The Use of Microchipping in Cattle Production

Heather Robertson
What is Microchip
 It is an identifying integrated circuit placed under
the skin of an animal. The chips are about the size of
a lager grain of rice and are based on a passive RFID
(Radio Frequency Identification) technology
Where is it placed in the
 The microchip is placed anywhere on the animal
right under the skin.
 It is sealed in biocompatible glass covered by a
sheath to prevent migration.
How it is Implanted
Other methods:
 The most common method in cattle is the use of
RFID ear tags.
The different types of
 Passive Tag:
 No internal power supply
 Instead there is a small electric current is created in the
antenna when an incoming signal reaches it
 Provides enough power to briefly activate the tag
usually just long enough to relay the ID number or
product name.
 Activated from a distance of ten millimeters to over 6
meters away.
 Can be smaller then the other tags and thinner than
 Active Tag:
 Contain an internal power source
 Allows for a longer read-range and for a bigger
memory on the tag
 Power source also makes it possible to store
information sent by the transceiver
 They are slightly bigger than a coin
 Can be read from many meters away, and generally
have a battery life of about ten years
Different Brands and the
Prices to use Microchips or
 Allflex FDX EID Ear Tag – Cattle - 20/package
 Price= $41.25
 Allflex USDA HDX EID Tag - 20/Bag
 Price= $53.43
 DTR® 4 Universal Reader
 Price=$1,035.00
 Will read both FDX and
HDX ID tags.
 Allflex Compact Reader
 Price =$253.50
 Just compatible to the Allflex
 SmartChip 15 Digit Microchip
 Price=$12 each
 Just Identification
 Destron BioTherm LifeChip
 Price= $20.00 each
 Identification + Temperature
 Destron Universal Microchip Reader
 Price=$449.00
Uses of Microchips
 To track lost or stolen cattle
 To Help in different studies on cattle
 Help detect when heifers or cows are in heat
 Records the temperature of the cattle
 It can help identify where a cattle are originally from
to track different diseases or illegal antibiotics were
use before going to the slaughter house.
 With the different brands of the microchips or the
RFID tags there is a certain computer or device that
has to read them. They do not all use the same
 The Microchips may move and the RFID tags could
fall out of the cattle’s ear.
Related Advantage
 Can track all of your cattle
 When sorting you can have more than one chip read
at a time.
 Can speed up checking in or out cattle at a feedyard
or sale barn
 You will be able to better manage your heard
 Have the satisfaction of knowing exactly when to AI
the heifers and cows.
 When buying different cattle you will be able to
check and make sure they are not bring any
unwanted dieses to your farm.
Works Citied
 Cowboy Journal
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