Campaign Power Point - United Way of Faribault

Campaign Tips
20 Minute Meeting Agenda
Campaign Calendar
CEO Endorsement Letter
Voicemail/E-mail Messages
Campaign Incentives
Campaign Event Ideas
Campaign Ideas and Events
Ways to Say “Thank You”
Thank you Letter
14 Minute Meeting Agenda
The Campaign Team wears Live United t-shirts
2 Minutes: Employee Campaign Manager welcomes everyone and explains what it means to Live
United. CEO or high-level executive affirms company support of United Way
3 Minutes: United Way Employee Campaign Manager gives an overview of United Way’s key
facts, referencing the fact card or allocations process
7 Minutes: An agency speaker describes how United Way helps real people. He or she tells
emotional stories that show how employee contributions are touching lives right here in the
Faribault area.
A fellow employee shares a personal experience involving a United Way program. People are
mote willing to give when they meet someone who has been affected by United Way.
2 Minutes: Employee Campaign Manager wraps up the meeting:
Answer Questions
Tells people when and where to return pledge cards
Announces Incentives
Thanks Everyone
Live United Door Prizes
CEO Endorsement Letter
Below is a sample endorsement letter to promote your campaign in the workplace. Be sure to put this on your
company letterhead and personalize it whenever possible for the greatest impact.
Dear (name):
Do you Live United? Partner with (Company Name) and United Way of Faribault to learn how we can all LIVE
UNITED. Each year we join together for another challenging goal for our company, and this year will be no
exception. (Company) hopes to achieve a goal of ($)!
It is no secret the needs within the United Way of Faribault are greater than ever before. As a company
employee, your contribution to United Way stays local strengthening the whole community, reaching people
such as a child needing a safe place to play, a teenager trying to stay on track, a mother needing job
assistance, the working family searching for affordable housing, or an older adult wanting to maintain a
dignified, independent life.
(Company) is asking you to create opportunities for a better tomorrow by participating in this year’s
campaign. We support giving back to the community and believe United Way of Faribault is the best way to
help most people.
Watch for this year’s United Way rally in the weeks come and learn how you LIVE UNITED. Again, I appreciate
your support and I thank you in advance for your gift.
Remember, when we reach out a hand to one, we can influence the condition of all.
Voicemail/E-mail Messages
Announce the Campaign
Learn how you can LIVE UNITED! (Company) us uniting all employees together
for its annual United Way campaign on (dates). As a member of the planning
committee, I look forward to the fun and exciting campaign activities we have
planned. The United Way campaign is our opportunity to help people in our
community. I am excited about our shared effort in the coming weeks and
encourage you to ask others how they LIVE UNITED. Check your mailbox for
more details.
Special Event/Meeting Reminders
Join hands, open your heart, lend your muscle, find your voice—LIVE UNITED.
Join us at this week’s (special event/employee meeting) from (time) in
(location). We will hear how others LIVE UNITED and how you can too. If you
have questions, please contact me at (contact information).
General Message
LIVE UNITED: We are all people. Connect. United. And when we reach out a
hand to one, we can influence the condition of all.
Campaign Incentives
Incentives are a great way to get employees involved and they do no have to be
expensive. Incentives can be awarded to departments or individuals for donating, or
participating during special events. Companies use incentives to recognize high
participation rates, first time givers, and for meeting company/department goals. They
also encourage prompt return of pledge cards.
The following incentive ideas go great with “LIVE UNITED”
LIVE UNITED T-shirt, pens, or other LIVE UNITED gear
Movie package including a motivational movie (Pay it Forward, Pursuit of Happiness),
microwave popcorn, pop, and candy.
“Random Acts of Kindness” book
Gift cards to a restaurant to take co-worker out to lunch
Time off to attend Agency Tours so they can their gift in action
Donating to wear jeans to work on Fridays
These are only suggestions. There are many other possible incentives that would entice
your employees! Remember to utilize your campaign committee for more ideas.
Campaign Event Ideas
• LIVE UNITED Match: Bulletin board with pictures of employees and statements on
how those employees LIVE UNITED mixed up on the display. The other employees will
then have to match up the employee with the statement. First one to get them all
right wins a prize.
• Group volunteer projects: Rake the Town, serve at Salvation Army, Meals on
• Trivia Match: Half of the employees are given United Way trivia questions. The
other half of the employees are given the answers. The goal is then for the question
and answer to find each other. The first pair with the correct match wins a prize.
• Hide LIVE UNITED buttons around the office. Employees have to identify the
locations that they saw the buttons at. The employee that has the most correct
locations is the winner. In the case of a tie the names go into a drawing and the winner
is then drawn from those with the most correct.
• How many words can you form with the letters from LIVE UNITED
• Set up a photo booth and take pictures of employees wearing a LIVE UNITED
• Hold a clothing or toy drive and donate items to a United Way partner agency
Campaign Ideas and Events
• Promote the Campaign
– How I LIVE UNITED emails/newsletter where employees explain how
– Emails with ideas of how to LIVE UNITED
• Campaign Decorations
– LIVE UNITED balloons
– Pictures with quotes from staff members on how they LIVE UNITED
– LIVE UNITED buttons
• Tracking the Campaign
– As each employee turns in their pledge card they are given a paper
link of a chain. Keep the chain in a central location the more links the
closer you are to goal. Can be used to track dollars or participation!
– Post LIVE UNITED letters on bulletin board. For every 10% goal that
you reach color in a letter. There are 10 letters so when they are all
colored in goal has been reached!
Ways to say “Thank You”
Saying Thank You
• Take a staff photo of everyone in their LIVE UNITED t-shirt and have
them autograph it and display it in the office.
• Thank you article from corporate leader in newsletter under
“(Company) LIVES UNITED!”
• Treat the team members to a “Good Deed” coupon to leave work
one hour early.
• Have corporate leaders grill out hot dogs for the employee’s lunch.
• Cookies/cupcakes with LIVE UNITED on them.
• Message to all employees with a thank you and how the employees
• LIVE UNITED t-shirt casual day once a month.
Thank You Letter
Be sure to put this on your company letterhead and personalize it
whenever possible for greatest impact.
Dear (Personalized):
We did it! By giving to the United Way of Faribault, we have invested in
our community. We have created opportunities for a better tomorrow.
Because of your commitment to our community, the hungry will be
fed, families will find shelter, and young people will grow up in a safe
and nurturing environment. Thank you! Your investment will help
countless people become strong, healthy, and self –sufficient.
Thank you for LIVING UNITED!
(CEO or Employee Campaign Manager)
GIVE 10%. GIVE 100%. GIVE 110%

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