103 TASK A

UNIT 103
Connect Activity
Bingo choose 6 word write theme on your
• On base
Off base
• Hairdryer
Setting pins
• Straighteners
Heated rollers Tail
• Elasticity
Porosity PPE Pin curl
• Finger waves
Curling tongs
• Barrel curls
Aims and Outcomes
• Aim is to introduce the learners to the basic
styling techniques
• Factors that could influence the choice of hair
styling techniques
• Outcomes all learners will be able to
• Identify and describe tools and equipment required
for styling
• Produce a style book for wet styling
• Produce a style book for dry styling
Task 1 - Produce a style book
Wet styling
• You are require to produce a page of
images and a small description for each
listed below
Wet styling
• Blow-drying
• Setting
• Pin curling
• Finger dry
Example Wet styling -
Blow dry
Blow dry is a way of wet styling. you can use various
brushes to achieve different looks. The tools you can use
are around heat retainer brush, flat paddle or Denman
Task 2 - Produce a stylebook
Dry styling
You are require to produce a page of images
along with a small description of the
listed below
Dry styling
• Straightening
• Smoothing
• Curling
• Hair up
Example - Straightening
Straightening and smoothing irons smooth and straighten hair
using heat. The irons are usually used after a blow dry to
produce a smooth sleek finish. You can also curl using irons.
Factors that could influence your choice
of styling technique
• There are many different factors
that you need to take into
consideration when you are
deciding the technique you are
going to choose to achieve the
look the client requires.
• Face and head shape, life style,
hair texture, hair density, hair
elasticity, hair condition, hair
length, hair growth patters, hair
Recall and Review
• List 4 pieces of
for styling
• Highlight if you
a style book for
• Highlight if you
a style book for
equipment used
have completed
wet styling
have completed
dry styling

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