Ocean Topic Lecture

Ocean Topic Lecture
We are Going to Need a Bigger Boat
Part I
THE OCEAN – How Does it Work?
Why is it important?
 It is essential to the way that we understand whether
life can be supported
 Marine Biologist tell us that 200k types of named
species exist in the ocean
 It is estimated that 700k to 2.2 million unknown species
that exist in the world
 Ocean contains 99% of the living space on the planet
The Great
This is a fear that people play off of,
particularly within the context of
media or movies
Jaws plays off of this when we think
about the surface of the ocean;
The Great
Some people think about that which
we cannot see as almost a
supernatural force
The abyss plays off of this idea
- Deep water exploration
Part II
The Resolution
 Resolved: The United States federal government
should substantially increase its non-military
exploration and/or development of the Earth's oceans.
“The United States federal
government should …”
 Will be covered in a discussion on framework
“…substantially increase…”
 Two basic ways that you can think about this
 Increase = make new
 Increase = modify existing
 Its = ownership
 Means that in order for an affirmative to be topical, they
must increase the development of the ocean that is
owned or possessed by the USFG
“… non-military …”
 Cannot be the military or for military purposes
“…exploration and/or development…”
 The action of the resolution
 The same phrase that was used in a previous
 (2011-2012) Resolved: The United States federal
government should substantially increase its
exploration and/or development of space beyond the
Earth’s mesosphere.
 Defined by the NOAA
 NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
Program explores the unknown ocean, using and
developing advanced technology for discoveries
including new undersea habitats, communities,
species, phenomena and greater understanding of
“… and/or …”
 Kind of a duh
 It means you can do both
 or just one
It seems like it could be almost anything…
Office of Management and Budget 2010 – Office of
Management and Budget is the largest office within the
Executive Office of the President of the United States
Applied research is defined as systematic study to gain
knowledge or understanding necessary to determine means
by which a recognized and specific need may met.
Development is defined as systematic application of
knowledge or understanding, directed toward the
production of useful materials, devices, and systems or
methods, including design, development, and
improvement of prototypes and new processes to meet
specific requirements.
“… development …”
 The most concise interpretation of ‘development’ is ‘use’ or
 According to the Japanese Institute of Navigation
 “Professor Kiyomitsu Fujii of the University of Tokyo defines
ocean development in his book as using oceans for
mankind, while preserving the beauty of nature.”
 Means that it can be broken down in three basic categories.
It could mean the utilization / exploitation of:
 Ocean resources
 Ocean spaces
 Ocean energy
“… of …”
 Functions as a limit on the other words as well
 Beginning of prepositional phrase
 Contained within the ocean
A note on its and of
 These two words are related to one another
Its means that that, in order to be topical, it must be part of the
water that is controlled by the federal government
formal authority was established by the UN Law of the Sea in
 President Reagan rejected the treaty itself but agreed with
the EEZ part – so he declared it by executive order in 1983.
Means that 3 miles off the coasts arent topical – controlled by
the states
“… the Earth’s oceans.”
Best definitions just includes the big 4
 Excludes coasts
 Includes gulfs

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