Yosemite Sam Donald Duck Jughead and Archie Superman The

PowerPoint is OK
Skills: Making uniformly formatted presentations with
simple, graphical slides, slides which ask questions and
writing scripts for narrated videos and for transcripts
Concepts: Bad PowerPoint presentations are boring,
but good ones are effective, good slides raise questions
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Where does this topic fit?
• Internet concepts
– Applications
– Technology
– Implications for
• Internet skills
– Application development
– Content creation
– User skills
Keep it simple
Don’t do this
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
adipiscing elit. Nam quis nibh quis dolor
molestie mollis. Sed quis risus a lacus
vestibulum molestie. Donec velit ante,
feugiat sit amet dictum sed, ullamcorper
vitae mi. Cras odio libero, malesuada ac
bibendum non, pellentesque vitae elit.
Aenean sed mi sed lorem malesuada
faucibus eget sit amet neque.
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blandit massa. Pellentesque consectetur
tristique ultrices. Donec vitae nisl quam, et
varius mauris. Vivamus mollis, arcu eget
sagittis pharetra, odio felis vestibulum
lacus, in hendrerit orci lacus vitae ligula.
Fusce ullamcorper
1. Lorem
2. Augue viverra mollis
3. Quisque tristique
II. dapibus dui, sed mollis
1. Turpis
2. Tempus
3. Mauris lacinia
4. Ultricies mauris
III. varius nibh lobortis et
1. Euismod
2. Condimentum id id est
3. Sed sit amet ligula
IV. vitae est pulvinar
1. Suspendisse at nisi
2. Nullam lobortis arcu
3. A magna consequat
4. Suspendisse ornare
5. Ante id erat tempor
One image
One fact
One idea
Words as image
A graphical bullet list
Can you identify these characters?
Jughead and Archie
Yosemite Sam
Dick Tracy
Wonder Woman
Donald Duck
Little Lulu
The Flash
Plastic Man
Old content in a new medium
What point is this slide making?
The notes as a script
Narrated videos
Self-study questions
Watch a Steve Jobs presentation on YouTube and pick what you consider to
be the best slide in the talk. Explain why you like it.
Create a multiple-choice question slide on a topic you know a lot about.
You are to give a talk on what you like about CSUDH. Prepare a slide with a
script telling the audience the one thing you like best.
You are to give a talk on what you like about CSUDH. Pick two things you
like and prepare an illustrated bullet point slide with a script.
We have stressed simple images, but complex images may also be useful.
Consider Menards map of Napoleon's march:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Joseph_Minard. Where would you
use that image? Would it be an appropriate slide in a PowerPoint
We asked a simple research question at the end of the presentation –
should bullet points be shown on a single slide or exposed serially? What
do you think would be best for comprehension and retention of the
Highlights and tips from Steve Jobs’ presentations:
For more Steve Jobs presentations, Google:
“youtube steve jobs presentations”

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