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Steve Krug’s
-5Guiding Principles of Good Web
Design & Usability
Don’t Make Me think!
1. Don’t Make Me Think
• Overriding guideline for all design and usability
• Good design eliminates all questions and
• User should not have to second guess or question
• Simplest answer is usually the Best!
2. How We Really Use the Web
• Most users don’t read but
• Pick out things they are
looking for or things that
stand out
• Users “muddle” through
sites to find what they
• Don’t follow best or
intended way to find what
they want
3. Billboard Design 101
• Web page design similar to Billboard design
• Clear Visual Hierarchy
• Don’t be afraid of following conventions and what
is proven to work
• Don’t reinvent the wheel!
4. Animal Vegetable or Mineral
• Meant to illustrate that
users like mindless choices
• Not mindless choices
usually caused by ambiguity
or similarity
• Causes confusion and
reduced trust
• There are enough hard
decisions already in life!
5. Omit Needless Words
• Common problem
• Remove “happy talk”
usually on home page
• Remove instructions or
reduce to minimum
• Helps really important
content stand out
• Reduces distractions and
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