9th October 2013 - School of Computing

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9th October 2013
Fire Safety
• The Cornwallis Building is large and sprawling so it is
divided into “zones” for Fire Safety
• The fire alarm in Cornwallis is a loud bell that:
 sounds continuously if fire is in your zone
 sounds intermittently if fire is in an adjoining zone
 is tested at 8.30 every Wednesday morning (you
can’t miss them!)
On hearing a fire alarm
• Close windows
• Leave building by nearest exit
• Close doors behind you
• Do not use the lift
• Do not run
• Assemble at point 19 in front of Rutherford College or
opposite Gillingham Building
• Do not re-enter building until authorised to do so
Wheelchair users
• There are clearly signposted "Safe Areas" where you
can stay safely if there is a fire elsewhere in the building
- the nearest one is at the top of the stairs between the
Course Admin Office and the Peter Brown Room.
• Nearby there is a Help Point (an intercom) connected
directly to Campus Watch / Security so that you can tell
them where you are. They will then pass this
information on the fire service who will arrange for your
safe evacuation.
• Do not try to help a wheelchair user down the stairs –
you don’t have the training or the equipment.
If you discover a fire . . .
• First, set off alarm (by breaking “glass” of a call point)
• Then phone extn 3333 (01227 82333) to give details of
• Finally, leave the building
Accidents & Health
• Contact Campus Watch / Security on 3333 (NOT 999)
• They are all qualified first aiders
• They will call any necessary emergency services, and
direct them to the correct area
• Names and contact details of qualified first-aiders in the building
are posted on notice boards
• First-aid kit is kept in the kitchen
• All accidents (even minor ones!) must be reported straightaway
using a Green Form, available from Angie Allen / Julie Teulings
/ Jessie Ward in S116 or Janine in Medway
• Contact Julie/Jessie or Janine for advice if you have any
problems. Don’t delay!
• No smoking is allowed anywhere within the university buildings
Home Office Inspection Visits
• The Home Office can inspect us at any time, and without notice, to
ensure that we are complying with their visa regulations.
• We need to ensure that we have your current term-time address on
SDS so please ensure that this is up to date.
Useful Stuff….
• Funding for conferences, etc. - email
[email protected] explaining what you need,
why and the estimated cost.
 this email will be received by Simon Thompson (Head of
Research & Enterprise) who will authorise the expenditure.
 there is a good sized budget and reasonable requests are never
 the response will be copied to my finance team (Angie Allen and
Julie Teulings/Jessie Ward) so they will be aware that the
spending has been authorised and will make the booking
• Travel Booking must be done using the booking form at
More Useful Stuff….
• All purchases for your work at the university must be
made by the finance team as we are required to comply
with financial regulations.
• Expense claim forms are at
• If you incur expenses, such as subsistence costs when
you at conferences, you will need to complete an
expense claim and submit it, with receipts, to Angie as
soon as possible after your return. Finance will not pay
claims :
 that are submitted more than 3 months after the expenditure is
 for kit that you buy as this should go through the normal
purchasing process managed by the finance team.
And finally. . .
Have a great time!
Be a great success!
If you have any queries or concerns
Angela Doe – School Admin Manager Ext: 7591
[email protected]

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