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Conducting a Text Book
December 1, 2011
Common Misconceptions
Textbooks are:
• Foundation of Curriculum
– Standards are the foundation
• Used Cover to Cover
– Sections are pulled to be used with other material
• If it is the textbook it should be taught
– Standards from 50 states make this impractical
– Make things dull
Common Misconceptions
• If it is the textbook it must be accurate
– Duh, that is why we are here. Look at Five Ponds
Press stories about VA History.
• If it isn’t in the textbook it must not be
– Duh 2, that is also why we are hear.
– You could give the kids the books and let them
read. We wouldn’t need any teachers.
How to do a Book Review
Review Standard of Learning for Subject
Review Tests - Desired Outcome
Document Title, Authors, Issue, ISBN
Review Table of Contents – How does author
approach subject:
– Chronologically
– Topically
• Intended Audience
How to do a Book Review
Objective is to Analyze not Summarize
Be Objective
Include Strengths and Weaknesses
Does Author have an objective point of view
– Political Ideology - Liberal or Conservative
– Religious Ideology
• Sources
– Secondary, Primary, and recommended on-line
World Cultures: A Global Mosaic Teacher’s Ed.
Pearson Education/Prentice Hall
“Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was born in
Palestine while it was under Roman rule.”
Page 587, Ifkithar Ahmad, Herbert Brodsky, Marylee Susan Crofts, et al.,
[“The Gospels say Jesus was born in ‘Bethlehem
of Judea.”]
Standards of Learning
The standards depict Islam as “a unifying force that
accepted other religions.” particularly during the era
of the Ottoman Empire [WHII 5(a)].
This is extremely disingenuous because non-Muslims
were consistently treated as second-class citizens in
all Muslim empires and jihad, not tolerance remained
the unifying force of Islam.
When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople
they immediately converted the great church of
Santa Sophia into a mosque, an act of desecration
and dominance that had occurred before and
would be repeated again.
Like other Muslim rulers, the Ottomans forced
Christians and Jews to pay an oppressive tax called
the jizya specifically required by the Quran. And,
the Ottomans developed a levy known as the
devshirme, under which pre-adolescent Christian
boys were enslaved, converted to Islam, and forced
to fill the ranks of the Janissary Corps, the main
infantry unit of the Ottoman army.
How to do a Book Review
• Sources (Cont)
– Old or New
– Is there a pattern or other observation
• Organization
– Does it make sense the way it is organized
– Suggestions
• About the author
– What other books
How to do a Book Review
• Author (Continued)
– University teacher
– Organizational Affiliations
– Papers or presentations
• Contributors
– Organizational Affiliations
– Background of key participants
• Reviewers & Their Affiliations
How to do a Book Review
• Overall Opinion
– Did book deliver on its promise
– How did book affect you
– Back up conclusions you reach
• Recommended Actions
– Remove book from approved list
– Distribute errata sheets
– Recommend alternative titles
Thank You
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