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Hands-on Business Review….
• TURBA is the worlds only private ratings
system delivering unparalleled analysis of
start-ups and legacy companies.
• A patent pending algorithm and eyes-on
review of every business plan, including
background checks, and previous
business success rates.
Success Ratings™ Powering Investments….
• Our Success Ratings™ give you the
confidence to deploy your lending capital
to the most effective business plans for
long-term client retention, and multiple
rounds of financing.
• With over a 99.7% percent loan success
rate TURBA helps institutions focus on client
relationships that command returns.
More Than an Review….
• Access our database of TURBA reviewed
startups and legacy business plans seeking
financing. Search using Success
Ratings™, or custom your search with
filters including:
– loan size, geographic area, industry type,
credit rating, and more.
Contact Us
• phone : 800-856-7972
• mail :[email protected]
• 650 Castro Street
STE: 120-412
Mountain View, CA
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