School of the Future
Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe.
It has an area of 603,628 km².
Ukraine borders on Russia to the east
and northeast, Belarus to the
northwest, Poland, Slovakia and
Hungary to the west, Romania and
Moldova to the southwest. It is washed
by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.
The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
We have many holidays in Ukraine. First of all it is the New Year. It is nice and funny to
decorate the New Year Tree, to dance near it and to receive and give presents.
A week after the New Year day we celebrate Christmas. In Ukraine it is an old popular
holiday. In the morning children go from house to house, from flat to flat, sing traditional
holiday songs and wish everything good to the people they visit. The people give them
sweets, cakes, money.
The 8th of March is the Women’s Day. We give presents to our mothers, grandmothers,
teachers, sisters and girl-friends.
On the 1st of May we celebrate May Day.
On the 9th of May we have Victory Day. It is a great holiday. We say, “Thank you very much”
to old people who took part in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) and defended our
Motherland against the fascists.
On the 24th of August we celebrate Independence Day.
Each holiday is interesting in its way but all of them are good and merry.
Crimea or the Autonomous Republic
of Crimea is located on the northern
coast of the Black Sea.
The capital is Simferopol, located in
the center of the peninsula. Crimea's
area is 26,200 square kilometres and
its population is 2 mln people.
Coat of arms
Sport in Ukraine
Football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, tennis,
gymnastics, boxing are popular in our country
Yalta as a city was
founded in 1838. The first written reference
about Yalta dates back to the 12th century.
It is one of the largest seaside towns in Crimea.
Yalta is also a port on the Black Sea.
Yalta is relatively small, with a population of about 80 thousand
people. At the same time it is the administrative center of a
resort area, known among tourists as the ‘Greater Yalta’. It
stretches for about 72 km from Foros in the west to Gurzuf in
the east.
We study at “school of the future”
It is located practically in the centre of our city.
It is for pupils from 6 up to 17-18 years old.
There are about 700 pupils in our school.
There are 38 multimedia systems
mounted in school, online library,
TV-sets, DVDs and modern
10 Formers are doing their
project work.
School uniform
We spend greater part
of our time at school
and we wear a school
Usually we wear
a formal style of
(white shirts and
blouses and dark skirts
or trousers)
Our school starts on September,1 and finishes on
We study 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.
Our day lasts from 8-00 a.m. till 2-00 p.m.
We learn a lot of subjects
Computer Studies
Health Care
Our Culture
Physical Culture

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