Puppy prints
The following presentation demonstrates how
the paw prints are created. This process takes
approximately 18 days from start to finish.
Rolling out the clay to the desired thickness. The most important
aspect is keeping the clay moist and workable.
Cutting the clay into the heart shape template. We also have a
round template available.
Obtaining the paw prints is one of the most difficult steps. First we shave the
hair off the bottom of the paw, then trim the nails so we can obtain a nice clean
After the print has dried under a weighted board for at least 7 days, the
dreaded sanding begins. The sanding removes the imperfections around the
print and creates a smooth surface for the painting
The molds are placed in a kiln to be fired. It takes approximately 8
hours to complete the firing cycle at 1600 degrees.
A rubber substance is placed in the actual paw print and then needs to dry for
at least 3 days. Rubberizing protects the paw print during the painting process.
The paw print is then painted using colors chosen by the client.
Then has to dry for at least 2 days.
After the paw print is painted and dried, the rubber we inserted in
step 6 is carefully removed.
A special tool is used to remove all imperfections from the paw print before its
final firing. This helps to prevent the paint from bleeding into the actual paw
Paw prints are once again place in the kiln for the second and final firing. This
takes another 8 hours. We need to ensure that we have a full kiln to be energy
This step is where we personalize the paw print to the owners desire
and then a protective glaze is added to the name and paw print.

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