RSPG 31th Plenary Meeting

34 Plenary Meeting
Gilles Brégant, Chairman
Finn Petersen, Vice Chairman
RSPG Briefing Session
European Commission initiatives
The European Commission updated RSPG concerning the negotiation on its
Telecommunications Single Market proposal with regard to spectrum policy
RSPG is ready to address related spectrum issues. The future revision of
RSPP will be an opportunity for addressing further these issues
The European Commission informed RSPG on the report to Council and
European Parliament on RSPP
recommendations and advice to European Commission on how to
respond to future needs and demand on spectrum
EU Common Policy Objectives
for WRC-15
RSPG noted the progress made in the drafting of the EU Common Policy
Objectives for WRC-15
RSPG further noted that preliminary elements for common policy objectives
have been identified for WRC 15 Agenda Items where EU policies are most
relevant :
Information society
Space policy
Transport policy
Scientific use of spectrum
Possible future WRC Agenda Items for WRC 18
RSPG confirmed the time schedule of the work (the draft Opinion will be
submitted for public consultation in November 14)
A long-term strategy on the future of
the UHF band in EU
RSPG noted the progress towards a draft Opinion considering the issue of
potential coordinated release for 700 MHz and the longer term strategy for the
band 470-694 MHz
A questionnaire has been sent to Member States about the role of DTT platform,
including the current and planned use of the spectrum in the 700 MHz
PLUM will present its study on convergence in the future meeting of this
working group
Efficient awards and use of spectrum
in harmonised ECS bands
The work has started. RSPG invited the Member States to contribute
RSPG agreed to focus the work to harmonised bands and the bands which could
be subject to future harmonisation measures further to EC mandates to CEPT
A questionnaire will be launched on the implementation of the Technology and
Service Neutrality (T&SN)
A common meeting on “efficient awards” with BEREC is under preparation
EU Assistance
in bi-lateral coordination
The RSPG “good-offices “are related to TV coordination
RSPG noted the good progress made
Italy – Malta: Replacement channel will enable Malta to publish 800 MHz
decision on conditions of awards/use at the end of June
Italy – France & Malta - Slovenia : Italy is implementing a financial
compensation mechanism for vacating broadcasting stations causing
Germany-Belgium: “good offices” will cease. Still some discussions
outside RSPG in relation with the situation after 2017 in relation with the
700 MHz
An ad hoc meeting took place today
Updating the RSPG Work Program
An additional work item
Responding to a request from a stakeholder during the public consultation,
RSPG added a new work item on “Spectrum issues on Wireless Backhaul” in its
Work Program
RPSG will identify and analyze strategic spectrum issues relative to wireless
backhaul for mobile networks due to:
higher capacity needs for existing macro-cellular sites
more dense network architecture for base stations and the small cells
approach in mobile networks infrastructures
A draft report is expected in February 2015
Update of the RSPG WP
Follow-up action
RSPG organised a consultation meeting with Defense sector the 11 June.
High level representatives from Defense sector contributed to a fruitful
In conclusion,
contributions from Members states to RSPG reflect the position from
Defense sector, when needed
EDA and NATO are ready to contribute to RSPG activities, when
Relevant contributions from Defense sector in the update of RSPP may be
Next steps
RSPG improved its working method by adopting in principle a “fast-track”
Next meeting
See you the 12 November
Briefing RSPG#35 Plenary at 16 h 30

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