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Safe, Simple, Savings™ from EnvirOx®
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Purpose, Process, Outcome
The purpose of this presentation is to share with the EnvirOx Sales Force the launch plan and
materials for Floors2Go™.
This document will outline the following sales tools:
The Distributor Presentation designed to help you get Floors2Go™ stocked and get on a sales meeting to
teach the distributors’ sales professionals to sell Floors2Go™ to end users.
A Distributor Sales Meeting presentation to help you teach the sales professionals how to position and sell
Floors2Go™ to end users.
A simple Floors2Go™ end user sales presentation designed to position this item against this large product
A simple sell sheet or leave behind brochure designed to help tell the Floors2Go™ story to DSR’s and end
The competitive set at a high level.
A template for the distributors in your territory that outline the proposed steps needed to secure distribution
and execute the launch.
Frequently Asked Questions.
The outcome is an informed, focused sales execution to properly position and launch Floors2Go™ to
help grow our mutual business.
This is not a replacement for our core value proposition.
The EnvirOx value proposition
of 1 Product with 2 Dilutions to
meet 95% of Cleaning Needs is
our core value proposition.
However, there is significant
opportunity to take our
technology and expand it to
other areas.
The cleaning of hard floors is
the #1 usage area for general
purpose cleaners.
Floors2Go™ is designed to help our distributors grow their business by focusing on new
usage areas. We also believe getting you on a sales meeting or in front of an end user
to talk about Floors2Go™ provides a platform to discuss our core value proposition.
Why Floors2Go™?
Estimated at $148 million annually, hard floor surface cleaning is one of the single largest areas of
chemical use in the industry. A major opportunity for Distributor Sales Professionals.
Feedback from Distributors and Distributor Sales Professionals indicate they:
• desire product packages that are simple and easy to sell.
• benefit from having a “door-opening” product and value proposition to capture the
customer’s attention.
• seek items they can make higher than industry average margins on.
Distributors and Distributor Sales Professionals also seek:
• new product innovation that helps reduce labor and deliver results.
• problem solving products (like eliminating sticky floors and soap residue).
• products that are safe for people, surfaces and the environment.
• product that have third party green product certification like Green Seal®
• portable dispensing to reduce equipment hassle and provide flexible solutions to
EnvirOx has heard from Distributor Sales Professionals that their customers like the EnvirOx®
cleaning power, but some seek a more economical price per gallon for large hard floor areas.
Present the NEW EnvirOx Floors2Go™ program to your customers that
need a simple and powerful solution for high volume floor cleaning.
… we’re going to review a simple end user presentation that you can use
with your customers to show how simple and effective the NEW
Floors2Go™ program really is!
Safe, Simple, Savings™ from EnvirOx®
Presented To:
Presented By:
• Effective maintenance of hard floor surfaces impacts the appearance, cleanliness and longevity of
the facility.
Most facility managers agree hard floor cleaning products need to be:
– Safe for all floor surfaces.
– Safe for use on floors with finished surfaces (waxes and sealers).
– Effective on a variety of floor types and soil loads.
– Easy for employees to mix properly into a mop bucket or auto scrubber.
– Complimentary to green cleaning practices.
– An effective cleaner with an affordable in-use cost per gallon.
Since labor is the #1 component in the “cost to clean”; having effective products helps the cleaner
see the result of their work.
EnvirOx® Floors™ is Proven Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning
Technology from the Makers of H2Orange2®!
Floors™ is your one product for all hard floor cleaning
needs. Effective on tile, linoleum, terrazzo, marble,
Mondo, rubber, slate, wood and VCT flooring.
Powered by the next generation
of hydrogen peroxide cleaning. GNx2 technology,
from the inventor of H2Orange2®, outperforms
conventional floor cleaners while raising the bar
for health, safety and environmental impact.
Meets the environmental standards established by
Green Seal™ and provides superior cleaning while
reducing toxicity and organic compound content.
Improved Cleaning Power = Results
Reduced Floor Residue = Cleaner Floors
Super Concentrated = Low In-Use Cost
Reduced Aquatic Toxicity
Reduced Human Toxicity
Improved Biodegradability
Plant Based Solvent and Surfactants
Super Concentrated
Floors™ Cleans...
Floors™ Sustainability Facts:
• Tile
• Linoleum
• Marble
• Mondo
• Rubber
• Slate
• Terrazzo
• Tile & Grout
• VCT flooring
And all other water safe surfaces!
Additional Benefits of Floors™
Neutral fragrance
Low VOC’s
Does not contain asthmagens
Made from plant derived, renewable
resource ingredients
Floors™ Safety Facts:
HMIS 0,0,0 in-use dilution
Neutral pH
Dilution Rate: 0.8 oz/gal
Safe to use on all water-safe surfaces.
No surface damage in your facility from product misuse (safe on finishes & waxes).
Non-corrosive, meaning it won’t hurt your employees or customers.
Reduce worker compensation claims due to cleaning chemical toxicity or irritation.
Outperforms conventional floor cleaners while raising the bar for health, safety and
environmental impact.
Everything You Need in 1 Box
4 Gallons of Floors™ Super Concentrate with closed loop
system for additional safety and concentrate use control!
One H2Go™ handheld dispenser designed to produce 640
gallons of Floors™ cleaning solution per case.
The H2Go™ handheld dispenser provides the correct
dilution at 4 gallons per minute fill rate under normal
water pressure conditions.
The H2Go™ handheld dispenser is reusable and does not
need to be thrown away after a single use.
Floors2Go™ is a portable system that is flexible to meet
the needs of multiple locations in all types of facilities.
1 Case of Floors2Go™ includes:
4 x 1 - Gallons of Floors™ with closed loop bottles
1 - H2Go™ handheld dispenser
Product Literature
High Performance to Help You Manage Your Total Cost to Clean
Case Price - $113.00*
Delivers 640 Gallons of Ready-to-Use Solution
In-Use Cost per Gallon = 18 Cents
Key Benefits
Next Steps
Cleaning performance from the makers of
H2Orange2® designed specifically for hard
floor care.
Green Seal Certified Super Concentrate.
GNx2 Technology leaves less residue than
conventional chemical compounds.
Cost effective cleaning for large facilities.
Safe for all surfaces, employees and the
Simple for employees to use.
Savings in terms of time, cleaning efficacy
with a competitive in-use cost per gallon
versus conventional cleaning compounds.
No installation complexity.
Reusable, reliable H2Go™ portable dispenser.
Determine where Floors2Go™ can help you
with your hard floor cleaning challenges.
Schedule a training sessions with your floor
cleaning crew.
Determine how many cases of Floors2Go™
you need.
Place an order with your authorized EnvirOx®
If you have questions, comments or need
technical assistance, please call EnvirOx® at
(800) 281-9604.
On behalf of the employees of EnvirOx®, a family-owned U.S.
business, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
In Addition to the Simple Presentation We Just Reviewed, We Also Have a
Simple Sell Sheet
Simple front and back helps “Tell The Story”
In-Use Cost Per Gallon Calculator on back page
can be used with the DSR’s pricing
The sales materials are available in hard copy or
electronic copy for use on a lap top or
Floors2Go™ is a NEW SKU - everything in 1 box
Competitive Set
Where do I focus my efforts to sell Floors2Go™?
Any end user with large square footage of hard floors to clean.
End users seeking to extend the time between a scrub & recoat by reducing the residue build up on the floor.
Current EnvirOx 118 / 117 customers that use a competitive product to clean their floors due to the
competitive in-use cost per gallon.
How is Floors2Go™ priced versus competition?
There are many competitors in the general purpose and neutral floor cleaning category from Mr. Clean® to
Diversey’s Stride®.
Some use dispensing platforms, some are diluted in a bucket right out of a gallon bottle.
It is impossible to benchmark against every competitor and every SKU.
Let’s look at Diversey’s Stride® dispensed by their portable Ready-To-Dispense package:
End Using Customer
In Use
per Case
List Price
Internet Price
18 Cents / Gallon Price
Case Price to
End User*
EnvirOx® Floors2Go™
Diversey® Stride™ RTD 5 Liter
In Use
Cost per
* Distributors establish the selling prices to end using customers. These are examples.
Floors2Go™ is competitive in the hard floor cleaning category and delivers the cleaning ability of
EnvirOx stabilized hydrogen peroxide.
EnvirOx® Distributor Pricing
EnvirOx® Distributor Pricing*
EnvirOx® Distributor Bronze
$62.17 $113.00
$56.48 $113.00
$50.76 $113.00
* Plus appropriate freight cost per current program.
Margin %
Distributor Pricing Example
Cas e Pri ce
Gol d
(A) X 10%
(A) + (B)
(C) / .65
In-ToSel l Pri ce
Stock Pri ce
@ 35%
Frei ght
In Us e
Gal l ons
per Cas e
(D) / (E)
In Us e
Cos t per
Gal l on
We believe there is both
significant margin opportunity
combined with the flexibility for
the distributor to get cost
competitive with Floors2Go™
should they desire.
In the example on the left, a
distributor could add 10% for “in
bound” freight, use the ISSA
average margin for the chemical
category and sell Floors2Go™ at
13 cents per gallon.
The EnvirOx technology and go-to-market strategy provide distributors the opportunity to
make higher than industry average margins. The decision on end user selling price is made
by the distributor.
Super Concentrate Floors™ Options to Help Grow Your Business
Product Code
Product Description
114-04B-GS-RD-H2Go Floors2Go™
4 - pre plugged Super Concentrate
Floors™ with Floors2Go™ hand held
dispenser - - ALL IN 1 BOX!
Super Concentrate Floors™
4 - pre plugged gallons of Floors™
Floors2Go™ Hand Held Dispenser
Single Flow Rate - 4 Gallons / Minute
Gallons Cost per
per Case Gallon
Super Concentrate Floors™ is Green Seal certified. Also available in 30 gallon
and 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes for large end users. A Floors2Go™
hand held dispenser retrofit kit is available for drums. Other dispensing
options are available for totes.
Launch Template
Floors2Go Launch
Business Partner Name:
Joint Calls
Target Accounts
List Created
Sales Meeting
Sales Meeting
Initial Order
Yes or No
Sales Contact
Present Floors2Go
Appt with Key
Decision Maker
Activity - - list dates accomplished
The distributors in your
territory listed here in
descending order.
This template outlines suggested steps to launch Floors2Go™ with the end in mind
getting on sales meetings to teach Distributor Sales Professionals how to position and
sell Floors2Go™.
We want to focus on your distributors in descending order.
Are there other steps you believe we should add to make this successful for you?
Sales Tool Box Summary
1) The EnvirOx Sales Launch Presentation (this document) is designed to provide an overview
of the launch to the EnvirOx sales team.
2) The EnvirOx Floors2Go™ DISTRIBUTOR PRESENTATION is designed to be used with
distributor principals and sales managers to gain agreement to stock Floors2Go™ and get a
sales meeting to teach the distributor sales team how to use the end user tools.
3) The EnvirOx Floors2Go™ DSR MEETING PRESENTATION is designed to help you position
Floors2Go™ and teach the end user presentation at a sales meeting.
4) The EnvirOx Floors2Go™ END USER PRESENTATION is designed to tell the story.
• You can provide this to DSR’s in power point format so they can customize it, or in PDF
format for use on an iPad. (this will be available via web link to your DSR’s).
5) The Floors2Go™ sales literature is designed to help sell the benefits of Floors2Go™.
• This is available as a standard literature piece from EnvirOx or as a PDF for use on an
iPad or to e-mail end using customers. (this will be available via web link to your DSR’s).
6) The EnvirOx Launch template is designed to help you prioritize and track your selling efforts
with each distributor in your territory.
Like the tool box in your garage, these tools are designed to meet specific needs. Use
the right tool for the job. The tools are designed to be modified to meet the needs of
your customer situation. Let EnvirOx know if you need additional tools.
EnvirOx Sales Launch
Key Benefits
Next Steps
Carefully review the sales tools. The tools are designed
to help make this easier for you to launch with your
Floors2Go™ can open doors for DSR’s for
H2Orange2® and other items.
Should you have any questions, please contact your
Regional Sales Manager.
Floors2Go™ is a high performance product at a
competitive in use cost per gallon.
Develop your launch plans focusing on your largest
EnvirOx distributors first.
EnvirOx has provided a “sales tool box” to help
make this launch easy for you.
This is a significant opportunity to help grow
your business resulting in increased
commission earnings.
Remember, this is a “show and sell” with the end user
presentation and sell sheet designed to help you “tell
the story”.
EnvirOx is committed to continuous improvement. If
you have ideas to make this launch better, please
contact the appropriate Regional Sales Manager , Jeff
Sorensen or Diana Stewart.
Floors2Go™ is simple and easy to sell.
Floors2Go™ is focused on large usage areas.
On behalf of the employees of EnvirOx®, a family-owned U.S.
business, we appreciate your support of our business.

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