JDAC Meeting Slides 25 Feb 14

Japan District Advisory Council
25 Feb 2014
Welcome & Opening Remarks
15 Minutes
Review Last Meeting Minutes
5 Minutes
Old Business
30 Minutes (10 min per Topic)
New Business
10 Minutes (10 min per Topic)
Installation Updates
10 Minutes
Closing Comments
5 Minutes
105 Minutes (15 min per Installation)
Welcome & Opening Remarks
• School Liaison Officers
– Atsugi, Ms. Kina Andrews
– Iwakuni, Ms. Felicia Pigge
– Misawa, Mr. Steve Zuniga
– Sasebo, Ms. Hannah McCarthy
– Yokosuka, Ms. Ruth Russell
– Yokota, Mr. Robert Newman
– Zama, Ms. Lindsey Lyons
• Next JDAC 29 April 2014
Previous Minutes
• JDAC, 29 October 13, Yokota Air Base
• Minutes Signed
• Issues/Comments
Old Business
• Dual High School/College Graduation Credits
• Budget Uncertainties
• Marching Band Travel
Old Business
• Budget Uncertainties
– Impacts to DoDEA
Old Business
• Marching Band Travel
– " Bands and/or chorus. Service may be provided to
transport the school band and/or chorus for performances in
DoDEA schools, concerts for U.S. or host nation audiences
[DoDDS only], or for participation in local festivities.
Transportation of music groups to perform at "away" games
of interscholastic athletic events is not authorized."
New Business
• MFLC Security Clearance Status
• Middle School Sports
JDAC Schedule
SY 13-14
29 Oct
14 Nov
23 Oct
25 Feb
11 Dec
29 Apr
19 Mar
20 Jun
Installations provide IAC/SAC schedule for 29 Oct 2013 JDAC VTC
PTEC VTC w/PACOM occurs in the fall
PTEC site visit occurs in late winter
CY13-14 PACAF Family Days/Federal Holidays
• 29 November 2013 – Thanksgiving Day
• 26 December 2013 – Christmas Day
• 2 January 2014 – New Year’s Day
• 23 May 2014 – Memorial Day
Atsugi Installation Update
Atsugi, Japan
•Shirley Lanham Elementary School
514 Students
50 Professional Staff
46 Teachers
12 Support Staff
2 MFLC (Mr. Manny and Ms. Sarah
Jackinah “Kina” Andrews, School Liaison Officer
Atsugi Installation Update
• Hot Topics/
– Student safety:
The school and base are cooperating to ensure that all
emergency measures are in place and that there are clear
lines of communication in the event of an emergency.
– 2 new MFLEC (Shirley Lanham)and 1 new Children Youth Behavior
MFLC for SY 2013-14.
– Japan and U.S. Friendship Sports FEST (26 October, 0900-1400 at
Ayasse Sports Park
– Far East Cross Country 3-6 November (5 November race at 19th
Hole, NAF Atsugi)
Atsugi Installation Update
• Current Issues
– A clear understanding MFLC security clearance status,
base access and privileges
Atsugi Installation Update
• Current Issues
– Student Safety:
Bus Security /Safety attendants program (BSAP-SA)
notice that went out to all parents. Starting 1 Jan 2014,
security/safety attendants will no longer be provided for
curricular, co-curricular, shuttle or activity buses.
Atsugi Installation Update
• Concerns
– Parents have expressed concerns on student
safety in the case of a natural disaster/emergency
occurs during students ride to and from base
w/out bus monitors
Iwakuni Installation Update
Iwakuni, Japan
•MC Perry Elementary School
– 425 Students (Grades Sure Start- 6th Grade)
– 52 Teachers (including all instructional staff)
•MC Perry High School (MS & HS)
– 222 Students (7th-12th Grade)
– 47 Teachers (including all instructional staff)
Felicia Pigge’, School Liaison
Iwakuni Installation Update
• Hot Topics
Base Town Hall Meeting
Base-Wide Health Fitness Expo
New School Breaking Ground in May/June
VMGR-152 from Okinawa arriving in June 2014
Perry Schools Performed in the U.S. Friendship Concert
Monday, May 5, 2014 U.S. & Japan Friendship Day
– Far East Drama & Basketball were hosted here this month
• Far East Soccer in May
– MCPHS Career Day
– MCPHS celebrates Teacher of the Month
• Congratulations to Ms. Sandra Lewis for the month of February
– Far East Marksmanship Competition
• Congrats to the Team placing 2nd In the Regional Competition heading to Far East
Iwakuni Installation Update
• MCPHS cont.
• New Clubs
• Culinary, Origami Clubs, S.T.E.M. & Robotics
• Awards Assembly – 1st Semester
– Commander’s Awards & Student of the Month Recognized
• Nominated for Blue Ribbon School Recognition
Iwakuni Installation Update
• nominated for Blue Ribbon School Recognition
• Awards Assembly – 1st Semester
– Commander’s Awards
• Basket Auction
• Hero’s tree
• Student of the Month Lunches
• Deployed Members Group
• Family Math Night
• Black History Month Contest
• Preparing for Family Literacy Night
• No Current Issues
Misawa Installation Update
Misawa, Japan
•Cummings Elementary School
– 288 Students
– 36 Teachers
• Sollars Elementary School
– 635 Students
– 60 Teachers
• Edgren Middle/High School
– 367 Students
– 51 Teachers
Steve M. Zuniga School Liaison
Misawa Installation Update
• Hot Topics
– None to Report
Misawa Installation Update
• Current Issues
– School Liaison to PCS April??
– Replacement process for SLO has started
Misawa Installation Update
• Concerns
– Possible Volunteer Program for Bus
Security/Safety Attendants
Is District willing to entertain idea?
What are the Legal Issues?
What level of Security Screening is required?
What kind of Training is required?
Sasebo Installation Update
Sasebo, Japan
Jack N. Darby Elementary School
– 286 Students
– 43 Teachers and professional staff
Sasebo elementary School
– 306 Students
– 43 Teachers and professional staff
E.J. King High School
– 240 Students
– 37 Teachers and professional staff
Hannah McCarthy, School Liaison Officer
Sasebo Installation Update
Hot Topics
Darby ES: Wellness Plan-Lunch/Recess. Proposal to flip lunch/recess
next school year to have recess first and then lunch. SAC and Staff feel
it will benefit the students in many ways ( throwing less food away,
fewer visits to the nurse, calmer after recess/lunch and being ready to
learn.) to warrant implementation. This will be advertised to the
Sasebo ES: On hold for new construction, waiting for direction from
above-school level. Participated in Town Halls sponsored by CFAS. The
hold on Construction is a big concern with our current building and
maintenance concerns that would have been eliminated due to move
into temporary structures. The mandated timeline for the contract
process will push movement into the Fall/Winter of 2014- if the goahead was given today.
E.J. King: Faculty voted to change the bell schedual. A committee has
been formulated to work on creating a new bell schedual. (Tentative)
Sasebo Installation Update
• Current Issues
– Darby ES: Homework club has started, and the plan is in the progress for the
Mentorship program to become active again with Winter recess over and the
third quarter commencing. Darby’s literacy program has continued to grow
with the Million Word Readers, Sight Word Stars and the Wall of Fame.
– Sasebo ES: Building capacity is 287 students, we are currently over that
number by 19 students. We continue to have “normal” PCS rate and even with
the high occupancy in housing we have an increased enrollment. The new
school was designed for what was historical enrollment of 250 students. Since
the initial charette our average enrollment of has been closer to 300. As noted
on Slide2 – timeline shift for movement into the temporary building is going to
have significant impact on the entire main base complex (staff, students,
– E.J. King: Funding for construction of sasebo elementary and E. J. King school,
parking , safety, funding for E. J. King buildings and parking lots that are
replaces building 502. Master schedual in a small school.
Sasebo Installation Update
• Concerns
– Darby ES : With the increase in students and staff, and the forecast
that population in housing will continue to rise, parking was thought
to be a concern. However, additional parking places within Hario
community have been approved.
– Sasebo ES: Playground area for students during the construction
project. Parking for faculty, handicapped and visiting parents during
the construction project.
– E.J. King: Impact of Sasebo elementary construction. Parking issues for
faculty, handicapped and visiting parents. Alternate site for tennis
courts not resolved.
Commander Fleet
Activities, Yokosuka
• Main Base Yokosuka:
– Sullivans Elementary
enrollment: 1155 Teachers & instructional staff: 109
– Yokosuka Middle
enrollment: 591
Teachers & instructional staff: 61
– Kinnick High
enrollment: 574
Teachers & instructional staff: 54
• Ikego Housing Complex:
– Ikego Elementary
enrollment: 340
Teachers & instructional staff: 21
• Negishi Housing Complex:
– Byrd Elementary
enrollment: 32
Teachers & instructional staff: 8
Ruth Russell, School Liaison Officer
Commander Fleet
Activities, Yokosuka
• Hot Topics
Closure of Byrd Elementary
Opening New Ikego Elementary
Status of New High School-informing parents
Inclusion of parents in discussion with regard to
possible structure changes at Sullivans
- Informing parents about change in TerraNova
testing for 10 & 11 grade students
- Use of Transient Personnel Unit for student lodging
Commander Fleet
Activities, Yokosuka
- Funding for Maintenance for emergency needs only.
Regular repairs are needing to be done as well. SAC has
requested that DoDEA provide a rubric of criteria on how
decisions to repair or not repair are made. (i.e. to what
standard, window of acceptable wait time, etc.)
- Technology concerns regarding our students needing
experience with tools such as i-pads and memory sticks for
storage which can’t be given with the current security
- Dual HS/college credit Follow up- What is the status of this
potential pilot program?
Yokota Air Base Installation
Yokota Air Base, Japan
• Yokota High School
– Student enrollment 307
• Yokota Middle School
– Student enrollment 310
• Joan K. Mendel Elementary School
– Student enrollment 559
• Yokota West Elementary School
– Student enrollment 292
• Grand Total Students: 1,368
Mr. Wayne Newman School Liaison Officer
Yokota Air Base Installation
• Hot Topics
– Emergency Response: Due to an active typhoon weather season,
the Yokota Emergency Management System has been tested;
emergency measures successfully completed, to include
notification/communication with Superintendent Rapp. In
addition to weather emergencies, Yokota has experienced a WWIIera Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) incident near the East Side
Mendel Elementary School--the Crisis Action Team (CAT) gave high
marks to the school evacuation in a summer school environment
– New High School Construction: New addition to Yokota High
School Campus will break ground in March 2014
– Yokota West Elementary: Pre-External Review Visit – during
29-31 October 13
Yokota Air Base Installation
• Hot Topics
– Free & Reduced Meals Kitchen Equipment: AAFES
need to build equipment inventory list AAFES and
develop 3-5 year budget plan for future needs.
Additionally, impacts of budget sequestration,
manpower reduction and deployments retard
Civil Engineer Squadron ability to install and
maintain kitchen equipment. This necessitates a
need to provide funding via local contracts –
must be projected in the 374th AW budget
Yokota Air Base Installation
• Concerns
– Discussed in hot topics
Yokota Air Base Installation
• Major Events
– Yokota Middle School Holiday Band Concerts: 10
December (Beginning Band 1800); 12 December
(Advanced Band 1800)
– Far East Track & Field Tournament, 13 – 15 Feb 14
• Hosted by Yokota High School
– Far East Wrestling Tournament, 19 – 21 May 14
• Hosted by Yokota High School
Zama Installation Update
Zama, Japan
• John O. Arnn Elementary School
– 412 Students
– 37 Teachers; 20 support staff
• Zama American Middle School
– 212 Students
– 18 Teachers; 9 support staff
• Zama American High School
– 307 Students
– 29 Teachers ; 15 support staff
Lindsey Lyons, School Liaison Officer
Zama Installation Update
• Hot Topics/ Highlights
– Students at Arnn Elementary School completed in the school level
National Geographic Bee on January 9.
– Arnn Elementary welcomed their new principal, Ms. Gwen BaxterOakley on January 30.
– Arnn Elementary Gifted Education students hosted a “Time Capsule
Museum” on February 6.
– Arnn Elementary sixth graders participated in the Groundhog Job
Shadow Day on February 20.
Zama Installation Update
– Zama American Middle welcomed its new guidance counselor, Ms.
Kristin Meeker on January 27.
– Students at Zama American Middle demonstrated their jump roping
skills on February 7 at Arnn for the annual Jump Rope for the Heart
– Cheerleaders from Zama American High attended a workshop with the
NFL All-Star Cheerleaders on February 1.
– Zama American High students
celebrated their Winter Spirit
Week February 4-7.
Zama Installation Update
• Current Issues
– None to report
• Concerns
– None to report
• We would like to thank parents for their patience as
the school year began. The schools were working
through issues of a new operating system that was
downloaded on outdated computers as well as glitzes
in our grading program Gradspeed.
• We would like to thank all the parents who volunteer
their time in our schools and classrooms. As we know
class sizes are increasing and budgets are being cut.
Their help in our schools has been very much
appreciated. These changes has made in impact on
education and we appreciate the support from parents
working with SAC and PTO.
NEATA President, Ms. Jeannette Ferguson

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