Purchasing Department Presentation on August 13

Edgewood I.S.D.
Purchasing Review and Updates
FY 2014 – 2015
August 2014
Purchasing Department Staff
Felix Lopez, Purchasing Agent
[email protected]
Ext: 4553
Edward Romero, Lead Buyer t
[email protected]
Ext: 4589
Amelia Mendoza, Purchasing Clerk Ext: 7089
[email protected]
Rachel Morales, Purchasing Clerk Ext: 7022
[email protected]
Kim Tocci, Purchasing Buyer Clerk Ext: 7655
[email protected]
Mission Statement
To support the educational goals of the Edgewood Independent School District by
acquiring the necessary resources through prudent purchasing practices and excellent
customer service.
• To provide quality products, services, and material to the District, at the best value,
in accordance with relevant statues and policies.
• To foster good vendor relations and a strong competitive environment.
• To assist in the prudent use of District resources though efficient use of competitive
bidding, proposals (RFP’s/RFQ’s), and purchase order process.
• To promote and apply ethical business practices.
• To educate and train District personnel.
• To improve processes and implement the best purchasing practices.
• To provide “World-Class” customer service to our end users.
“Procuring quality products for the World Class education of our students.”
Purchasing Function
The Purchasing function is decentralized; this means the schools and departments
determine what they need and when they need it.
The final commitment of District funds can only occur by the Purchasing
The purchasing department shall oversee and approve the purchase of all
materials, supplies, equipment, and services for the District.
Purchasing Ethics
State law and applicable Board policy prohibits the following type of purchases listed
Sequential Purchases – District employees shall not make purchases of items, over a
period of time, that in normal purchasing practices would be made in one purchase.
Component Purchases – District employees shall not make purchases of the
component parts of an item that in normal purchasing practices would be made in
one purchase.
Separate Purchases – District employees shall not make purchases separately in order
to circumvent board approval of items that in normal purchasing practices would be
made in one purchase.
* Separate, sequential, and component purchases are illegal and can subject a district official
to possible criminal prosecution as a Class B misdemeanor, an offense involving moral
Things to Know
• One thing to remember is that you always need to get an approved Purchase
Order before you buy anything.
• Purchases without an approved Purchase Order are not allowed
• The District has the option of not paying for materials and supplies if a
Purchase Order was not approved
• Validation Memos should only be used for emergency and unanticipated
• This year the Business Office we will be monitoring the number of Validations
being used by Department and Schools
• Open PO’s are allowed but cannot exceed more than one month
• Consultants on annual contract are allowed annual open PO’s
Thing To Know Continued
The District does not allow:
A. Cash to be used as rewards or incentives for students.
B. Gift cards to retailers who sell alcohol as incentives for students
C. The district does not allow raffles
Items A, B, C also pertains to Student Activity funds.
The District is phasing out desktop printers. Ordering of ink cartridges is no longer
Any exception will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
It is the responsibility of the originator/requestor of the requisition to send a copy of
the Purchase Order to the vendor. Purchasing does not send PO’s to the Vendors
On the requisition when buying from a Co-op Vendor please indicate in the
“Bid Nbr:” _____ field the contract number related to the Co-op Vendor.
(Example: Region 20 #5027 Buy Board 520-13)
Budget Codes
6395, 6399, 6639
– Office Supplies coded -6399
– Small Office Equipment coded - 6395
– Equipment over $5,000 - coded 6639
– On the requisition do not combine supplies 6399 with
small office equipment 6395 or with large equipment 6639
– 6395-Chairs, filing cabinets, desk and other small equipment need to be
on a separate requisition.
– 6399 Supplies can be shipped to the campus or department
– Small equipment 6395 and large equipment 6639 requisitions
will be shipped to our receiving department for inventory tagging
Computer Software
• Technology Requisitions are routed to Adam Galvan, Technology Director for
– Technology reviews and ensures the item is in compliance and compatible
with existing equipment and software.
Requistion Number and
Purchase Order Number
– There is a distinct difference between a 6 digit Requisition
number and a 6 digit Purchase Order number.
1. Requisition number:
Is a 6 digit number that begins with a 05 (Example: 050216).
Next year the requisition number will start with 06xxxx
– This requisition number is assigned by TxEIS when you complete
inputting you requisition and you click on “submit”
– A requisition has not been approved by Purchasing
2. Purchase Order number:
Is a 6 digit number beginning with a 18 (Example: 184985).
Next year PO’s will start with 19xxxx
– A PO number is assigned when it has gone through the entire
approval process
• When the 6 digit Purchase Order number is assigned
you will receive an automated message from TxEIS in
your outlook e-mail inbox. If this email is going to your
junk mail call Purchasing and we can fix this problem
Vendor Information
W-9 Form
• A W-9 Form is required for all New Vendors. We use the W-9
to set up Vendors on our Vendor Master File.
• Edward Romero has responsibility for monitoring W-9 forms
so send all W-9 to Edward Romero.
• If a vendor has a change of address or change in name then
an updated W-9 is needed
• The W-9 Form is on the EISD website under >Departments
>Purchasing>Vendor Resources>Vendor Documents.
W-9 Must be:
• Signed, dated and legible
• Provide vendor contact information if available (i.e. phone
#, e-mail)
• In past years a W-9 is “not required” for:
Only need an address if we are mailing them a check
• Next year this will be re-evaluated
• All W-9’s must have either a Social Security number if it’s
an individual or an EIN Number if it’s a company
Requisition Processing – General
A. All requisitions and supporting documentation needs to be scanned into
Laser Fiche using the requisition number. (i.e. RS 057691)
B. Requisitions must contain all pertinent information for the purchase and
delivery of the item(s) and/or service(s) being purchased.
1. All requisitions should include freight costs if applicable.
A. You must call the company to confirm your freight costs before you
submit your requisition.
B. Freight costs should be a separate line item on the requisition.
C. Allow 15 working days for a requisitions to move through all approval paths
and be assigned a Purchase Order number.
1. Purchase Orders are approved by a minimum of 4-7 approvers.
D. When asking Purchasing about the status of your Requisition always
reference the requisition number. It is how we locate your requisition in
the TxEIS.
E. When asking Accounts Payable about the status of your Purchase Order
always reference the PO number. It is how they locate an item in TxEIS
• If the product you are buying is less then
$5,000 dollars you can purchase the item from
any vendor
• If the product you are buying exceeds $5,000
dollars then 3 competitive quotes are required
• If the product you are buying exceeds $5,000
dollars three quotes are not required if that
Vendor is a member of a Co-operative (Co-op)
Board Approved Cooperatives
An “APPROVED VENDOR” is a Vendor that is a member of a Co-op.
If you buy items from an Co-op vendor bids are not required regardless of the dollar
• Go to Purchasing Website at www.eisd.net/purchasing and “SIGN IN” to view Awarded
Co-operative Vendors.
Purchasing Methods Continued …
This year we have implemented a new Sole Source Affidavit Form
A Sole Source Affidavit may be used can be used to buy goods and
services without quotes.
• that is being purchased has a copyright or patent and cannot be
purchased from any other vendor (in the Universe).
• Motivational speakers and certain Consultants are not considered Sole
Source vendors.
• Make sure that the Sole Source Affidavit you submit has not expired.
• The Sole Source Affidavit is only acceptable for a 1 year period which
means that a new a new Sole Source Affidavit must be submitted each
• Remember to scan the Sole Source Affidavit to Laser Fiche as
• A Sole Source Letter is no longer being accepted
Board Approval and Board Notification(Purchases over $50,000)
A. The Board must be “Notified” of all purchases valued at $50,000 or
more in the aggregate for each 12 month period.
B. Donald Walheim will include purchases over $50,000 or more in his
monthly Board “Notification” Report.
C. The Board must “Approve” certain purchases valued at $50,000 or
more in the aggregate for each 12 month period.
D. The Superintendent will determine if the item or service being
purchased requires Board ”Approval.” If Board Approval is needed then
a Board Agenda for these items must be submitted for the next Board
meeting before these items can be bought
E. Once again purchases cannot be broken up into separate, component, or
sequential purchases to avoid getting Board approval.
Travel Requisitions
• Travel Form can now be accessed through Laser Fiche on-line
• All requisitions for employee and student travel must have the
following information:
• When traveling three (3) separate requisition are usually
1. Requisition for the traveler for meals (per diem)
2. Requisition for the hotel accommodation
3. Requisition for the registration fee
For item #1 Refer to U.S. General Services Administration
Website for travel amountsGSA Web Site: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104877
What is needed on travel requisition(s)-1. You must indicate if immediate payment is required or indicate the date
that a check is required.
In the “Bid Nbr:” field of the requistion, type “Pre Pay 10/31/2014”. This
date indicates to accounts payable when the check is needed. In most
instances purchase order numbers can be used for registration fees. On the
requisition include:
Name of person traveling
City where the conference is being held
Dates of the conference
Name of the conference
Hotel confirmation number
What you need to scan into Laser Fiche
1. The requisition
2. Any type of brochure, pamphlet, or flyer, showing conference dates,
classes, and events.
3 Hotel confirmation number or related event information showing the
4. Travel Authorization Form signed by the Traveler and Supervisor
Other Travel Information:
Travelers are encouraged to stay at the hotel hosting the
event to avoid additional charges for travel and parking.
Student Travel – Include a roster of participating students
along with the required information above.
All out of state travel for employees and students must be authorized
by the Superintendent.
A. Requisition will be routed to Superintendent for approval.
• * Failure to scan required travel documents into Laser Fiche delays
your requisition; If your travel requisition is not submitted in a
timely manner (15 working days) then the traveler will have to
pay travel cost up front and will then be reimbursed when travel
settlement form is submitted
Mileage Requisitions
Edgewood ISD has District vehicles for use by district personnel when traveling out of
the City.
These vehicles are reserved through Transportation Department as far in advance as
possible and should be used by employees instead of using their own personal
a. The District vehicle can be reserved using the on line Transportation Work
Order Website:
b. Mileage will not be paid to any employee who had the opportunity to travel
in a District Vehicle and voluntarily chose not to use a District Vehicle.
d. Employees will be reimbursed for mileage using personal vehicle if they can
show that the District Vehicle was not available. (i.e. e-mail from
e. Mileage reimbursement is at 55.5 cents per mile when using a personal
f. Use a mapping system like MapQuest to show actual miles traveled.
g. Mileage will not be split among employees. Every effort must be made to
carpool if employees are going to the same location .
All requisitions for on-line orders must have the confirmation/order number(s)
associated with the items on the requisition in the “Long Description” field.
Currently we have 3 approved e-commerce sites with EISD bid pricing
• Office Depot
TCPN Contract; Next day delivery date on most items ordered
• Lakeshore
Region 20 Contract; 3-5 day delivery date on most items ordered
• School Specialty
TCPN Contract; 3-5 day delivery date on most items ordered
* Please note: it is YOUR responsibility to place your own orders. Purchasing will
review and approve on-line orders
Bus Transportation
Ticket Procedures
Input your requisition into TxEIS before you input the trip information
into the Transportation Ticket System
Wait for the PO to get approved and a PO number to be assigned
After the PO number is assigned then input your trip information
Input your approved PO number into the transportation request along
with the trip information (dates, times, locations, equipment, etc...)
Now SUBMIT your trip ticket information
Consultant Contracts & Agreements
All Consultant Contracts will now be handled by Kim Tocci
Signed contracts are required for Consultants who provide “continuous service” to the
District in any school year
All contracts and agreements on behalf of the District must be signed by the
Superintendent or his designee.
The Superintendent or his designee is the only authorized person who can obligate the
District to contracts and agreements. Under no circumstances should any employee or
Administrator enter into any binding agreement on behalf of the District.
All consultant and seminar presenters must agree to accept purchase orders and send
invoices to the Accounts Payable for payment. They must also agree to sign an EISD
We are moving away from providing checks to consultants and presenters on the same
day the presenter provides his seminar. If this is not possible then find another
presenter who accepts Purchase Orders
Consultant Contracts Work-flow
Campus/Department submits Statement of Work (SOW) in Laserfiche Forms and
the supporting documentation into Laserfiche.
Statement of work (SOW) must be signed by administrator
Provide quote and proposal of the work that will be performed
Provide resume and qualifications
Buyer Clerk in Purchasing assigns contract number
Creates contract and send required forms to consultant
(i.e. fingerprinting, Conflict of Interest)
Consultant returns signed completed contract and applicable forms
Consultant schedules fingerprinting with Texas DPS if direct student contact
(Senate Bill 9)
Purchasing receives Criminal History Information (CHI) from Texas DPS
Background check clearance determined from results (i.e. Title 5 Felony Offense)
Contract signed and requisition is approved by Purchasing Agent
PO number is assigned and automated TxEIS e-mail notification sent to originator
Fully executed contract sent to originator, consultant, and Accounts Payable
PUR- Consultant Statement of Work Form
PUR- Consultant Statement of Work Form
• This will move your requisition through
the approval process faster
 TxEIS Purchasing System training available for new users and one on one
training for existing users on specific topics.
 All new employees to EISD are required to attend one on one training
sessions in Purchasing
 Training Topics:
Create/Modify Requisitions
Requisition Status Inquiry
Receiving Purchase Orders
Travel Requisitions
How to scan into Laser Fiche
Consultant Contracts
Approval or Return of Requisitions (Administrators)
Purchasing Resources and
Customer Service
Purchasing Website:
Go to >EISD web site: www.eisd.net
Click on >Departments
Click on >Purchasing
Click on >Purchasing Presentation August 12, 2014
Purchasing Forms –
• All Forms are available on District Website under
Departments >Purchasing>District Resources
Delegation of Signature Authority
Vendor Quote Form (must provide three quotes)
TxEIS Training Handbook
TxEIS User Access Request Form
Statement of Work (SOW) and Consultant Services Request
Travel Checklist
District Vehicle Reservation
Purchasing Contact Information Form

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