Li Bo

Emily Tomlin, Sydney Tittle, & Haley Tolle
* Li Bo- Chinese poet
* Writing in the early to middle 700’s
* Revels in the life he leads
* Besides writing about the natural world, Li Bo
explores all sorts of life situations and
attempts to see the good and beautiful in
The Sun Rises and Sets
* The sun has the same job everyday to rise and
* Everything has a beginning and end
South of the Walls We Fought
* The people fight for what they have until they
grow old and die.
* Weapons are “evil tools.”
* Weapons can be used to kill other people.
* Weapons are only allowed when they are
Bring in the Wine
* Everything that happens in nature is so
* Everything that happens is better when a
person is drunk off of wine.
* The guy would give anything away just to get
money for wine, so he could enjoy his life
drinking wine in nature.
Question and Answer in the Mountains
* The green mountains are beautiful, and there
is nothing better and happier than the
Summer Day in the Mountains
* Even when it is hot in the summer, the
mountains are still the happy place in nature.
Drinking Alone with the Moon
* The moon accompanies the man while he
drinks his wine by himself in the Winter waiting
for Spring to come.
The Hardships of Traveling the Road I
* Nature could throw many curve balls into a
person’s life, such as the guy trying to travel
through a sea full of ice.
* Eventually, nature will make it beautiful again
and easy for traveling.
Seeing Off Meng Haoran at Yellow Crane Tower,
on His Way to Guangling
* The guy’s friend travels away, and he watches
him sail away until he could not see him
In the Quiet Night
* While laying in bed, the man watches the light
of the moon and falls asleep.
Sitting Alone by Jingting Mountain
* The mountain is so beautiful that the guy could
look off the mountain and never get bored.
A Song on Visiting Heaven’s Crone Mountain in a
Dream: On Parting
* The guy dreams of reaching the top of Heaven’s
Crone Mountain.
* The hike up was great, and then all the sudden it
turned for the worst and animals were going crazy.
* Then, he realized he might not want to climb the
mountain because it might not be as beautiful as he
* He could also easily be injured or even die on the
journey up the mountain.
* This week's reading focuses on non-Christian
sources. What would change in these works if
they were told from a Christian, particularly
Augustinian, perspective? Would the basic human
truths, if there are any, remain the same? If so,
why? If not, why not and what does that suggest
about the nature of human truths?
* Li Bo was a drunk—a non-Christian way
* The poem about staying drunk would not be
considered in a religious text, unless trying to prove
a moral point

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