2012 SMPS Marketing
Entry Instructions
• Burn 1 copy of the PowerPoint (in PDF format) on a CD.
• The envelope in which you mail your entry should contain the
labeled CDs and a separate sealed envelope with the printed
PowerPoint pages with firm information, the application form,
and payment.
• Please include 4 hardcopies of all marketing collateral (ads,
mail pieces, etc.) submitted with your entry.
• If you are submitting more than 1 entry, staple the
information for each entry in the sealed envelope.
Entry Instructions, cont’d
• Mail your entries to:
Jonas Foster
DLR Group – Regional Brand
Communications & Graphics Manager
3130 Wilshire Blvd., 6th Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90403
• All entries must be received by 5PM on Friday, November 9th.
• Entries should be clearly marked as “SMPS/LA MCA Entry” on
the label.
Naming Your Entries
• Your PowerPoint file shall be titled with Category first and
then the Name of the project.
• Example: Milestone Recognition – 50 Year Anniversary.ppt
• On the envelope you mail your entry in, state the Category,
Project Name, and then firm name only.
• Example: Milestone Recognition – 50 Year Anniversary – ABC, Inc.
• The CD on which you burn a PDF copy of your PowerPoint
should be labeled similarly to the envelope with Category,
Project Name, and then the firm name.
File Sizing
• Please do not exceed a total of 15MB on the PDF file.
• Each slide should be approximately 1MB. The pixel dimensions
of a full size image on a slide should not be smaller than
1920 x 1440 pixels.
• If there are multiple images per slide, scale the images down
accordingly or compose them into a single image file.
• It is recommended that you use jpg format for these images,
with a compression factor of 10 in recent versions of
• Cost per entry is $75 for SMPS members/$100 for non-members.
• Include your payment in your submission envelope – if you paid
by credit card, include your payment confirmation.
• NOTE: There is a surcharge on credit payments through EventBrite.
• If you are paying by check, please make payable to
“SMPS/LA, 22815 Frampton Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501”
• NOTE: This is NOT the address you send your submission to!
• If you are submitting multiple entries, a single check may be
provided, please just include a copy in each submission.
• 1. Website
• Provide complete web address and color image of the home
page. Jurors will interactively peruse the website online.
• 2. Corporate Identity
• Submit digital images which represent a sampling of images of
the materials that most effectively convey your firm’s brand.
Images of website pages may be provided to illustrate the overall
branding program.
• 3. Direct Mail Campaign
• Provide an image of the ad, or each ad in a series. Provide hard
copies of printed materials you deem relevant.
Categories/Requirements, cont’d
• 4. Milestone Recognition
• Submit images of packaging (where applicable) in color. For
electronic communications submit digital images. Provide hard
copies of printed materials.
• 5. Advertising
• Provide color images of the ad or each of the ads in a series. For
online advertisements, also include web address and electronic
images. Provide hard copies of printed materials.
Categories/Requirements, cont’d
• 6. Media Relations
• Supply images of published features, articles, and press releases
supported by list of media outreach history and associated hits
that demonstrate campaign effectiveness. If available online,
please provide link. Provide hard copies of printed materials.
• 7. Project Pursuit
• Provide detail on who was involved in pursuit efforts, including
external and internal team members. Also indicate if multiple
offices were involved. You can show the detail either in a write-up
or excel sheet/graph illustrating the process and people. Include
digital images of pursuit materials such as proposals, leave
behind materials. Provide hard copies of printed materials.
Judging Criteria
• Following Directions: 10%
• How complete is the response to Entry Criteria?
• Idea: 30%
• Is the content creative? Is there a definite objective? Has a target
audience clearly been identified?
• Process: 30%
• Was adequate research conducted? Why was the medium
selected? Is the message distinctive?
• ROI: 30%
• Were desired results achieved?
Quick Tips from the Judges!
• Make the presentation professional and easy to understand.
• Use clear photographs that are clear and sharp and show your
project/submission in the best light.
• Please use 10-12 point font.
• Clearly describe your objectives/results as detailed in the
directions above.
• Good luck! We look forward to all of your submissions!
• This is a guide of the exhibits of your submission:
• Application Statement (Objective, Content, Results)
• Cost Data
• Images
• Complete all tribute/firm information (submit printed pages in
separate envelope with payment)
Sample Submission
• The following slides illustrate a template of what your
PowerPoint (and PDF) submission should address, directions
on what specifically to discuss, and the order in which to do
• Be sure to note on each page, the category and
campaign/event name.
• NOTE: On the following example, we utilized the SMPS logo in
place of our sample piece/program; please do not include your
firm’s logo but rather category/name only.
Campaign/Event Name
Marketing Goals
• Clearly state your marketing goals. What did your firm hope to
achieve with the piece or program? How did you intend to
measure your results against the goals? What was the intended
shelf-life/lifespan of the piece or program?
• Who was the audience for this piece or program? Characterize the
composition/size/location of your target audience (i.e. Facilities
Managers of 200 community colleges in the Inland Empire).
• What market research was conducted prior to the planning of the
piece or program? Describe production and delivery method. Was
an outside consulting or design firm used?
• What is/are the key message(s)?
• Explain your thought process in making your piece or program
stand out from the crow. Why did you choose the selected
medium? How did the piece or program reinforce your firm’s
unique value proposition?
• Illustrate measurable results and their correlation to the
marketing objective. Possible metrics include:
• What metrics were used to determine effectiveness of the piece
or program?
• What was your response rate? How does this rate compare to
• What actions did the target audience take upon receiving your
• Did you meet specific sales goals?
• Did you gain new clients?
• Were you awarded a project you were pursuing?
• What was your break-even goal for profit/loss and did you
achieve it?
Cost Data
• Provide the following information:
• Budget amount
• Total Final Cost inclusive of labor, printing, delivery, etc.
• Add more slides as needed.
• Include brief subject under the image if needed (i.e. client
mailer, website, etc.)
Tribute Pages
• As previously mentioned, there are three (3) slides submitted
separately from your PowerPoint with you payment in a
sealed envelope.
• The following 3 slides shall serve as a guide for the
Please provide the following:
Firm Name
Contact Person
Telephone Number
Email Address
Submission Description/Title
• Create copies of this slide if necessary to enter all relevant
Tribute Page
• Please provide a full bleed image that is best and most
representative of your campaign. You many use 2 to 3 images
to fill the page, or one on each slide.
• State the category and name of the campaign/event on this
page as well.
Certificate Information
• Please provide your firm name and client name (if applicable)
as you would like to see it in your award certificate. This
information and spelling will be used to create the award
• Names will be printed in plain English with NO diacritical
marks or logos.
• Include the following information on the slide:
Campaign/Event Name
Company Name
• If you have any questions regarding your submission, please
feel free to contact:
Juanita Martinez
[email protected]
• We will contact you if we did not receive your submission on
time, or if a problem arises with your submission.

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