Project CARS - Operation Teen Safe Driving

Project CARS
Could You Live Without Me?
Quincy Senior High School
Community Outreach
Basketball Games
Attended two boys basketball
Created displays with
information, that were
available before the game
Announcements made before
each activity using information
from Allstate’s Keep the Drive
and Ford’s Driving Skills for
Life websites
Created half time
presentations regarding
– Drunk driving
– Hazardous road conditions
Approximately 650 adults and
350 students regularly attend
the basketball games
Pre-School Goodie Bags
• Distributed goodie bags to
• Bags contained safe
driving related materials
coloring pages
fun activities
safety belt laws information
“Click It or Ticket” clickers
• Safe driving messages are
– Safe driving reminders
– “Facebook only”
• 218 “friends”
Coloring Contest
• Safe-driving related
coloring sheets were
sent to local elementary
• Teachers discussed with
their students the
importance of buckling
their seatbelts and not
distracting the driver
• Attended the morning
assembly at Washington
School to celebrate that
70% of their school
• 432 submissions
Poster Contest
• A poster contest
was held for
students grades 4
through 9.
• Students created
posters with a
graphic and a
creative safe driving
• 24 submissions
Junior High Assembly
• Information was
presented about the
Driving Skills for Life
curriculum and The
– A drawing was held for
students who completed
The Academy and printed
their certificates
• Students were presented
with a safe driving
contract that was created
using The Brutal Truth
from the Keep the Drive
Politician Signs
• Politician signs were
placed in 50 yards,
reminding drivers to
buckle up and drive safely
Business Marques
• Local businesses
displayed safe driving
messages on their
• Businesses were located
along Broadway,
Quincy’s busiest street.
• Mayor John Spring
awarded us with the
Proclamation at the City
Council meeting on the
Tuesday night of our
Safe Driving Week.
• We provided Mayor
Spring with a safe driving
water bottle and other
promotional items from
our campaign
• Aired on public television
Driving Simulation
• Trooper Mike Kindhart
led a driving simulation
for the community.
• Approximately 5,500
people observed the
• The Home and Living
Show was held at the
Oakley Lindsey Center.
Drive One 4UR School
• CARS members
manned a booth at the
Drive One 4UR School
• The booth provided
information related to
safe driving.
School Outreach
Winter Pep Rally
• We previewed our CARS campaign
at our winter pep rally.
We discussed our:
– CARS Facebook group
– CARS Safe Driving Week
– Keep the Drive website
– Driving Skills for Life website
Reminded everyone “on the road off
the phone” and asked “Could you live
without me?”
Announcements are read over the intercom each day;
this year we used this to our advantage reading safe
driving tips from the Ford website, such as:
“Vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teenagers in America,
claiming more than 7,000 lives each year. In fact, a 16-year-old
driver is 10 times more likely to be involved in a crash than an adult.
That’s why every student in our school should watch the Driving
Skills for Life videos, which illustrates driving skills importance for
safety. Visit for more
On behalf of Project CARS along with our sponsors Ford Driving
Skills For Life, Allstate, Illinois Department of Transportation, and the
Ford Motor Foundation; we would like to remind you this weekend…
Window Painting & Posters
• Students were
greeted Monday
with painted
windows and safe
driving signs that
had safe driving
Safe Driving Ribbons
• During Advocacy CARS
members tied ribbons to all
the cars in the parking lot and
at our Flinn parking lot.
• It was -4° outside while we
were tying the ribbons.
Balloon Release
• A balloon release was
held after school.
• A total of 308 balloons
were released.
– This represented our
statistic, found on the
Keep the Drive
website, that if 11
teenage driving related
fatalities per day
occurred, in the month
of February 308 teens
would lose their lives.
Smarties & Dum Dums
• Thursday in the morning
members on the CARS
committee stood outside
at the high school and
handed out Smarties to
those who wore their
• Those who did not wear
their seatbelt were given
Dum Dum wrappers.
• It was -6° outside.
• Three speakers talked about the things
CARS focused on including: texting
and driving, drinking and driving and
seatbelt usage
• First speaker was Trooper Kindhart
– Talked about the foolishness and the
dangers of texting and also drinking and
• Second Speaker was George Heroux
– Executive Director for Victim Impact
– He shared pictures of families and victims
he has helped and told their stories
• Third Speaker was Denny Pryor
– His 18 year old son was a victim of a drunk
driving accident
– He shares his family’s story in hope that
drunk driving will eventually never happen
– Wants to inspire others to be smart and do
that right thing: Don’t drink and drive
Statistics T-Shirts
• 308 QHS students wore t-shirts displaying the campaign
statistic and the logos of Ford Driving Skills for Life, The
Allstate Foundation, and The Illinois Department of
Transportation Division of Traffic Safety.
Driving Skills for Life and
Ford Motor Company
• The Tips for Parents from
the Driving Skills for Life
website was included in
our February/March
• The newsletter is sent to
1600 parents and is
posted on our website
“The Academy”
• Students at Quincy Senior
High School visited the Ford
Driving Skills For Life website
and took the Learning Quiz .
• The students printed out their
certificates after taking the
quiz and received various
prizes for their participation.
• CARS committee members
hosted a “The Academy”
workshop to help students
navigate the website and
• 193 student completed The
Academy and printed their
Belt It Out
• QHS hosted its own version
of Ford’s Belt it Out Contest.
Advocacy classes developed
safe driving related songs
and videos.
• Our contest winners created
new lyrics to the song “Build
Me Up Butter Cup”
Information Booth
• We passed out fliers to
students providing them
with Ford MyKey safe
driving information,
provided by the staff of
Gem City Ford.
Keep the Drive and Allstate
• The Parent-Teen Driving
Contract from the Keep
the Drive website was
included in our
• The newsletter is sent to
1600 parents and is
posted on our website
The Brutal Truth
• Gives teens facts and
statistics about reckless
• Students read and signed
their name to make a
promise to be a safe driver.
• 827 students returned a
signed contract
Information Booth
• We passed out
information in the
commons, sharing with
our fellow classmates
some of Allstate’s safe
driving information,
provided by our local
agent, Bob Navolio.
Media Coverage
Quincy Herald Whig
• Project CARS was featured
twice in the local newspaper.
– On Sunday, December 12, a
preview of our campaign was
run. The article outlined the
program sponsors and what
Operation Teen Safe Driving is
all about.
– On Thursday, February 10,
featured a photo of a CARS
member participating in the
balloon release.
• An online version of the
December 12 story was placed
on their website
WGEM (NBC & Fox affiliates)
• February 9th
– 2 ½ minutes
• 5:00 p.m. news
• 6:00 p.m. news
• 10:00 p.m. news
• February 10th
– Morning news
• Online version of story
posted to their website
• WGEM covers 15 counties in
three of the surrounding
States. Potential total
population reached: 275,753
KHQA (CBS & ABC affiliates)
• February 11th
– 5:00 p.m. news
– 6:00 p.m. news
– 10:00 p.m. news
• February 16th
– 6:00 p.m. news
– 10:00 p.m. news
• Online version of story
posted to website
• KHQA covers 15 counties
in three of the surrounding
states. Potential total
population reached:
News/Talk Live 105
• December 14th
– The segments lasted
4 minutes and 37
– Interview with CARS
chairperson, Sinead
– Previewed CARS
– Spoke about OTSD
program and
Public Service Announcement
• A PSA was recorded and has
been playing 6 times a day
on our local station since
January 28th
• The PSA was sent to 16
stations throughout the area,
and as far away as
Louisiana, Missouri
• Estimated listenership for the
PSA is 275,753
• If the 308 students who wore
our statistic shirt, told 10 people
about what it takes to be a safe
driver, then 2,772 more people
would hear our message.
• If those 2,772 people told 10
more people about our safe
driving message, we would
impact 27,720 people!
Student/Teacher Reactions
• “The assembly was very thought provoking and I will definitely
think twice before picking up my phone any time while
-Marissa Blakey, senior
• “The assembly was awesome. The students were amazing
and sat spell bound.”
-Heike Bruner, teacher
• “The messages on the window were great. My favorite was
don’t drive intexticated.”
-Connie Bakker, teacher
Seatbelt Surveys
• Driver seatbelt usage
increased 4.8%
• Total seatbelt usage
increased 2.4%

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