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Dry Bulk Packaging Division
Who we are...
Liqua is a global company with an extensive network throughout the
world. The company’s 4,000m² manufacturing site is located in
Istanbul, Turkey.
Liqua Group has been in the industry since 1997. The starting
products have been big bags and PE/PP container liners, with Inko
brand. In 2003, the group started producing flexitanks. Liqua
Industrial Packaging Materials Ltd. has been established in 2007,
which has a product range to carry dry and liquid materials the
most economic and safest way.
Quality Assurance...
Liqua proudly holds;
ISO 9001 :2008 Quality Management System
ISO 18001:2007 OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management System
ISO 22000:2005 - HACCP Food Management System.
Liqua Offers...
Custom designed FIBC’s to meet your demands,
Fast and excellent service,
Satisfied customer attitude,
Every step controlled quality,
Exceptional R&D department to develop new
Custom Design...
Advanced solutions for Square Formed Bigbags.
 Tape Baffled Q bag
 Tape Baffled Q Liner
Conductive Bigbags...
Type B, Type C & Type D; Conductive and Dissipative FIBCs
Type - B - The wall of FIBC exhibits a breakdown
voltage of 4 kilovolts or less.
Type - C - Conductive FIBC. Constructed from
electrically conductive fabric, designed to control
electrostatic charges by grounding.
Type - D – Constructed from static electric charge
dissipative fabric without the requirement of
Food Packaging...
 Clean room.
 EVOH Oxygen Barrier.
 Type B – Bigbags for Dairy Products
Liqua ensures bacteria free environment in the bigbag and
guarantees less than 10,000 particules per m³ in its bigbags
produced in clean room.
Specially developed 7 layers, coextruded, EVOH oxygen barrier
liner ensures minimum migration and extends the shelf life of
your product.
Type B bigbags and our antistatic liners ensures maximum filling
and discharging safety for dairy products.
Product Range...
Standard Bigbags
Pre-formed Linered Bigbags
Cross Corner Loops
UN approved Bigbags
Q - Square Bigbags
Q - Square Linered Bigbags
Conductive Bigbags
Full Discarge Solutions
Container Liner...
Polyethylene / Polyprophylene Container Liners
Container liners are produced from specially blown PE liner or
woven PP fabric.
Liqua container liners are convenient for usage in transportation
of food products, as well as chemicals.
Some proud Customers...
Specialkemi AB

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