File - Ms. Charrow`s Chalkboard

Motivation, Rigor and
Accountability in Q4
(Or, how Starting the Year with a Strong
Culture Sets You Up for Greatness)
Presented by Bristol
Charrow, inspired by
Wes Anderson
Motivation in Q4
How do I Motivate?
O Celebration after each SRI
 Action Step:
Make Certificates for Time, Growth & Words
 Action Step:
Show an SRI Celebration PowerPoint
O Straight Talk about SRI Scores
 Action Step:
Tell kids: The March SRI is important for placement next
year, but I can use your final SRI to recommend students be
moved (along with your behavior, English grades, work in
class, etc.)
O Release Responsibility (more coming up…)
 Action Step:
Only give rewards for leadership roles (i.e. row monitors), if it
works with your style
Rigor and
Accountability in Q4
Where’s the rigor and
O Independent Reading Station
 Re-teach & introduce audiobooks (reward & relax)
 Spend A LOT of time teaching at beginning of year
 Action Step:
If you do one thing this summer, read through all of
the answers for all graphic organizers!
*Helps to gauge if kids are ready to quiz
O Straight Talk & relationships
 Action Step:
Continually remind students: SRI score + grades +
behavior = may move out of READ180
O Release Responsibility (coming up…)
Independent Reading Station
Build a Strong Culture
the Key to Releasing Responsibility
Create Culture in the First 3 Weeks
O Build a VERY structured classroom so kids know
exactly what to do & eventually take them over
 Action Step:
Implement Simple, Repetitive Procedures
(especially start of class)
- Scholar Credo video (
- Folders with 4 Pockets
 Action Step:
Teach & test procedures during First 3 Weeks
- PowerPoint from Ms. Xu & Ms. Charrow, Weeks 1-3
- CHAMPS Student Handout
Maintain Culture by
Gradually Releasing Responsibility
O Every month, release a step of your procedure,
until students are running the classroom from
beginning to rotations!
 Action Step:
Map out every single thing that happens in your
class, then teach that during the First 3 Weeks
 Action Step:
Revise the First 3 Weeks
- More time on Indpt. Reading & CHAMPS
- Less time on Computer Zones
O Peer pressure to do well in front of the class (don’t want
to embarrass themselves)
O When you start getting bored of it, they are excited to take
it over!
O Level 4 scores on your formal, Domain 3, Instruction
Kids initiate questions
and discussions, checking
each other’s
behavior and learning

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