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Boa Constrictors in the Rainforest
The rainforests of the world are
important to us and animals.
Rainforest are located in
southern Asia , South America,
Central America and the Pacific
Islands. They are near the
equator. It rains a lot and it is
hot too. There are four layers in
the rainforest. There are many
animals and plants in the
rainforest. That’s why rainforests
are important to us.
Forest Floor and Understory
The forest floor and the
understory are the two
lowest layers in the
rainforest. The forest is a
vary wet and dark. It is
lowest layer in the rainforest
. The understory is the
second lowest layer in the
rainforest . Small animals
live and go around in the
Canopy and the Emergent layers
The canopy and the
emergent layer are the two
highest layers. It has a
little water dripping down.
The emergent layer has the
tallest trees.
You can get a lot of things
from the rainforest. You can
get coconut, wood, paper,
cocoa, gum, rubber, bananas,
coffee, vanilla and oranges.
Chocolate comes from cocoa
beans. Rubber also comes from
the rainforest too.
Boa constrictors are a
very long snake. They
come in three different
colors, red, brown and
grey. They have creamy
and tough scales. They
weigh about 30 pounds.
Boa constrictors live in
south America in Brazil
at the Amazon river.
Boa constrictors eat
other animals. They
are carnivores too. It
also doesn't get
hungry for three
months are after their
Predators and Pray
It’s prey is lizards, rats,
mice, pigs, squirrels
and birds. Big boas
can even eat small
Boa’s can be up to 6 to
11 feet long . Boa
constrictor also can
from 13 pounds to 30
pounds . They are
vary strong and can
wrap around their
Interesting facts
Boa’s are reptiles like a
caiman. They are
coldblooded it means
they are not mammals
They also have large

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