Biometric Daily Time Record

A daily time record is a method of logging and organizing time
Daily Time Record – Definition of shift schedules, monitoring of
daily time records, integration with hardware such as biometric or
RFID systems.
Daily Time Software provides an affordable way to optimize your
human resources. With the Daily Time Software task database is
programmed to create and to assign multiple tasks to a job
quickly, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. Through
Daily Time Software using a computer structure for the login
procedure, employees just need to enter their passwords to login.
Daily record time is defined as the time taken to achieve a given
daily objective or task. This time varies with a given task and can
range from house related tasks to work related task.
 This
research is created to give solution to the
problem faced by some staff members of the
College of Arts and Sciences, the DTR currently
used by the college is a time consuming machine
and maybe a little hassle to the staff members. We
aim to implement a system which is not too time
consuming and easy to use.
 The
objective of this study is to revise the Daily
Time Record system of the College of Arts and
Sciences, despite being already an effective
system, the current DTR is time consuming for
some staff members. We will revise this system in
a way that we will discard the Personal Computer
component of the system and make it run without
it by using modern technology such as Fingerprint
Scanners or Biometric Scanners.
This project’s scope is the College of Arts
and Sciences but not limited to the college
only, if this project has a good feedback then
it may be implemented to other colleges.
 The
function of this system is to provide
hassle-free and easy recording of Daily
Attendances for the staff members of the
College of Arts and Sciences.

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