Wellness Program Toolkit

Worksite Wellness Program Toolkit
Health Education and Wellness
Health Plan of Nevada
Worksite Wellness Program Toolkit
• This is your guide to starting an on-site wellness
program at your worksite from start to finish.
• You will be provided with the templates and tools
needed for success:
CEO Engagement Letter Example
Establishing a Wellness Committee and Wellness Champion(s)
Employee Pledge and Disclaimer Forms
Needs Assessment, Health Risk Assessment, Online Learning
Modules and Tools, Health Communications, Health Challenge
Program and Health Fairs
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1. CEO Engagement Letter
• Every wellness program starts with the support
from senior level management.
• Effective communication is important and
inspires employees to improve their health in
order to have the most engagement.
• Provided example letter can be tailored to fit
your needs.
• Send to employees prior to launching your
worksite wellness program or initiative.
2.Establish Wellness Committee
• Important for maintaining and planning a worksite
wellness program effectively.
• One wellness champion can be chosen from each
department and meet on a weekly to monthly basis.
• Size determined by number of employees.
Fewer than 300 employees
2 to 4 champions
300 to 1,000 employees
4 to 6 champions
1,000 employees or more
6 to 12 champions
3. Utilize HEW Core Components
• Needs Assessment
• Health Communications and National Health
Observance Calendar
• Health Risk Assessment/Online Learning
Modules and Tools
• On-Site Employee Health Challenges
• Health Fairs
4. Assess Employee’s Needs
• A needs assessment
survey is designed to
assess the target needs
of a population to
design a wellness
program or initiative.
• Survey link and
aggregate reporting is
provided to
• Give employees 2 weeks to complete survey in order to
provide aggregate reporting. Submit a request through
HEWOnline using this form
5. Send Health Communications
• HEW Marketing materials – click here
• Health education materials on popular national
health observances calendar – click here
▫ Article, health tip, e-mail blast and recipes
• These can be customized and sent to employees
on a monthly basis.
6. Request MyHEWOnline Login
• A personalized website for employees to access
the health risk assessment (HRA), online
learning modules, resources, tools and
• Submit a request through HEWOnline using this
Pledge and Disclaimer Form
• The employee pledge form is for employees to
acknowledge the requirements of the wellness
▫ It is important to assign specific timeframes for
employees to complete wellness tasks.
• The employee disclaimer form gives HEW
permission to distribute their wellness activities
to the employer group.
▫ Employee needs to acknowledge and complete this
form on MyHEWOnline before HEW can release
any information.
▫ The wellness initiatives on both the pledge and
disclaimer form need to match for compliancy.
7. Have Employees Complete HRA
• Online tool to assess health risks. Results from the HRA
flag health risk factors that require additional attention
by the employee. This can be used with a wellness
• Employees receive a
personalized profile report.
• Aggregate results provided for
• Note: Give employees a
timeframe of 3 weeks to
complete survey. This is
required in order to provide
aggregate reporting.
8. Have Employees Complete Online
Learning Modules
• Learning modules on the following topics:
Weight Management
Heart health
Preventive healthcare
Stop smoking
• Certificate of completion provided for
employees if they attain a passing score of
80% or above.
7. Provide an Employee
Health Challenge Program
• ‘Lose and Win’ 8-week employee health
challenge program:
▫ Electronic materials to print and facilitate the
program on-site.
▫ HEW health educator will train a designated
employee(s) to become a facilitator of the
• Submit a request through HEWOnline using this
form at least 6 weeks prior to your desired start
8. Schedule a Health Fair
• Health fairs are available for employers with 500
or more employees.
• All organization, set-up and clean-up will be
• Submit a request through HEWOnline using this
form at least 30 days prior to your desired date.
What is included:
CEO Engagement Letter Example
Establishing a Wellness Committee Instructions
Employee Pledge and Disclaimer Forms
HEW Marketing Materials - HEW Online
Health Observance Calendar Materials - HEWOnline
Request these through HEWOnline:
• Needs Assessment Survey Link
• MyHEWOnline Login and Reporting Request
• Lose and Win Program Training Request
• Health Fair Request
Wellness Strategy
• Determine the following:
Start and end date of the wellness program
Are incentives included?
Marketing campaign timeline
Wellness Committee and Wellness Champions
• If aggregate reporting is desired for tracking face-toface and/or telephonic health education consults
and/or classes, a unique identifier code needs to be
assigned to employer group. Please contact Rebecca
Eve at: 702-242-7261 to set up this identifier code.
The Role of Incentives
• It is recommend employers spend at least 5 percent of
their total health and productivity cost on prevention
and health promotion.
• Budgets for the most successful worksite wellness
programs range from $300 - $600 per employee per
• ROI typically is between ($1.50 to $3.00 saved for every
$1.00 spent). It usually takes about three years for
positive ROIs to be seen.
The Role of Incentives
• Best practice for incentives is for the participant
to engage in the program, complete the program
and improve health results.
• Types of incentives:
▫ Gift cards
▫ Gym discount
▫ Contribution to Health Savings Account (HSA)
▫ Contribution to Health Reimbursement
Account (HRA)
▫ Cost share to Health Plan Premium
By following the steps provided you are on your
way to a successful worksite wellness program.
If you have any additional questions about
worksite wellness, please contact Kristen Race at
[email protected]

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