School Night - mrilczuk

Objective: PWBAT (parents will be
able to) verbally get to know their
students teacher by sharing general
Warm up:
Please sign in on the sign in sheet.
If you need paper or pencil, please
help yourself to the supply desk
Robert Ilczuk (pronounced “ilzak”)
3rd Year Teacher – 2nd Round DPS
High Tech Early College (DPS)
Horizon Middle School (CCSD)
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
M.Ed. Secondary Education
B.S. Physics
Other Experience - Highlights
2 years volunteer firefighting
3 years data analysis for a global
collection agency
7 years at Apollo’s Family Pizzeria – “Home of
the half-pound cheese steak.
Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
^^^ preferred method of contact^^^
Phone: 720-423-8865
Outside calls will not ring during class time.
Please call the main office.
Voice mails are transferred to my email
Website: www.
Getting Help for Your Students
• My hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
3:00 – 3:30 or by appointment
• IB Sponsored (for everyone) Mon & Wed 3-4:30
in library
• PEAK Sponsored Peer Tutoring – All period in Library
• Study Hall – 3-5PM in Cafeteria
Homework Policy
• Homework is graded off of effort and
– Homework is designed to be more than practice.
It is a chance for students to engage in the notes
and examples at home.
• Homework is considered “Late” if it is not
turned at the time of collection
– If a student is spending the class period making up
an assignment, they are falling farther behind
Make Ups
• Absences happen, but all assignment need to
be made up before the end of the unit.
• Check the website for information.
• Schedule time during an off period, lunch, or
after school.
General Questions?
• Is there something you wish to know that
might benefit everyone?
• If you want to discuss your specific student,
please wait during the passing period so we
can schedule it right away.

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