E-books and Interlibrary Loan

E-books and
Interlibrary Loan
Jessica Bowdoin, Head, Access Services, George Mason University
Anne C. Elguindi, VIVA Associate Director
12 July 2013
15th Annual VIVA Interlibrary Loan Community Forum
E-books and Libraries Today
• Shift in Purchasing and Subscribing to More Digital
Content instead of Print
• The “Patron Experience” with E-books
• Differences in vendor platforms and e-book file formats
• Differences in e-book readers/devices
• Licenses for E-books
• License agreements (ie: contract law) dictate ILL rights, not
Copyright Law and CONTU Guidelines
• Advocate inclusion of ILL rights in licenses
• Advocate use of phrase: “the prevailing technology of the day”
Current E-book ILL Options
• E-book Chapters
• Similarities with article borrowing & lending
• Rights management and discoverability issues
• Ingram (through OCLC ILL)
• Need license on file
• Loan period: 9 days, no renewals
• Cost: 15% of the MyiLibrary price and pay with IFM
• E-reader Lending Program
• University of Nebraska-Omaha
• If book title is available on through Kindle platform, UNO
purchases title and lends “e-book” by lending the Kindle to the
Current Challenges in Lending
• The Sharing of Licensing Information at Your Institution
• Electronic resource management systems and Knowledge Base
• Limitations of Current Lending Technology
• Accessibility Issues for Patrons with Disabilities
E-books and ILL Borrowing
• Establishing Policies and Workflows at Your Library
• Format Preference?
• Who decides—the patron or the library?
• Some patrons still prefer print, but can libraries afford to support
all preferred formats?
• Amount of the Work that the Patron Needs
• Delivery Options/Implications
Quick Tips for Borrowing
Few libraries can lend an entire E-book due to license
Do select the print book OCLC record when placing your request
to a lending library.
Choosing the e-book OCLC record can result in a cancellation of
your request as the library might not own a print copy.
Look for free versions online (ie: Public Domain titles) on
Internet Archive, Google Books, Hathi Trust, etc.
Relevant VIVA
VIVA Resources
• Safari Tech Books
• No interlibrary loan permitted
• Demand-Driven Acquisitions Pilot for E-books
• No interlibrary loan permitted
VIVA Resources
• CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics and EngNetBase
• Over 2,300 e-books; chapters are individual PDFs
• Send secure electronic copy allowed
VIVA Resources
• PsycBooks
• Over 3,600 e-books; chapters are individual PDFs
• Send secure electronic copy allowed, but must be an image only
(such as through Ariel or Odyssey)
VIVA Resources
• Springer e-books
• Four subjects, 2005-2013, currently just under 7,500 titles
• Send secure electronic copy allowed: chapter-level, noncommercial only
VIVA Resources
• Elsevier e-books
• 2013 Frontlist, will be around 700 titles total
• Send secure electronic copy allowed: chapter-level, noncommercial only, United States only
VIVA ILL Contract Provisions
• http://www.vivalib.org/illsubcomm/ILLContracts.html
VIVA Holdings in the WorldCat KB
• Resources have been mapped from the VIVA vendor and
product to the WCKB collection and provider.
VIVA Holdings in the WorldCat KB
• The central office has selected collections shared by the
public institutions. Some collections are standard and
some are customized for the consortium.
VIVA Holdings in the WorldCat KB
• Collection properties include ILL rights.
A New Development
• Occam’s Reader
• Built by the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), currently
in Alpha test stage.
• An add-on to the ILLiad client that uploads an e-book, converts it
from PDF format to an image/png file, and generates an email to
the borrowing library with log-in credentials.
• The generated file is a plain image – no metadata, no search
• An authorization token in the email ensures that access to the
file on the Occam’s Reader server will expire.

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