Don Elijio Panti

Traditional Maya Healing
”Through the Abdomen”
Presented by Alex Jackson LMT, NCTMB
How I began in Traditional Healing
Met Dr. Rosita Arvigo in 2003
Teachings of Don Elijio Panti
The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy
& Maya Spiritual Healing
Inspired travels to Belize, Guatemala & Mexico
to study traditional healing.
Development of…Maya – ARRT
Dr. Rosita Arvigo &
Don Elijio Panti (h’men)
Copyright: Alex Jackson
Our Core is our true
Spiritual Center
“If it is out of balance—all of out life will
be unbalanced” - Don Elijio Panti
“La magina no muestra” –Don Elijio Panti
A Love of the Abdomen
Every Abdomen tells
a different & mysterious story
Your Abdominal Story varies
from day to day
 Where are you today and where did it all begin?
 Bloated & crampy …Or full of energy & pain free!!
 Of course it depends on STRESS!!
It is the Curandero’s job to help
you solve this mystery…by
 Being a good listener & Consejero and
using Platicas.
 The Abdominal Sobada - to remove
congestion & restore Ch’ulel.
 Maya Spiritual Healing – use of Copal,
Limpias, Prayer.
 Diet & Medicinal Plant Remedies
Ch’ulel –is the Maya word for chi, or life force energy is can be felt in the pulse…
…it is originated and regulated from our Breathing source - the Diaphragm
Ch’ulel & blood circulation, permeates every organ and cell in the body.
Copyright: Alex Jackson
Feel your Ch’ulel
Where is your breath coming from?
 Chest or Abdomen?
 Is it Shallow or Deep?
 Labored or Relaxed?
Ch’ulel & Sleeping
Emotions are the Origin
of Physical Disease
 Liver=Anger, Gall Bladder= Unresolved Anger
 Large Intestine=Not Eliminating stress
 Solar Plexus/Diaphragm=image of self,
expectations…can be hardest to release.
 Uterine Ligaments=Support in life
 Pelvis=Security, 1st Chakra
 Hernia=taking on too much, body is trying to
making room
Traditional Maya Medicine
…Does not separate the Physical from the
Emotional Body.
Emotional illnesses are recognized and treated
 Susto
 Tristeza
 Pezar
 Coraje
 Mal de Ojo
...we store all of these in
the Abdomen.
Emotions Reside in the
 Maya Traditional Medicine, Traditional
Chinese Medicine and the Chakras
system, all relate emotions to specific
 Can you see the importance of Maya
Traditional Medicine…Through the
ALL Emotions are intended
to pass through us
 Negative emotions vs. Positive emotions
 10 second exercise of passing emotions.
Are You Surprised?
Physical Conditions in the
Irritable bowel syndrome
Acid reflux / heartburn
Chonic constipation
Food allergies
Breathing difficulties
Depleted energy
Bladder infections
Post-surgical adhesions & scar tissue
Painful periods
Irregular menstrual cycles
Infertility / miscarriages
Tilted or prolapsed uterus
Ovarian cysts / fibroids
Abnormal uterine bleeding
Menstrual headaches
PMS / Menopause symptoms
Pregnancy related back pain
Daily Self Care
 Abdominal Breathing!!
 Clean out the Emotions first then the diet.
 Have an Investigative Conversation-platica
with yourself. (who, what, when, where)
 Increase your Ch’ulel and circulation by light
clockwise massage in the abdomen. And
downward diaphragm release.
Awareness is Healing…

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