Univ111 Arguing position

NFL problems
By: Sierra Yoder
There are football players in the NFL who
commit crimes. The NFL does not have
consistent discipline for punishing a player.
My position
The NFL should be consistent with how they
punish football players. They should not
suspend a player indefinitely and then not
suspend a different player for committing the
same crime.
Supporting ideas/ Key points
Ray Rice: Suspended 2 games for domestic violence. Video
became public then suspended indefinitely and was released from
the Ravens. His wife never pressed charges.
Ray McDonald: Charged with domestic violence, woman involved
pressed charges, not enough evidence. Not suspended at all from
the NFL, 49ers, still playing. Charges happened at the beginning of
the season, played about 8 games with being charged and his
court hearing just happened.
The NFL is in the process of changing their domestic violence code
of conduct, but claims it can take months since it is hard to come
up with a set of rules because each crime is different and it is hard
to regulate it when all the circumstances can vary.
Why is Ray Rice’s punishment more harsh than Ray McDonald’s
when Ray Rice’s now wife never pressed charges and Ray
McDonald’s involved woman did press charges?
Ray Rice was first suspended for only two games
and the police said they delivered the video of
the incident to the NFL’s commissioner Roger
Goodell. The NFL’s commissioner is the chief
executive of the NFL. Once the video went
public, Roger Goodell changed Ray Rice’s
punishment to indefinite suspension. I feel that
Ray Rice should not have been suspended
• Greg Hardy was arrested on 2 misdemeanor charges
after he allegedly assaulted and threatened his exgirlfriend. He was convicted on July 16, 2014 and was
given 18 months probation and 60 day jail sentence
(suspension). His sentence is on hold since Nov 17th
trial. He is put on paid leave until case is resolved.
• Ray Rice had no case because his wife never pressed
charges, but is still punished indefinitely. Ray Rice is
claiming that he should not be punished twice because
of the double jeopardy rule.
• Aldon Smith: 49ers, arrested at Los Angeles
International Airport after he allegedly became
belligerent during a security screening and said
he had a bomb (2014). Charged with three felony
counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon
and arrested for suspicion of driving under the
influence and marijuana possession (2013).
Arresting in Miami on DUI charge (2012). As of
right now, he is getting ready to play in the NFL
this season. Ray Rice as it looks right now will not
ever get to play again.
• In conclusion, Ray Rice should not have been
suspended indefinitely while all these other
players still get to play. The NFL needs to
result in a way to make it fair for each player
and each situation. It is not fair that Ray Rice
can never play in the NFL again while others
committed the same crimes and are still
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Brief Bio
• Sierra Yoder (18), resides in Richmond,
Virginia. Enjoys watching shows on Netflix,
pinning on Pinterest, and watching the Dallas
Cowboys win.

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