Types of Resources
0 Study Tools
0 Question Banks
0 Licensing Exam Preparation Courses
0 People who have already taken the exams
Study Tools
0 Firecracker
0 First Aid for the USMLE
0 Goljian Pathology
0 Lange Pharmacology Flash Card
0 Pathoma
0 Picmonic
0 Savarese
0 Step Up
0 Free trial!
0 3 step approach to mastering licensing exam-relevant
Learning key facts on a given topic using condensed contents
Review quizzes on topics reviewed through Step 1
Utilizing key facts to apply knowledge to practice USMLE
0 Features
0 Personal study plan
0 1,840 topics with 32,966 recall questions, 1,898 multiple
choice questions and 1,500+ USMLE –style questions
0 Passing score guarantee
0 Cost $39 per month or $399 per year
0 “Reading First Aid has been great, but anytime one can
incorporate straight-forward questions to facilitate
learning, it makes things easier. I certainly enjoy the
repetition that Firecracker provides, and as cliché as it
sound, I wish I would have started this program much
0 “Great program! Really facilitates my learning and commits
important concepts and information into my long term
memory. It has calmed me down when I think about boards
now because I know everyday I am putting in effort to
prepare for them. Firecracker forces you to review
everyday and is the perfect tool for a medical student.”
0 Free trial for 1 month
0 Online pathology review with mailed book
0 Created by Dr. Sattar, an associate profession of
pathology at the University of Chicago and author of
the female reproductive and breast chapter in
Robbins Basic Pathology
0 35+ hours of online material
0 Cost $84.95 - $119.95 ranging from 3 – 21 month
0 “Pathoma is a tremendous resource in studying for USMLE
Step 1 and preparing for third year clerkships. Dr. Sattar’s
lectures cover all of the high yield pathology points. He
explains everything from a basic mechanistic approach
which is critical because that is how the questions are
tested, but more importantly it develops true
understanding which is never forgotten.”
0 “I ended up with a 272 on Step 1 largely due to your
amazing lecture series and textbook. All I have to say is
thank you for doing what you do. I will always appreciate
the effort you put into making material interesting and
simple enough to fully grasp.”
0 Free trial
0 A picture is worth a thousand words. Picmonic takes
that literally, by turning the information you need to
know into unforgettable images and stories that will
make studying easier than ever. We’re scientifically
backed, research proven, and ridiculously effective.
0 730+ Cards
0 Cost $24.99 per month, $249.99 for 1 year or $499.99
for 4 years
0 “As a visual learner, Picmonic was a great addition to my Step 1
boards studying. I was shocked at how much information and the
high yield details I was able to recall while doing practice questions.
I can picture a lot of the picmonics now and remember the details
months later! The information definitely becomes part of your long
term memory, and I don’t have to rack my brain to come up with the
0 “Picmonic was a great way for me to combat nerves during the
COMLEX. Instead of memorizing a gazillion pointless enzymes I was
able to pull up a picture in my head and “see” the answer to the
question. When you get nervous you tend to forget what you
memorized, but if you have a clear picture, you always have
something to go back to. Picmonic helped me do well on COMLEX. It
really is a great resource. I am using it for USMLE prep as well!”
Question Banks
0 UWorld
0 2400+ COMLEX-style question database
0 COMBANK uses active learning principles to optimize
your Level 1 preparation through testing and realtime assessment
0 Offers USMLE-style questions
0 Cost $109 - $389 for access ranging from 1 month to 1
0 New COMAT practice question databases
0 Cost $49 per subject or $249 for all 7 subjects (each
subject access lasts 1 month)
0 I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for a superior test prep
product. I’ve used Combank for all three levels of COMLEX and the results
have been overwhelming. My scores on the COMLEX have increased each
time and most recently my level three score was 683/91! Not only did I
match in a competitive anesthesia program, I did so without taking the
USMLE and I know this would not have been possible without being
adequately prepared. In addition, I found your product to be very affordable
and very similar to the actual COMLEX. Whenever asked, I always
recommend Combank to others as I’m living proof of what hard work and
the using the right tools can produce.”
0 “I use COMBANK because it is COMLEX specific, it’s the most efficient way to
study for COMLEX and it works. COMLEX is a different exam from the USMLE
and you need a QBank that prepares you for it specifically and that’s why I
trust COMBANK. It’s efficient in that the explanations give you only the
information you need to know and points out high yield topics that will be
on the test, and nothing more. And I use COMBANK because it works in
preparing me while on rotations, for my end-of-rotation shelf exams and for
the COMLEX Level II CE.”
0 1,000+ COMLEX-style question database
0 Trains you to quickly and accurately recognize the critical
information you need to answer correctly and confidently,
whether in minimal scenarios or longer-stemmed questions
Familiarizes you with making detailed (and correct) diagnoses
using limited background information
Includes a set of matching and/or case-based question scenarios
at the end of each practice exam
May custom-draft your own practice exam to focus your studies
precisely, reinforcing your knowledge where you need it most
Partnered with SOMA
Cost ranges $75 - $350 depending on access length from 35 –
365 days
0 “I remember sitting in my COMLEX test and getting
questions that were almost verbatim from
COMQUEST. If you want to do as well as you can on
0 “COMQUEST is far superior to other COMLEX question
0 “COMQUEST was the perfect study aid for me. When
taking the COMLEX, it felt like I was just doing another
exam from COMQUEST.”
0 Free trial
0 Many students use during 1st and 2nd year of medical
school to link course work and First Aid for the USMLE
Step 1 in preparation for licensing exams
2,500+ high yield Step 1 questions integrated with First
Aid for the USMLE Step 1
May customize tests by difficulty level and do selfassessment exams at no extra charge
Predictive of actual USMLE performance
100% Pass Guarantee
Cost $99 – $249 depending on access length from 1 month
– until you pass
0 "I used USMLE-Rx and thought it was incredible... I scored
99 on the exam, which I largely attribute to the First Aid
book and USMLERx. Keep up the good work!!"
0 "Wow... USMLE-Rx is badass... USMLE-Rx was challenging
and required secondary and tertiary analysis (2-step or 3step thinking)... this is more representative of what the real
test is like."
0 "I own Kaplan Qbank as well and completed most of it... but
I heard so many good things about USMLE-Rx that I just
bought this and I love it! The explanations you provide are
awesome compared to Kaplan Qbank."
0 2,000+ high quality, unrepeated multiple choice questions
0 State-of-the-art, classic board-tyle questions created by
real life physicians
Detailed explanation and educational objective for each
question with excellent illustrations and charts that are
easy to read and interpret
Allows customization of practice tests
Price varies depending on additional purchase of selfassessment exams
Q-Bank costs ranges from $125 - $399 depending on access
length from 30 – 360 days
0 “I would like to thank the staff at usmle world for the great set of
prep questions they have made!!i aced all my steps thanks to
them(99 on both step 1 and 2CK, pass on the CS and 243 on the step
3)!!!i am indebted to your great service ill recommend you to anyone
0 “"2013 Official Step 1 Score Report -- 261, predicted score from both
USMLE assessments taken 1 week prior --263. Clearly USMLEworld
is doing something correct. The questions found within your
immense question bank were absolutely crucial to my success and
mastery of Step 1 topics. The detailed answers and diagrams found
alongside each question were some of the best I have seen out there.
Not only was your question bank full of high-yield concepts, the
question difficulty felt very similar to the real exam. Thank you for
your continued excellence in exam truly shows.
Would do it all over again with this Qbank in a heartbeat.”
Preparation Courses
0 Boards Boot Camp
0 Doctors in Training (DIT)
0 Eagle
0 Falcon
0 Kaplan
0 Northwestern
0 Princeton Review
Boards Boot Camp
0 Highest rated COMLEX preparation program in the U.S., representing
the first nationally recognized boards preparation program designed
and provided exclusively to osteopathic medical students/residents
0 Offers independent study program with support of a study plan,
books and online services
0 Ultra program in an online lecture review with detailed study plan,
all supporting books and materials and online services
0 120+ online lectures in >85 high-yield lecture hours
0 Cost $1,800
0 Elite program is online and LIVE lecture review
0 Online services – pre-course diagnostic exams, Level 1 practice
questions, QuestionQuest (3,700+ questions database), post-course
diagnositc exams and color online medical images and photos
0 "I just want you to know I scored above 600 - I credit the online lectures; I
feel I learned more from them than I did in this last year of med school," a
KCUMB-COM student, '10
"Again thanks for the help...I honestly felt like this was a great investment
and I will be using you guys for step 2 and 3!," an LMU-DCOM student, '14
"I am greatful for Dr. Dolinski's [the lecturer] outstanding ability to explain
difficult concepts...Again, thank you so much!," a WVSOM student, '14
"I have children, so going to lectures or doing something with a rigid
schedule really was not an option for me. I watched these at the times it
was convenient for ME - and I actually enjoyed myself. These were really
good," a VCOM student '10
"I really learned this material - the way everything was described, it all
made sense. Not only did I do very well on boards, I am now impressing
my attendings on rotation. Thank you BBC!!!," a PCOM student '11
Doctors in Training (DIT)
0 34 “fun” primer videos with a “light-hearted” educational
approach and review questions for each topic covered
Videos follow a study guide book and Step Up to Step 1,
shipped to the purchaser when accompanied by First Aid
for the USMLE Step 1
Cost $825
Access to questions and video answers released in January
and access to videos releases in March
OMM Review Add on for $150
0 6 hours of video following Savarese
0 “DIT is an indispensible tool to prepare for Step 1. After
just completing the DIT course and taking one practice
test, I was 10 points above my target goal for the exam. I
could not have succeeded as well as I did without DIT—not
a chance.”
0 “DIT increased by score by almost 40 points. I used DIT for
my 3rd (and final) attempt on the USMLE Step 1 exam, and
I couldn’t be happier. I am forever indebted to this unique
program. I went into the test confident, and that made a
huge difference. I will recommend DIT to ALL of my
friends, & I have already purchased DIT products for my
3rd year rotations/shelf exams. THANK YOU!”
0 The USMLEagle Step 1 prep course consists of a 4, 7,
or 10 week program. Each course has small class sizes
allowing for more individualized attention to each
0 Workshops offered at various dates throughout the
year in Orlando, FL
0 Offers personal tutoring and education on test taking
0 Costs $3,950 - $9,950 (housing included)
0 “Just found out I passed Step 2 CK with a 229!! Wow! My journey through the
USMLE has not been easy but with the help of USMLEAGLE I can finally say
that all the hard work and struggles were worth it. Dr. Nguyen, the tutors and
staff helped solidify the information in such a way where on test day I was on
automatic pilot. I knew that if I just stick to the method and believe in my
preparation with Eagle that I would do well. Dr. N helped calm my nerves the
day before my exam and gave me reassurance that I was well prepared. She
was right! Thank you to Dr. N, the tutors and the entire staff for all your help
with both Step 1 and Step 2 CK. Thank you for bringing out the best in me on
test day! Thank you so much!”
0 “USMLEagle was an excellent decision for me. I knew that I would have more
anxiety about finding the best way to study and prepare for Step 1 on my
own. Eagle helped to build my confidence by making me simulate test day
numerous times before my exam date. They also taught me tricks and
memorization tools I would not have come up with on my own! Drills were
super helpful, and tutors gave me great advice about how to tackle testing
stress and difficult concepts. I set a score goal for myself that I was unsure I
could reach, and Eagle helped me pass that goal by 16 points!”
0 Live Courses – 7 and 10 weeks, 4-6 months (Ft
Lauderdale, Chicago or Dallas)
0 300 hours of live lectures
0 Online Courses – 10 and 12 weeks
0 Costs ranges from $2,799 to $6,499 (hotel included)
0 Provides Uworld access for 3 months and Becker’s
Step 1 Q-Bank for 6 months with accompanying
textbooks and 2 NBME practice exams
0 Access to a Becker Medical Advisor
0 Pass Guarantee
0 “I got more than what I anticipated because I wanted
structure, and this whole time that I’ve been here
almost 7 weeks now, it’s not just the structure that I
was able to get, but it’s about the material we got in
such a small amount of time.”
0 “I was really impressed with the work Becker put in
for the course materials, especially the MicroImmunology book. The pictures and the information,
it’s really high yield and hits all the points we’re
supposed to hit on.”
0 83 hours which can be completed in 39 hours with
1.5x speed
0 2,000+ USMLE-style question database
0 Live preparation with an in person course or online
0 $799 until your test, $599 for 3 months with Step 1
question bank (30% discount for AMA members)
0 “I loved the Kaplan Step 1 High Yield Program! I loved
that I could access it all year, not just a few months... I
loved that I could watch a video as often as I needed to
get a concept down.” Step 1 High Yield Alum
0 “This was a very excellent presentation, I liked that
the pharm was combined with the arrhythmias, so
that everything was easier to integrate. Thank you so
much for this...!” Step 1 High Yield Alum
0 Online video review ooffers 130+ hours of review
videos and all relevant supplemental study materials
0 Can be purchased all inclusive or subject-by-subject
0 Can be purchased for durations of 1-6 months
0 Additional cost for q-bank access
0 Cost ranges from $250 - $910 depending on length of
time and addition of q-bank
0 “I am amazed about how much I learned at the NMR - USMLE
course. Getting to understand not only the underlying subjects
per se (Biochem, Pathophys, Pharm...) but being able to relate
and tie the bonds between them, as well as applying them
appropriately in simulated questions is indeed what a prep
course is all about. And this course definitely delivered it all and
more. The course was great and demands gratitude and bravo to
Dr. Eftekar. He is not only a great teacher but one who shares the
passion to pass on knowledge.”
0 “I just wanted to let you know that the videos and study
materials have been fantastic thus far. Please extend my gratitude
to all the staff and NMR. I tried the XXXXX videos and learned
very little compared to what I have learned in the last couple of
days. I will let all of you know how everything turns out.”
Princeton Review
0 Now only offers 48 hours of premier live online 1-on-
1 tutoring for USMLE Step 1 for $13,200
0 You work 1-on-1 with one of the best tutors in the
0 3 full length practice exams
0 7 1 hour subject based exams
0 Online review – recorded lessons
0 Skills and drills with extra practice questions
0 7 comprehensive review manuals shipped to you
0 3 months online 24/7 assistance
COMLEX Level 1 Research
0 13 schools participated with an average age of 27
0 Scores on COMLEX
Average – 547
Min – 385
Max – 840
0 Gender
0 Female – 52%
0 Male – 48%
Time Off from Classes
When COMLEX Was Taken
Does Doing Well in School
0 Students in the top 20% of their classes scored an
average of 610 with min of 465 and max of 840
0 Everyone else scores average of 522 with min of 405
and max of 679
Time Spent Studying
Score vs Amount Of Time Per Week
How Much Time Did You
0 How much time before Level 2 did you begin
Most Helpful Resources
Second Most Helpful
Least Helpful Resources
How Does your School
Prepare You?
Tips from High Scorers
0 “Doing thousands and thousands of questions is a key to
“Classes do help you prepare so learn as much as you can.”
“Glad I took them early to concentrate on 3rd year more.”
“Work hard the first 2 years. That is where most of your
knowledge will come from.”
“I wish I would have take a few more practice tests: NBME
and COMSAE.”
“I wish I would have relaxed more.”
“I could have done a larger variety of practice questions
other than COMBANK and COMQUEST.”
0 48% of students took the USMLE with an average of
224, min of 111 and max of 290
USMLE – To take or not to
0 “No USMLE. I’m still unsure if it was a good or bad
decision. In many ways I think the COMLEX was all the
stress I could handle at the time. I do know taking the
USMLE would have opened up opportunities, but I think
letters of rec., credentials and my personality can make up
for that come interview time.”
0 “No USMLE, and yes I am happy. I found that it is more
important if you want to specialize. Also, I wanted to do a
DO residency, so COMLEX was adequate and didn’t want to
spend the extra money on USMLE.”
0 “No USMLE. At this point I wish that I had taken it because
unless you’re positive you want family medicine it shuts a
lot of doors.”
USMLE – To take or not to
0 “No USMLE. I was going to take the USMLE but I took 2
practice exams and didn’t get the scores high enough that
would help me. If you don’t score more than average (220
– or whatever score you need for the program you’re trying
to get in to) then you shouldn’t take it unless your dream
program doesn’t take COMLEX. AKA, if you’re not close to
goal on the practice exam – don’t take it!”
0 “No USMLE. I wish I had taken it. I want to go to a DO
residency and it’s not going to stop me from that wish, but
there’s a lot of rotations in the Pacific Northwest and
beyond that will not even let you do a rotation there
without a USMLE score and I think that has made elective
rotation planning challenging. ”
USMLE – To take or not to
0 “Yes USMLE. I want to match with an allopathic program
and many require USMLE scores so I am happy I took it. I
am also taking USMLE part II this summer.”
0 “I took all of COMLEX and took Step 1 and 2 of the USMLE. I
did not complete the USMLE series as it would also require
me to take USMLE CS as well. I am in an allopathic
residency and fellowship, and I have been involved in
recruitment for both. There have been DO applicants
during residency and fellowship, and both times the
reviewers utilized the tool from the NBOME to convert
COMLEX scores to percentiles to compare to those who
took the USMLE.”
USMLE – To take or not to
0 “I consciously decided not to take the USMLE for the following reasons:
0 I was REQUIRED to pass COMLEX.
0 I was being trained with an emphasis on COMLEX
0 If I scored well on the COMLEX, could at best emphasize my performance (or
quite possibly call it into question) if I took the USMLE.
0 I didn't have $1,000 to basically give away to create more stress for myself
0 I figured if a program wasn't smart enough to compare a COMLEX score to a
USMLE score, they probably weren't who I wanted to do residency with
0 “Reasons I would have considered taking it:
0 If I passed the COMLEX, and truly (with guidance from my mentors) felt like I
scored far below my potential - it would be a theoretical option for calling a
lower score into question, provided you really do well on the USMLE.
0 If my heart were truly set on a site that absolutely required USMLE (and they
were unwavering on it).”

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