How do vascular plants differ from non vascular plants

How do vascular plants differ
from non vascular plants
Vascular plants
1. Vascular system (TUBES) for water transport
2. Grow tall
3. Live in dry areas
Non vascular plants
1. Lack of tubes for water transport
2. Low growing - short(no roots)
3. Live in damp shady places
Explain why vascular plants are better
suited to life in dry areas
Vascular plants are better suited to dry areas
because the well developed vascular system
quickly transports water & minerals
throughout the plant
Would you expect a tall desert plant
to be a vascular plant?
A tall desert plant would be vascular.
Larger plants have a vascular system to
transport water, minerals and food.
This system also gives the plant support so that
it can grow tall.
What are the two major stages of a
plants life cycle?
The two major stages of the plant life cycle are:
1) the sporophyte stage
2) the gametophyte stage
Life cycle of a plant
1. Sperm cell & egg cell fertilize, become a zygote
(sperm cell + egg cell = zygote)
Zygote becomes a sporophyte
Sporophyte produces spores
spores develop gametophyte
Gametophyte produce sperm cells & egg cells
Process repeats

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