PowerPoint Presentation - Bat Quiz

Bat Quiz
St. Giles School
Second Grade
Room 104
How long have bats existed?
Scientists have found evidence that bats have existed 50 millon years. -Diego
How are bats wings like peoples hands?
Bats have a thumb, and four fingers, just like people.-- Max
How long does a bat live?
A bat is one of the longest lived mammals. It has a life spans of almost 40
years. --Suzy
When does a baby bat fly?
A baby can fly after about one month. Until then, a baby bat has to ride on
their mother’s back. Rebecca
What are the only flying mammals?
Bats are the only flying mammals. Flying squirrels don’t fly. Flying squirrel glide.-Andres
What is the biggest bat?
The Bismarck flying fox has a wingspan as big as the size of an average man. --Anel
How many different species of bats are there?
There are 11056 different species in the world.
What do Bats eat?
There are a number of bats that eat insects, fish, frogs and other small animals. --Colin
What do you call where a bat sleeps?
Where a bat sleeps is called a roost. --Ellie
Can every bat echolocate?
No, not every species of bat can echolocate. Megabats do not echolocate. -Ericka
How do bats use there wings for things besides flying ?
Bats use there wings for holding things and eating. --Frances
How many babies does a mother bat have?
A mom has one baby at a time. --Guistina
How good are bat’s senses?
Bats smell, hear, taste, feel, and
see just like people. --Isabella
What is the largest group of bats?
Bracken Cave holds the largest colony of Bats. There are 20-40 million bats there.
How does a mother bat find her baby?
A mother can return and find her baby amongst thousands by knowing their voice and
smell. –J.J.
What kind of bats are in Latin America?
There are only three species of bats in Latin America. They are all vampire bats.
What do baby bats make out of palm tree leaves?
They make tent-like shelters out of palm tree leaves. --Katie
Do Vampire bats bite people and kill them?
No, vampire bats rarely bite people. --Logan
What is the smallest bat?
Bumble bee bats are the smallest bat. They
are the size of a penny. --Lucas
How many flying mammals are there.
Only one, bats are the only flying mammals. --Will
Why do we think of bats on Halloween?
In the old days bats were thought to be able to communicate
or talk to spirits. --Sophia
How many insects can a bat eat at one time?
Bats can eat 1000 insects in one night. --Oscar
What do baby bats look like?
Pups are born without hair they look tiny scrawny and
Pink. Natalia

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