Epic Wines Spain Edu PPT

Cariñena, Spain
Wines of Spain
† Generating an explosion of new wines, wineries, brands, and regions
† During the past decade, the number of designated Spanish wine
regions (Denominaciones de Origen or DOs) has grown by more
than a 1/3
† Total of 69 DOs
† Spain is an elevated plateau with many great vineyards nestled into
the creases of mountains
† Growing areas vary from semi-arid southern terroirs to wet northern
ones, central tableland vines adapted to extremely cold, dry winters
Aragon Region, Spain
† Winery located in the Region of Aragon, in the Cariñena DO
† Northeastern Spain
† Comprised of 3 provinces
1. Huesca
2. Zaragoza *Capital
3. Teruel
† Outstanding mountainous landscapes, with glacier lakes and natural
† Majority of wine grown in the fertile Ebro Valley: some of the most
spectacular scenery in Spain
† Region is fairly dry, enjoying a humid, Mediterranean-style climate in
Cariñena (DO)
† Created in 1932: one of the oldest protected growing areas in
† Passion for vine growing has been passed down from
† Located at the heart of the Ebro Valley in Aragón
† Most widely planted variety is Garnacha (55%)
† Followed by Tempranillo (15%)
† Average age of vines 35 years old
Cariñena (DO)
† Wines known as the “vinos de las piedras” or wines of the stones
† Produce small grapes with a highly concentrated and intense flavors
† Vineyards located between 500 and 800 meters above sea level
† Reddish-brown limestone soil with a subsoil of loose rock, high
calcium carbonate content, and in some places, slate and clay
† Climate: dry summer days with cold winter temperatures in
combination with harsh winds
• Family owned bodega
• Founded in 1963 by Manuel Piquer Guimera
• Integrate respect for tradition with new technologies
• Excellent value wines
• Valcantara Garnacha 2011
5 Stars, Restaurant Wine “An amazing wine for the price: full bodied ripely
flavored moderately rich and lightly tannic; a wine with ripe berry flavors and a
medium long finish. Exceptional.”
87 Points, Wine Enthusiast “Fresh and fruity, and entirely approachable and
likable given the price. The palate is fairly smooth and medium in weight, with
blackberry flavors that fade to darkness on the finish. This was made for everyday
Cariñena, Spain

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