Andy Carlson
Rally Technical Account Manager
Larry Maccherone
Rally Product Owner
Hey Larry,
what should
we call this
On Dashboards
Chuck and Keith
A Riff
• Wikipedia - In music, a riff
is an ostinato; a repeated
chord progression,
pattern, or melody, often
played by rhythmic
instruments. The riff is the
base of the musical
composition. They are
most common in rock
music, funk, and jazz.
In the music world…
• Most musicians find
influence from other
musicians from their past.
• Riffin’ is a common
practice where musicians
take a good idea from the
past and make it their own
So what?
Teams need jumpstarts
Dashboarding is easy, right?
Create a Dashboard for your team
to Riff off of!
Executive Dashboarding
• Who are your execs?
• Do they care?
• How can we make them care?
Get On the Same Page
• Use shared
dashboards to
create a consistent
language across
your business
• If Execs aren’t
engaged now, they
will be when
everyone is singing
from the same sheet
of music
Create Consistent Visibility
• Create consistent
• Link Execution to
• Consolidation of
• Consistency with
Changes as of last weekend!
• Panels and Apps as one!
• Larry walk through
Copy & Riff
Custom Gridding (tips from Larry)
Experiment with queries in WSAPI
query operators
Let’s make a custom grid!
ODMI Framework
better Measurement
better Insight
better Decisions
better Outcomes
Where do we start?
Think roles…
Think team level.
Start small.
Roll up!
Starting Small
• Which reports do
we start with at a
team level?
Team Level Metrics
Burndowns and Velocity
Detailed Info about the team at
your fingertips…
Global “Project Hierarchy”
Intended to represent Team Structure
Use “planning projects’ to group
Scope data across the “programs” to
see aggregated data
Throughput/Cycle Time
Think Roles!
Steve’s Dashboard
The same concepts can be applied
to Release level information…
Portfolio Kanban to track Upstream
Process (pre-dev)
Portfolio Level Dashboards for
Execs or the PMO
Todd’s Dashboard
Catherines MVP RPM Panels
• #13 - How do I locate stories that are
not connected to a Portfolio Item?
• #14 - 14. How do I remove completed
portfolio items from view?
User Stories Associated with a PI?
Here’s a treat!
Larry’s Bad Data Panel
• (((((KanbanState = "Accepted") OR
(KanbanState = "In Test")) OR
(KanbanState = "Walkthrough")) OR
(KanbanState = "Merged")) AND
(((FeatureToggleStatus = "") OR
(ImpactonOps = "")) OR (Release = null)))
Teams need jumpstarts
Dashboarding is easy, right?
Steal an
from today
And riff…
Make everyone happy!
• Whose got one?
• What’s in it for

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