Level 3 DVC - Technology NZ

Level 3.30 DVC
Initiate design
ideas through
Part 1
Lesley Pearce
National Coordinator
Team Solutions
The Auckland University
LO: Visual Communication Level 8
At level 8:
• Students demonstrate they can work from a
starting point/experience and are able to
generate ideas in the broadest sense to create
new innovative design ideas. Students
demonstrate effective and clear complex and
high quality visual communication
strategies/techniques and knowledge that
communicates the intent of their design.
3.10 Initiate design ideas through
• Where do designers start their design thinking
• Where do these ideas lead to?
• What visual techniques do they use to explore
design ideas?
Starting point
Final design idea
Exploring ideas
Use of visual communication
techniques: sketching,
Working from an inspiration board
Starting experiences can come from…
Young fern shoots
The Koru (Spiral) Symbol spiral,
new beginnings
The spiral shaped koru is a very
popular Maori tribal symbol. The Koru,
shaped in the form of an unfurling
spiral represents the unfolding silver
fern frond. It symbolizes new
beginnings in life.
Koru is the Maori word for "bight" or
"loop" and refers to new shoots of the
silver fern. The circular movement
towards an inner coil refers to 'going
back to the beginning'. The unfurling
frond itself is symbolic for new life,
hope, perfection, rebirth, a new start,
awakening, personal growth, hope,
purity, nurturing, a new phase (in life),
the spirit of rejuvenation, and peace.
architect Barry Berkus demonstrates how nature can inspire design
Maori Guardian Angel - Manaia
The manaia symbolizes a mythical being with a
bird's head a human body and fish tail. Manaia
is considered the messenger between the Gods
and mortals. In Maori culture the bird is
thought to be an omen-carrier or intermediary
between man and the spirits. That's why
manaia, with its specific body shape, represents
spiritual power and is seen as the guide that
leads the spirits to heaven.
Sometimes the manaia symbol is described as
some kind of aura; the invisible light
surrounding a person.
The Manaia symbol is described in many ways.
The word doubles as the word for lizard and
some say it is a beaked and ornamental figure.
Others think its origins are in the human profile.
There is also the movement that suspects the
Manaia relates to a distant avian (bird) cult.
Case study Charlotte Dickson
Table lamp
• Inspired by the The Maori Circle (Porowhita)
• Circle - Porowhita The closed circle with a
hole in between represents the never ending
circle of life and nature. It also stands for the
belief that life has no beginning or end.
• A celebration of cradle to cradle
• In groups read the Learning Objective,
Assessment Specifications and AS
• Create a visual to explain the process expected by
a student to be successful.
Assessment Specifications
Variety of media in any form
Up to A2
60 page maximum
Focused on product or spatial
Visual communication techniques
Starting point experience to idea generation
Exploration of ideas through 2D and/or 3D

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