Locally Commissioned Public Health Services Presentation

Community Pharmacy
Locally Commissioned
Public Health Services
Tanya Makins
Public Health Contracts Manager and
Performance Officer
Commissioning principles
• The Council is committed to
promote fairness and transparency
and is seeking to work with you as
valued providers to continue to
commission services from you in
• There is a need to harmonise and
align pricing structures for Locally
Commissioned Public Health
Services across Nottinghamshire
and Bassetlaw as part of the
Counties Redefining Your Council
Current contracts with Public Health:
• EHC services - no changes for 2015/16 are expected
• Needle and Syringe Exchange and Supervised
Consumption services expire in September 2014
• Smoking Cessation and NRT Voucher Schemes expire
in March 2016
• As part of the Local Authority's ‘Redefining your
Council’s’ plan all Sexual Health Services are currently
being reviewed
Procurement Plans 2014-15
The new providers to deliver services are as follows:
Adult substance misuse recovery services across Nottinghamshire; Crime
Reduction Initiative (CRI)
Children and young people substance misuse recovery services across
Nottinghamshire; Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust
Adults (including pregnant women) and children and young people obesity
prevention and weight management services for Nottinghamshire; currently
being re-tendered, services remain the same until 1st of April 2015 when the
new provider will be in place.
Claims Process
Please ensure all activity from 1st of April is input
on to PharmOutcomes. You can view your
invoices and statements within the system to see a
break down of your payments.
Also ensure for governance purposes, you
continue to submit your EHC consultation forms,
NRT Health questionnaires and Vouchers and
your Smoking Cessation patient data monitoring
Nottinghamshire County and Bassetlaw Substance
Misuse Provider ‘Crime Reduction Initiatives’ (CRI) from
1st of October 2014
Please ensure your Needle and Syringe and Supervised consumption
services are input for activity up to and including the 30th of September by
the end of October. Your activity from the 1st of October will move over to
CRI as your new commissioner who are continuing to use PharmOutcomes
and the SMS services in their current form.
PharmOutcomes help desk 0330 6600689
CRI 24 hour telephone number 0115 896 0798
via secure e-mail (for referrals) at [email protected]
and via [email protected]
New Business
We are currently only receiving new
business enquiries for Emergency
Hormonal Contraception
There is an application to complete
and a process to follow
Send any enquiries to
LCPHS.Queries[email protected]
This is your new Public Health query email address and this is where all
your queries should be sent
Commissioning Intentions
• We will be emailing our
commissioning intentions letter to
you at the end of September so
please look out for this as it will
outline any changes to your service
Locally Commissioned
Public Health Services
(dates in brackets denotes when current contracts will
Community Pharmacies
Smoking Cessation (31.3.16)
NHS Health Checks
Sub Dermal Implants
GPs with Special Interest (30.9.14)
Weight Management (Bassetlaw) (31.3.15)
Smoking Cessation (31.3.16)
NRT (31.3.16)
Emergency Hormonal Contraception
Chlamydia Treatment
Needle & Syringe Exchange (30.9.14)
Supervised Consumption (30.9.14)
Alcohol (Bassetlaw)
All Sexual Health Services are currently under review
Contract Manager contact
details for LCPHS
Tanya Makins
Public Health Contracts Manager
and Performance Officer
Tel 01623 433034 (internal 33034)
Mobile 07824354978

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