Maxient and Incident Report Training

Maxient and Incident
Report Training
At the end of this session you will be able to:
 Understand
the function of an incident report in the
judicial decision making process
 Understand
reporting standards for incident reports
and how to complete them.
 Navigate
to and through Maxient
What is an Incident Report?
For those who want a definition:
 An
incident report is a critical element in the residence
hall judicial process providing an unbiased written
presentation of the facts concerning a specific
occurrence involving a facilities report or violation of
the judicial code of conduct and/or the health, safety,
and security of residents.
Decision Making Process
Violation Allegation
Hall Director Conference
Found Not Responsible
Found Responsible
Denies Responsibility
Accepts Responsibility
J-Board Hearing
Found Not Responsible
Sanction Assigned
Found Responsible
Denies Responsibility
Accepts Responsibility
Hearing with RLD
Sanction Assigned
Sanction Assigned
Writing a quality incident report
requires adopting a mentality that
breaks nearly all the “rules of good
writing” that were beaten into
your heads in high school and
The Basics
Before beginning the incident report
 Incident
reports are confidential documents and should
not been seen by anyone except the author(s), HD, and
residents involved.
 Write
the report in a private location where others
will not be able to read what you are writing.
What You Need To Include
Date, time and location of incident
Name and Blugold ID number of all people involved- This
includes witnesses
Names of all staff members involved
Objective description of what happened
Don’t forget to get the
names and Blugold ID
How Do I Even Get To Maxient?
From the University Home Page
Click Housing and Residence Life
Click On Student Staff Link Under “About Us”
Click On The Staff Only Links
Finally Click On Incident Report System
What The Page Should Look Like
I got there now how do I fill
out the form?
Screen Shots
Links to room numbers
Type of Report/Urgency
Make sure you choose the correct type of report in the
Background Information section
 Choose
Housing and Residence Life for a normal IR
 Choose
“Housing Facilities Concern-vomit/blood” for
vomit and “Housing Facilities Report- all other” for all
other issues.
Make sure you mark the correct item in the urgency tab
Background Information
Fill in your information, including:
 Your full name
 Title (resident assistant)
 Phone number and email address
 Your Hall address
 Nature of the Report
 Housing
and Residence Life Report, Housing and Residence
facilities concern- Vomit/Blood, Housing and Residence
facilities report- all other
 Normal,
EMS Transport, Suicide concern, Arrest/Police
transport-non drug, Injury/Illness, and Drug
Date/Time/Location of the incident
Who Do You List?
Involved Parties
Make sure you add the information for everyone that was as the
Enter witnesses of the scene and alleged students in this
Only use Alleged, Witness and Victim
For residents written up: Enter all the information including:
Status (alleged)
Blugold ID number
No One Home?
If no one answers a door, list the names of the residents
who live in the room.
If you can’t identify a person responsible in a public area,
list none in the first name slot, and none in the last name
slot. Leave the ID number blank in this case.
Reporting Standard
Write the incident report that day/night.
 Include all pertinent and useful details.
 Provide only factual information.
 Include sights, smells, sounds, etc., not feelings,
impressions, or conjecture.
 Keep the incident report concise
 Complete
 Accurate
Use Spell Check!
Reporting Standards (Cont.)
Include all the details
 Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why
 Use Direct Quotes As Needed
 Use quotation marks with attributions
 Write Clearly
 Check the Spelling
 Watch Your Grammar
 Proofread the Report
Avoid Pitfalls
Be precise: the location of the incident should be specific.
 Incorrect: “Outside the room”
 Correct: "In the hallway outside of room 193.
Always use 3rd person to refer to yourself when writing
the report.
 Incorrect: “I saw them play with a soccer ball in the
third floor hall.”
 Correct: “RA Chadwick observed residents Martin and
Johnson engaged in play with a soccer ball in the 3rd
floor hall nearest room 328.”
Avoid Pitfalls (Cont.)
Use complete names and room numbers for ALL the
residents involved the first time they are mentioned in
the report. After that, you can use just last names.
 Incorrect:
“They were really making me angry with all
their lies.”
 Correct:
“Martin and Johnson were uncooperative and
refused to give RA Jones their names.”
Avoid Pitfalls (Cont.)
Precisely describe events and occurrences.
 How many people were in the room?
 What kind of alcohol was it; beer? wine?
 What was said? Don't be afraid to write foul language in the
Incorrect: “They threw some stuff on the floor and then
Correct: “Martin and Johnson threw soda cans and gum
wrappers on the floor as I approached them, and then they
walked away down the stairwell nearest room 328.”
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
A Bad IR
I was walking down the hall when I heard loud music
coming from 234. I knocked and told the residents to turn
down the music and asked for their blugolds. They might
have been drinking and were cooperative.
An Ugly IR
Mr. Josh had rounds a few days ago. I walked around Towers and heard some
people having a good time. They wouldn’t open up, so I had to grab the key
to open it for them. I saw that they had some half empty bottles of beer and
told them that I would have to take those for evidence. I grabbed a few of
the residents id’s but not all of them said they were drinking and a few were
passed out so I told them they weren’t going to be in trouble. I then told the
residents that were drinking that they were in so much trouble, but if they
made a few of my bulletin boards and cleaned up the puke that I left on 10th
floor they would be off the hook. A few floors down I saw a group of
freshmen doin the same thing as the last people and had to write them up
too. I gave them the same deal as with the other residents and they
accepted too. This group only had a few empty bottles so I said they could
keep them for decoration if they wanted. Other than that it was a pretty
quiet night and all of my bulletin boards were made.
Good IR
RAs Shelby Ackerman and Heather Spray received an anonymous call on the duty phone at approximately 12:45 am
that room 339 was being very loud. RAs Ackerman and Spray went to the alleged room where they heard music and loud
voices from three doors down. RA Spray knocked on the door and announced herself as the RA on Duty. RAs Ackerman
and Spray could hear clinking coming from inside the room and a male voice say “Quick hide the booze.” RA Spray
Knocked on the door again re-announcing who she was and asking for the door to please be opened. A female voice
responded “Yeah, I heard you the first time.” Resident Samara Gaitan opened the door and asked what the problem was.
Resident Spray informed her that it was quiet hours and that they were being too loud.
As RA Spray was talking, RA Ackerman noticed a can of Budweiser beer sitting on the desk. RA Ackerman asked that
all of the alcohol in the room be moved to center of the room into the recycling bin and that all residents come out to the
hall and give the RAs their Blugold IDs. When resident Gaitan said that there was no alcohol in the room RA Ackerman
pointed to the beer can sitting on the desk. The residents cooperated with RA Spray and Ackerman and handed over their
Blugolds after they placed 5 cans of Budweiser beer and a bottle of UV Cherry in the center of the room. RA Spray took
down the information needed and when asked by residents if they would get in trouble RA Spray responded that RA
Ackerman and herself were there to document and report the situation. The hall director would be responsible for the
incident afterwards. Resident Bryan Yanagita went with RA Ackerman to the custodial closet where he dumped out the
remaining alcohol and recycled the bottle and cans while RA Spray remained with the rest of the residents. RA Spray asked
if the residents had any questions and was told that there were no further questions.
Additional Tips
People who read IRs need to understand what
happened :
 You,
Your HD, J-board Members, Deb, Chuck,
and sometimes the Dean of Students.
Students involved vs. witnesses
When to use “none” in the student name section
Additional Questions
Additional Questions/ Supporting
Fill out the bubbles according to what happened during
the IR
Attach any photos that you took to “Supporting
Documentation” (example: a picture of hate speech on a
white board)
Last Step
Fill Out the Text
Type in the quote in the box
It is for security purposes – prevents spam
Press the blue refresh button if you are unable to read the
security code.
Before You Click Submit
Reread over all the information to make sure you are not
missing anything and your description makes sense
Then click “submit report”
Try It For Yourself
Try creating an IR for yourself
Make sure you click on “training” in the “nature of this
report” section
Congrats! You have
submitted your first IR
on Maxient!
General Process
 Hearings
are always scheduled between 4 and 7 PM on
 All
parties receive notification of a scheduled hearing
no less than 48 hours before the hearing
 Conflict
or not, please notify your HD and the J-board
Chair immediately with an email confirmation that the
given time will or will not work for you
 We
often need you there and can sometimes reschedule.
 Please
notify them of any changes 24hrs in advance
J-Board (Cont.)
General hearing process
 The
student(s) and HD enter first and give their
perspectives on the events
 You
and any student witness(es) are then invited in as
two separate groups
 You
are done once you have provided your statements!
J-Code Sanctions
When a student is found in violation of the Alcohol
Policy, they are assigned a course:
 Alcohol
Courses are:
 Choices
 Under
is $75
the influence- social responsibility is $75
is $40
General expectations for RAs at J-board
Write a clear, informative IR.
Respond within 24 hours to e-mails from the J-board
Re-read the IR prior to the J-board hearing.
Be on time for J-board hearings in Towers.
Behave professionally in the hearing.
“Only the facts Ma’am!”
Be respectful of all people in the room
J-Board Practice
Mock Hearing

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