HD Voice

ITEXPO Miami 2010
David Erickson, President
Free Conferencing Corporation
Audience Survey
< or > 6 cents per minute
Use Skype
Google Voice
IP Phone
• Free Conferencing Corporation
Established 2001
Privately held
Specializes in One to many communications
FreeConferenceCall.com & 12 other sites
10 million user monthly
Access revenue from PSTN & cross selling
Viral marketing advantage
• Interesting beginning
Cash strapped made for simple design
Single access code
All accounts on
Website not connected to the bridge
Great Customer Support
Viral marketing could not be stopped
Booth 632
HD In Action Thursday 2:00 in B212
• Media Servers (conferencing applications)
Software based
Geo Diverse
Web Based Controls
Booth 632
HD In Action Thursday 2:00 in B212
Standard Def only 20% of your voice
Take rate is slow getting better
I like it and use it
Starts path to even higher quality voice
FCC asks for comments on a move to all IP
ATT talking all IP
HD Peering
HD Voice Transcoding
HD Carrier
HD Voice over 4G
Consumer wants to be completely connected
Consumer is willing to pay for voice service
Quality matters
Security matters
Interoperability will have to happen
I think there will be a new revenue models
Voice as an application is FREE?
Settlements $
Transcoding $
Application rates $ (texting or LEC billing)
Consumer desire for quality may mean $
Is it more than just free peering of networks?
Keep an open mind on HD connectivity
Put the consumer first
Make sure your 2010 purchases include HD
Buy a Wyde Soft Bridge this year
Use FreeConferenceCall.com
Wyde Voice
Booth 632
HD In Action 2:00 Thursday B212

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