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Jiskrová, Chytráček 1.B
 Forests
 Parks
and gardens
 What we love on Prague?
 Divoká
Nature Reserve
located on the rocky slopes of the Šárka Brook
The area is on sunny slopes an important refuge
for thermophilous steppe and forest-steppe
species of insects and shellfish, while living in
the shadowy areas mountain species. There is
also rich in vertebrates from fish through
amphibian, reptiles to mammals and birds. There
were found over 80 species of birds.
 Prokopské
Nature Reserve
includes the valley area southwest of Prague,
Prague 5.
The valley is also Prokop Quarry. At the site of a
former Prokop Cave, where according to legend
lived Saint Procopius, and St. Procopius in a
hermitage. Tourist favorite is hlubočepské jezírko
that was created by flooding the former
limestone quarry.
 Valdštejnská
One of the most significant buildings of early
Czech Baroque.
Located in Prague's Lesser Town and is part of the
Wallenstein Palace premises
unique sculpture
 Královská
obora (Stromovka)
Natural Monument Royal Game Preserve (park is
now called Stromovka) is located in the
floodplain of the river south of the Imperial
island, which separates it from the canal. Builds
on the Prague Exhibition area. Royal Park and
Fair Grounds are located in Bubenec and are
maintained within the meaning of an English
Since 1804, the Royal Game Preserve is open to
the public and is used as a park, which took the
name Stromovka
 Santoška
name of the former homestead in the
southwestern part of Smíchov, Prague
Name of the homestead, as was the case with
other, spread to all around her and became a
local name.
In the early 20 century led here and tram line.
Later it was introduced here only to buses.
 Diversity.
Here you can find modern buildings, bustling
city center, an important cultural
monuments, but also the nature and
klid.Praha is the ultimate collection of
everything you need to live. Just know how
to look ...

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