceived by the lie.
Go over this story and keep an eye on
the truth and be careful not to be
Election time is coming and we have two men that are running for office.
The office is that of the President of the United States.
One of the candidates was in the war and received more than one purple
heart for his bravery. He is liberal in most of the ways that he would run
the country. He believes in abortion, and also in gay rights that would
allow marriage within the gay community. He has told America that he
earned these purple hearts in war.
Most of America doesn’t know the real truth. We can’t know if this is
true or false unless we were there. Thus, we must find out the truth by
people that were there with him, a witness to the actual account.
We also must realize that both parties might tell you what you want to
hear just to get your vote.
Do you think that this man would try to deceive you by not telling the
whole truth?
The other candidate has been President for four years. He has chosen to
take a stance on the defense of this country and has listened to many
people give him counsel on how to defend it. We must know that the
people who are giving him the advice might have an alternative motive
for what they are saying. In other words, they have their own agenda.
But what we can look at is his four years that he has been in office and
the witnesses of his deeds. Yet, do you think that there are some things
that we don’t know, things that he might not want us to know about his
mistakes and failures? I might think so.
How are we going to vote on these men if we don’t have the facts? And
how do we know if the facts that we have are true?
Are we voting on the man, his integrity, his character, and his
truthfulness? Or do we vote on a party?
Now, the object is to be truthful and not be deceived. Are you voting
Democrat, Republican, or the man?
This is not an exercise in which to steer
you into how to vote, nor a way to
promote any candidate. This is an
exercise to cause you to be truthful in the
way that you do vote.

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