Case Study #4

Dr.Garielle Wagnac, Dr.Aarti Patel
Dr.Kimberley Hausheer, Dr.Pankhuri Garg
• 42 year-old male
• No major health issue to date
• Notable increase in weight over past month—
gain of 17 pounds
• Recent lethargy
• Patient is on a new eating regimen—every meal is
from a ‘fast-food’ restaurant
Physical Examination
• Enlarged Liver
• Muscle Weakness
Laboratory Results
• Negative for hepatitis
• Excessive glycogen granules in liver
• High levels of fat in liver – abnormal
fat metabolism
• Low testosterone levels
• Abnormal cell calcium balance
Smooth ER
not properly
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
What it isn’t doing!
Leads to……! (Uh Oh)
• Regulations of calcium
• Steroid metabolism
• Metabolism of
• Abnormal levels of calcium
• Muscles are getting weaker
instead of being strong
• Low levels of testosterone
• Excessive glycogen
granules present
• Presence of fat in liver past
normal levels
What caused it?
• The new diet contained a lot of fat. The liver could not
metabolize all of the fat and as a side effect fat begins to
build hurting the liver, which takes care of fat metabolism.
• Once the smooth ER is down then everything goes south.
• The gain of weight is due to diet and lethargy is caused
because of the poor diet that the patient is undergoing.

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